Supplemental Instruction

About Us

Supplemental Instruction, abbreviated SI, is a series of informal study sessions led by an SI leader. There are two-three regularly scheduled one hour sessions a week. The best part is they're free and they guarantee great study time. SI starts the first week of classes, so check out the schedule to see if your classes has the SI support.

What is an SI Leader?

  • A student who has previously taken the class and has done well. The student will attend class again in order to offer a guided review for the current students so they also do well. If you are interested in learning more, or becoming a SI Leader, see the job description.

Why attend SI?

  • Guaranteed study time to free up your weekend
  • Activities that promote creative learning
  • Improve study skills
  • Meet people in your major
  • Have questions answered about class material
  • Grade improvement

Meet the SI leaders

SI Leaders

Alexis Patchen

Stats for Business & Economics

Selena Chandler

General Chemistry 2

Katie Cruickshank

General Chemistry 1

Mark Shannon

Financial Accounting

Paloma Matthews

Quantitative Reasoning

Harley Parker

Organic Chemistry 1

Jennifer Mullally

Gen'l Biology: Organisms & Ecology

Theoni Kasamias

Quantitative Reasoning

Emily Marsh

Generaly Psychology

Anthony Bennett

General Physics 1

Kenna Rearick

Introduction to Sociology

Marium Khan


Dominika Lackova

Principles 1: Microeconomics

Rachael Penick

General Psychology

Taylor Seitz


Jordan Fain

Gen'l Biology: Molecules & Cells

Craig Higham

Biology 3721, Genetics

Gelila Kebede

Allied Health: Anatomy & Physiology, Chemistry 1

Amanda Svenson

Human Physiology

Jessica Yeager

Calculus 2, Quantitative Reasoning