Graduate Assistant Internships

The areas of Student Experience, Student Success and Enrollment Management award several graduate assistant internships (GAI) each academic year to eligible graduate students.  To be eligible for a GAI, applicants must gain admission to the College of Graduate Studies and file an application for a GA or GAI with the College of Graduate Studies. 

Listed below are the departments who offer GAI positions.  GAI positions are typically appointed for two years, fall and spring semesters.  Interested students should first review the job descriptions through the links below and then contact the designated supervisor with questions and/or applications pertaining to available positions.  The areas of Student Experience, Student Success and Enrollment Management recognize the importance of diversity to strengthen our university community.  Our GAI positions provide opportunities to bridge your education into practical, professional experience.


Graduate Assistant Internship Opportunities
Office Open Positions for 2017-18 Application Link
  Academic Achievers   Filled Academic Achievers Application Process 
  Admissions   Filled Admissions Application Process
  Assessment   Filled Assessment Application Process
  Campus Recreation   Filled Campus Recreation Application Process
  Career Services   Filled Career Services Application Process
  Center for Student Progress   Filled Center for Student Progress Application Process
  Kilcawley Center   Filled Kilcawley Center Application Process
  Student Activities & Greek Life   Filled Student Activities & Greek Life Application Process
  Student Experience   Filled Student Experience Application Process
  Student Conduct   Filled Student Conduct Applicaton Process