Supplemental Instruction

About Us

Supplemental Instruction, abbreviated SI, is a series of informal study sessions led by an SI leader. There are two-three regularly scheduled one hour sessions a week. The best part is they're free and they guarantee great study time. SI starts the first week of classes, so check out the schedule* to see if your classes has the SI support.

What is an SI Leader?

  • A student who has previously taken the class and has done well. The student will attend class again in order to offer a guided review for the current students so they also do well. If you are interested in learning more, or becoming a SI Leader, see the job description.

Why attend SI?

  • Guaranteed study time to free up your weekend
  • Activities that promote creative learning
  • Improve study skills
  • Meet people in your major
  • Have questions answered about class material
  • Grade improvement

Meet the SI leaders

SI Leaders

Alexis Patchen

Stats for Business & Economics

Selena Chandler

General Chemistry 2

Katie Cruickshank

General Chemistry 1

Mark Shannon

Financial Accounting

Paloma Matthews

Quantitative Reasoning

Harley Parker

Organic Chemistry 1

Jennifer Mullally

Gen'l Biology: Organisms & Ecology

Theoni Kasamias

Quantitative Reasoning

Emily Marsh

Generaly Psychology

Anthony Bennett

General Physics 1

Kenna Rearick

Introduction to Sociology

Marium Khan


Dominika Lackova

Principles 1: Microeconomics

Rachael Penick

General Psychology

Taylor Seitz


Jordan Fain

Gen'l Biology: Molecules & Cells

Craig Higham

Biology 3721, Genetics

Gelila Kebede

Allied Health: Anatomy & Physiology, Chemistry 1

Amanda Svenson

Human Physiology

Jessica Yeager

Calculus 2, Quantitative Reasoning