STEM Advisement

Advisors in the College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics serve as facilitators of communication, coordinating learning experiences through course and career planning and academic progress review.

Advisors can provide referral to other campus student resources as necessary, and serve as mentors who encourage students to act as engaged citizens in the college community and the wider world around them.

Schedule an appointment with your STEM advisor if you have any questions or concerns about your major.

The STEM Advising Center is located in room 2325 on the second floor of Moser Hall.


Advisors Contact Information:

Denise Walters Dobson, MS in Ed in Counseling, NBCC, LP, Academic Administrator

Areas of focus: Supervises advising staff; attends to academic issues within the college; reviews reinstatements to the College of STEM, petitions for late withdrawal, statute of limitations, and transient student approval; oversees graduation clearance;Pre-Computer Science, Pre-Computer Information Systems (Pre- CIS), Pre-Information Technology, Undetermined STEM; Pre-Biology, Pre-Med, Pre-Vet, Pre-Dental, Pre-Math, Pre-Geology, Pre-Environmental Studies, Pre-Chemistry.

Office: Moser Hall 2315
Phone: 330-941-7272

Brett Kengor, MS in Ed in Counseling, Academic Advisor

Areas of focus: BSMD, NEOMED advising Pre-Medicine.

Office: Moser Hall 2300
Phone: 330.941.1531

Debbie Kucharski, MS in Ed in Counseling, Academic Advisor

Areas of focus: First-Year Engineering students, Pre-Engineering, Pre-Engineering Technology.

Office: Moser Hall 2310
Phone: 330-941-2254

Sylvia Rupert, Administrative Assistant I

Office: Moser Hall 2325
Phone: 330-941-2512

Mary Lou Puskar, Administrative Assistant I

Office: Moser Hall 2280
Phone: 330-941-3753