Human Resource Management Major

A person's career begins, progresses and even ends in the HR office. If you're interested in recruiting, managing and developing talent for organizations, you'll find a fit in our Human Resource Management major.

What You'll Study

Human resource managers are vital to the success of for-profit and nonprofit organizations alike because HR professionals control an organization's lifeblood—its employees.

Through our Human Resource Management major, you'll learn the processes of selecting, training and developing talent into valuable employees. You'll study how to manage a healthy work environment to increase employee satisfaction and organization productivity. With a grounded understanding of business ethics and federal law regarding HR policy, you'll be eqipped to promote a safe and open environment to help any business succeed.

Our students leave the program prepared for careers in:

  • General management
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Recruitment, selection and placement
  • Training and education
  • Labor and industrial relations



  • Employee Relations Minor

    Improving employee relations helps build a great work environment. Learn to manage employer-employee relationships by adding this minor.

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  • Management Minor

    An effective team begins with effective management. A minor in management advances your skills in organizing, staffing and leading an organization.

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  • Marketing Minor

    Marketing deals with recognizing the needs and wants of consumers, and offering solutions to their problems through your product or service. The Marketing minor takes you through a broad exposure of this end of the business cycle.

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Internships and Jobs

  •  FirstEnergy
  •  The Brilex Group of Companies
  •  Salem Community Hospital

WCBA Internship Opportunities

  •  Aerotek
  •  Cohen & Company
  •  J.C. Penney
  •  JPMorgan Chase & Co.
  •  Alta Care Group

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One More Thing

What really stood out to me was how hard the business faculty and staff worked to make sure students had professional experience."

David Tharp, Human Resource Management Alum