Online Health and Human Services MHHS

Strengthen your leadership skills and enjoy a flexible course schedule through the fully online Master of Health and Human Services degree program.

What You'll Study

The master's program in Health and Human Services is designed to be a collaborative learning experience that focuses in health care and business administration. You will acquire the skills and abilities needed to hold supervisory and managerial positions while also learning competencies in health promotion and methods in the health care community.

Personalize your degree to match your career goals by choosing from one of four offered tracks within the program, and benefit from a flexible online class schedule to fit your lifestyle as a working professional.

Online Degree

You will take a combination of core courses in tools, management skills and issues in health and human services before choosing between one of the following four tracks:

One More Thing

Some of the jobs our students tend to look into after the program are hospital administration or administrator for a large medical practice."

Dr. Joseph Lyons, MHHS director