Former Graduate Inducted Into the Peace Corp.

On August 13th, Terry Walters was sworn in as an official Peace Corps Volunteer. The woman, Natalia Matcina in the picture with him is the director of the school he will be working at. The other is the US Ambassador of Moldova, William H. Moser. The woman to his right sitting alone is the Country Director Janet Utecht.



The swearing in ceremony took place 180 kilometers outside of Moscovei, Moldova where Terry will be teaching, alongbwith his two partner teachers and Natalia for the first day of school on September 1st.

The Department of Philosophy and Religious studies wishes him the best of luck on his new adventure.

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Ivy League Schools Are Overrated. Send Your Kids Elsewhere. | New Republic

Incredibly interesting and thought-provoking article on an Ivy League education:

“The first thing that college is for is to teach you to think. That doesn’t simply mean developing the mental skills particular to individual disciplines. College is an opportunity to stand outside the world for a few years, between the orthodoxy of your family and the exigencies of career, and contemplate things from a distance.”

Ivy League Schools Are Overrated. Send Your Kids Elsewhere. | New Republic

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Dr. Jerryson in Kandy, Sri Lanka

Dr. Jerryson recently presented at the International Centre for Ethnic Studies “25 Years in Retrospect: Buddhism, Ethnic Conflicts and Religious Harmony in South and Southeast Asia,” in Kandy, Sri Lanka.



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The Long Reach of Reason

It is good to know the Socratic dialogue form is alive and kicking:

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Why Not Just Weigh the Fish? –

Interesting piece on the relevance of Philosophy by Robert Pasnau of the University of Colorado, Boulder:

Why Not Just Weigh the Fish? –

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Dr. Mower at the Hauenstein Center

Dr. Mower recently gave a talk on civility at the Hauenstein Center at Grand Valley State University in Allendale Charter Township, Michigan.

Direct Link: Civility in Politics and Education

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Dr. Vopat at the MPSA

Mpsa logoDr. Mark Vopat recently presented a paper on moral sensitivity and public policy decisions. The paper titled “Moral Structural Insensitivity in Policy Decisions” was presented at the 72nd Annual Midwest Political Science Association meeting in Chicago.

In addition to his paper presentation, Dr. Vopat was also a participant on a panel discussing publishing books in a digital age. Dr. Vopat’s own book on children’s rights is scheduled to be published in the fall by Lexington Press.

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Accolades for Dr. Mir and the YSU Center for Islamic Studies

‘Public Islam’ and the Nordic Welfare State: Changing Realities? 2014

This special issue is the outcome of a generous invitation by the Center for Islamic Studies of Youngstown State University, Youngstown, Ohio, to arrange a seminar on Nordic Islam at Youngstown State and to publish the proceedings in the Center’s journal, Studies in Contemporary Islam. To make the proceedings available to Nordic audiences, the proceedings are also being published in the Tidsskrift for Islamforskning. The seminar was held on 25–26 October 2010, and was highly rewarding. The contributors are grateful for the hospitality they received during their stay in Youngstown.

The papers presented on the conference are available online here

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Dr. Michael Jerryson in Thailand

Dr. Jerryson recently participated in the “Public Forum on Buddhism and Peace Building: An Invitation to Dialogue.” Close to a hundred people from at least one dozen different countries (Turkey, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Philippines, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, England, etc.) were present for the event.

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Dr. Victor Wantatah hosts WYSU’s Public Affairs

VictorOn October 14, 2010, our own Dr. Victor Wan-Tatah talked with Mel Duncan, founding Executive Director of Nonviolent Peaceforce, a civilian peacekeeping organization based in Brussels. You can listen to the show online here.

If you want hear more of these programs (and possibly more of Dr. Wantatah) you can subscribe to the Public Affairs podcast by adding this link to your RSS feed reader:

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