Agenda for November 19, 2012

Order of Business

  1.        I.            Call to Order
  2.    II.            Roll Call
  3. Approval of the Minutes & Agenda
  4. Executive Business
    1. President’s Report
    2. Vice President for Financial Affairs’ Report
    3. Committee Chairs Report
      1.                                                               i.      Chair of Student Life Committee
      2.                                                             ii.      Chair of Academic Affairs Committee
      3.                                                           iii.      Chair of University Affairs Committee
      4.                                                           iv.      Chair of Financial Appropriations Committee
  5.     V.            Unfinished Business
  6. New Business
    1. A Bill (SB F 2012-5) Appropriations
    2. A Resolution (SR F 2012-1) Budget Restructuralization
  7. Gallery Remarks
  8. Advisors’ Remarks
  9. Members’ Remarks
  10.     X.            Announcements
  11. Adjournment
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