New Freshmen

As a new freshman applicant to Youngstown State University, there are several resources that will help you while preparing to attend our college. To learn more about each, choose the dropdown areas below. 

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  • Advanced Placement Program

    The Advanced Placement Program (AP) Chart gives specific information about scores, credit, and placement recommendations.

    If you are a high school student and you asked the College Board to send your scores to Youngstown State University, your scores will be evaluated when YSU receives the score report. You and your academic advisor will receive notification of credit several weeks later.

    Please note: Credit is only posted once a student has enrolled at Youngstown State University.

  • Student Orientation

    High school seniors who have been accepted for admission by February 15, receive an invitation to attend the early First-Year Student Orientation program which is held throughout February and March. Those students who attend the orientation program are among the first to register early for fall term courses. Also, students are given the opportunity to visit campus and become acquainted with the university prior to summer orientation.

    Please contact one of our admission counselors for questions on the orientation program or feel free to visit the orientation website

  • GED Students

    A GED student is one who has successfully completed the Test of General Education Development (GED). GED students should submit the following in order to complete the application process:

    • a completed Youngstown State admissions application and $45 application fee
    • an official high school transcript (reflecting any completed coursework)
    • official American College Test (ACT) or Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) scores must be submitted if you have been out of high school for less than two years or if required for entrance into a specific program
    • a copy of the Official Report of Test Results mailed directly from the GED testing service to the Office of Admissions

    You may write to the appropriate address below to request your GED test results:

    OHIO GED Testing

    Department of Education
    65 S. Front Street, Room 812
    Columbus, OH 43215
    (614) 466-4868 or 1-800-334-6679
    ($5 fee)

    PENNSYLVANIA Commonwealth

    Diploma Program-Department of Education
    333 Market Street
    Harrisburg, PA 17136-0333
    (717) 787-6747
    (No fee)

  • Required High School Courses for Admission

    Courses that are expected to be completed prior to enrolling at YSU are as follows:

    Students graduating from high school who plan to pursue a baccalaureate degree should complete the following college preparatory units in order to receive unconditional admission status:

    Required High School Courses - Course Units:

    • English - 4 units
    • Algebra I and II - 2 units
    • Geometry - 1 unit
    • Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics - 1 unit
    • Other Science - 1 unit
    • U.S. History - 1 unit
    • U.S. Government - 1/2 unit
    • Other Social Science - 1/2 unit
    • Additional Science or Social Science - 1 unit
    • Foreign Language* - 2 units
    • Creative Arts and Communication - 1 unit
    • Other Subjects - 1 unit

    Total: 16 units

    All high school deficiencies should be completed prior to the beginning of the junior year at Youngstown State.

    The Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) program suggests a unit of mechanical drawing, a half unit of trigonometry, one unit of chemistry, and one unit of physics in addition to the above courses.

    Students considering programs in computer science, physical sciences, and mathematics should take a fourth year of mathematics.

    For the Bachelor of Music (B.M.) degree, applicants are expected to have proficiency in one or more branches of applied music. It is recommended that a student who is considering a voice major select French, German, or Italian when scheduling the high school foreign language requirement.

    • Students in BS and AB degree programs in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences must satisfy a foreign language requirement for the degrees. Students in the BA and BM degree programs in the College of Creative Arts and Communication should consult with advisors in the College of Creative Arts and Communication.
    • Students who wish to begin their college-level foreign language study with 2600 Intermediate or above MUST take the foreign language placement test (FLPT).
    • Students who have had some high school or college-level language study may enroll in any 1550 Elementary foreign language course without taking the FLPT.
    • Students with no high school or college-level study are to enroll in FNLG 1500, Introduction to Foreign Language Study, before enrolling in 1550 Elementary, or may take the FLPT to place into 1550 or 2600, if they learned the language outside of school.
    • Students with AP credit in a foreign language have completed the requirement. Students with transfer credit for college foreign language courses may enroll in the next course in the sequence.

    If a student has not completed the above requirements in high school, he or she will be required to complete the requirement at the university.