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Welcome to the The Department of Art at Youngstown State University. Whatever your passion, there is an artistic career that will fulfill your personal and professional interests. We offer a customizable studio art curriculum that will give you the freedom and flexibility to define your educational direction and focus your talents.

The Department of Art at YSU prepares students to become artists, designers, art educators or art historians. As part of a cultural milieu, students will witness a wide variety of styles, philosophies and histories. They will be exposed to various techniques, processes and experiences in the development of a commitment to their work, their community and to the outside world. Expanded visual horizons as well as exposure to various histories will enable students to look both within themselves and outside in a broader cultural context.

Education in the arts is paradoxical. Art making and the study of art require skills training as well as perceptual awareness. Participation in the process is the primary means of education. Students and faculty alike are immersed in the quest for knowledge and creative self-realization, whether it is in the form of computer graphics, printmaking or the study of art from the past.

The North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools accredits Youngstown State University in an accreditation that includes all undergraduate and graduate programs. In addition, the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD), an organization whose membership includes 250 schools out of approximately 2,000 art departments nationally, accredits the Department of Art.

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Rich Helfrich, assistant professor at the Youngstown State University Art Department, unveiled on Thursday that his graphic design students would have 24 hours to design a campaign for the Warren Philharmonic Orchestra.

For two weeks, Helfrich kept his students in the dark about the daunting challenge ahead of them and the client for whom they would be gearing all of their design efforts toward.

The secrecy was not without warrant — it was to give the students experience in crisis management and working as a team under those kinds of conditions. When asked why the WPO was chosen, Helfrich just said that it was suggested to him from various people in the department.

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april 28 - nina sarnelle

LECTURE – Nina Sarnelle
Monday, April 28th, 5:30pm
McDonough Museum of Art, Lecture Hall


co-sponsored by the Department of Art Lecture Series and the Beecher Center for Art and Technology Lecture Series


LECTURE – Claire Stagliani
Tuesday, April 29th, 2:00pm
Butler Institute of American Art, Zona Auditoriuml


co-sponsored by the Department of Art Lecture Series and the Beecher Center for Art and Technology Lecture Series