Summer Honors Institute Courses

The following courses were offered for the 2017 program:

Morning Courses

Crime Scene

Status: Now full / closed.

Taught by Susan Clutter, YSU associate professor, Criminal Justice & Forensic Science

This course teaches the basics of crime scene investigation with hands-on activities in searching, photographing, sketching and recovering evidence from a crime scene; processing evidence for fingerprints; making casts of shoe impressions; and blood spatter analysis.

Acoustic Ecology and Sound Art through Soundscapes

Taught by Dr. Daniel Keown, YSU assistant professor, Dana School of Music

Listen... Through the study of acoustic ecology, sound art, experimental music and audio technologies, you'll explore sound's role in emerging and overlapping fields, as well as life itself. Delve into soundwalking, field recording, and a multi-track audio editing and production project. You'll find a creative outlet to express the artistic, cultural, scientific and social aspects of natural and human-made sound environments through a "soundscape" using digital recording and production technology.

International Business

Taught by Michael Pontikos, YSU instructor, Marketing

How can you prepare yourself to navigate the complexities, opportunities and risks of international business? Globalization has rapidly expanded thanks to trade liberalization in emerging markets, notably China, India, Brazil and the former Soviet Union. You'll learn about the cultural environment of international business and the advances in technology, communication and transportation that have served to 'shrink' the world we live in.

The City of You: The Branding, Advertising and Storytelling of Youngstown, Ohio

Taught by RJ Thompson, YSU assistant professor, Graphic + Interactive Design

For the past two years, the City of Youngstown has been working on a new multimedia marketing and advertising initiative: The City of You. This campaign has been generated entirely by YSU students, and now it's your turn. This fast-paced course will deepen your understanding of the culture of Youngstown and challenge you to create your own advertisements, graphic designs and ideas that promote the best of what Youngstown has to offer.

Engineering Design, Analysis and Rapid Prototyping

Status: Now full / closed.

Taught by Andy Morgan, YSU senior and Goldwater Scholar

Dream to invent; invent to dream. This course teaches engineering design and manufacturing techniques using 3D modeling software and printers. You'll create a solid model part through the engineering iterative design process and then analyze it for further optimization. Using your final design, you'll build a prototype part on a 3D printer. The course introduces you to various software packages and lab equipment, YSU's 3D printing technologies, and the laboratories at the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute.

Afternoon Courses

Audition and Monologue Workshop and Performance

Taught by Matthew Mazuroski, YSU associate professor and department chair, Theater and Dance

This acting studio workshop is designed to engage you in learning about audition techniques, improvisation and monologues. As an actor, you will work on monologues within a studio environment and explore techniques for commercial and film auditions. Monologues will be performed twice throughout the week for parents, friends and other SHI participants. Please prepare two contrasting one- to two-minute monologues prior to arriving to the class. You can contact Professor Mazuroski if you have any questions about the audition material at

Healthcare in the 21st Century

Status: Now full / closed.

Taught by Dr. Amy Weaver, YSU assistant professor, Nursing

Using Laerdal patient simulation technologies, you'll identify normal physiological findings and pathological changes of various age groups. Examine assessment data to identify normal physiological findings and pathological changes, which will involve the heart, lungs, brain, vision, and hearing. And learn about the American Heart Association’s Chain of Survival protocol. You'll have access to a state-of-the-art medical laboratory featuring Laerdal patient simulation technology.

Rowling like a Bagshot: Harry Potter and the YSU Summer Honors Institute

Taught by Angela Messenger, coordinator, YSU Writing Center

Dear Potterheads,

Consider enrollment at The Youngstown State University of Witchcraft and Wizardry. House sorting begins on June 12. Points will be awarded throughout the week for insightful discussion of the complete works of J.K. Rowling, including Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Documentary Filmmaking

Taught by Dr. Amy Crawford, YSU associate professor, Communication

Everyone has a story to tell. What’s yours? Learn how documentary filmmakers use sound and image to tell stories and communicate ideas. You'll have the opportunity to work on a team to create a five-minute documentary using digital video cameras and Adobe Premier digital editing software. Learn the methods used by filmmakers to tell stories, and take this opportunity to tell your own.

Coding Python with Raspberry Pi

Status: Now full / closed.

Taught by James Dittrich, PTF, YSU Computer Science & Information Systems

The Raspberry Pi is an inexpensive, credit-card sized computer that has taken the market by storm; students, code hackers, inventors and tinkerers of all stripes enjoy building all sorts of fun and useful electronic projects with it. You'll learn how to use the free and open-source Python computer language (used by Google, among others) to write your own programs, manipulate game objects in Minecraft and explore the Raspberry Pi platform.

Electronic Music

Taught by Scott Miller

Experiment with synthesized sounds using a sequencer and learn how to create new music using this technology. You'll edit an existing audio file to discover how music producers enhance and alter the song that finally is heard by the public, recreate a contemporary song style in your own composition and also work on creating a free-form sound piece.