The Honors College experience and engagement requirements are built on five pillars of academic and social excellence:

Research and Scholarship

We have Rhodes and Goldwater scholars; students taking part in REUs and internships as early as their first year; and those making the most out of their Honors courses, creating projects around topics they're passionate about. You'll also have the chance to present at the National Collegiate Honors Council each year.

Leadership and Engagement

Leaders on campus are tomorrow's trailblazers. Our track record of SGA presidents and vice presidents, Honors College student trustees, Homecoming Court members and student organization officers shows an undeniable trend of active leadership.

Global Citizenship

You'll be encouraged and supported in your quests to travel the world, learn about cultures and gain new perspectives. See where past Honors students have gone.


Honors students must complete at least 60 hours of community service each year. Everyone participates in the annual Global Day of Service in the fall, and you'll choose at least one other Honors-sponsored volunteer event per year. The rest is up to you, whether you want to start your own volunteer initiative or find opportunities through our agency and nonprofit contacts.

Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Who doesn't want to make the most out of their college experience? Through the program's required cocurriculars each year, you'll participate in activities that revolve around music, theater and the arts; lectures and seminars; athletics and more. You'll also find yourself working in multi-disciplinary groups for a variety of projects to broaden and enhance your academic experience.