Intervention Services MEd

The Intervention Services master's program is the first step toward completing your Educational Specialist degree in School Psychology.

What You'll Study

This program is designed to teach you mostly theoretical concepts that you'll apply at a later time in the School Psychology program. You'll study different counseling methods and practices that you'll use on the job to help students overcome the obstacles that may arise throughout the school day.

The first year includes 180 practicum hours and provides you with experiences related to a variety of low- and high-incidence disabilities. Upon successful completion of these requirements, candidates will graduate with the Master of Education in Intervention Services degree and move onto the EdS degree program.


  • Intervention Services MEd

    After successfully completing 45 hours of coursework, you'll earn your Master of Education in Intervention Services, which is a prerequisite for the Educational Specialist degree.

    You'll take an additional 54 credit hours, including an internship and a Change Project, before receiving your EdS in School Psychology degree.

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