First Year Experience Course Submissions

First Year Experience Course Submission Form*

FYE Course Approval Process

To submit a request to have a course included in the general education model as a First Year Experience Course (FYE), fill out the above form and e-mail it to the General Education Coordinator.

  1. The following process is used when submitting a class for inclusion in the General Education Program:
  2. Course developed and approved at department level and signed by department Chair.
  3. Course submitted to college curriculum committee for review and approval (new courses only.)
  4. Course submitted to the Dean of the College for approval and signature.
  5. Course submitted to Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UCC) for review and approval (new courses only.)
  6. Course submitted to General Education Committee (GEC) for review and certification.
  7. Course distributed as per Senate Circulation Process. (New courses submitted for consideration as General Education Courses that are approved by the UCC but not the GEC, may still be circulated for faculty review under the UCC.)
  8. Course sent to Chair of Academic Senate for signature.
  9. Course appended to Academic Senate Agenda / Minutes.

FYE Course Required Items

Learning Goals and Outcomes:

The following learning goals and outcomes must be included on any FYE syllabus:

Goal: Students will participate in a culture of community


  1. Students will identify and participate in student organizations and co-curricular activities that fit their interests and goals
  2. Students will establish working relationships with faculty, advisors, and student support services
  3. Students will evaluate issues of living in a diverse society
  4. Students will engage in and reflect on a common, University-wide experience

Goal: Students will learn skills that will promote academic and professional growth


  1. Students will conduct an exploration and development of their academic interests and career pathways
  2. Students will practice skills needed to manage their financial resources and situation
  3. Students will practice skills need to improve written communication and develop critical thinking

Required Content:

Required Modules:

Required first year content will be in the form of module. For each module, instructors will have option of receiving training and conducting the modules themselves as part of the course or relying on a trained outside party to facilitate the modules. A course that is focused on career counseling, for instance, will likely cover all the required material as part of the course and will not need any supplemental instruction. The required modules are as follows:

  1. Sexual Violence Prevention Training (Campus SaVe)
  2. Career Assessment
  3. Common Intellectual Experience
  4. Financial Literacy

Required Course Activities:

Instructors should embed the following assignments or activities into their course:

  1. Four campus engagement activities with at least one being outside the college.
  2. Writing and critical thinking activities
    • Minimum required writing of approximately 2500 words (about 10 pages) over multiple assignments. One assignment must require multiple drafts and be approximately 1000 words (3-4 pages.)