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Minutes for January 28, 2013

SGA Meeting Minutes 01-28-2013

Cory called the meeting to order at 4:05 PM

Caroline took role

Cory approved the minutes from last meeting

Cory moved to Executive Business

Cory gave the President’s Report

- Welcome new members! Stephanie Davis, Jordan Edgell, Zach Hacket, Mark Thornhill, & Mario Motha

- Red Box most likely not going to be permitted on campus

- Contacted college deans regarding travel funds

- Elections board for Spring 2013 elections

Cory concluded his report

Catie gave the Vice President of Financial Affairs Report

- $7,200.00 left until end of the semester

Catie concluded her report

Caroline gave the chair report for Student Life Committee

- Congrats to Financial Appropriations committee for winning the school supplies drive challenge

Caroline concluded her report

Nicole gave the chair report for Academic Affairs Committee

- Nothing to report

Nicole concluded her report

Alyssa gave the chair report for University Affairs Committee

- Greenhouse supporters

- Advertising YSU to area high schools

Alyssa concluded her report

Charesse gave the chair report for Financial Appropriations Committee

- Charesse and representatives of organizations spoke on behalf of their events

Charesse concluded her report

Cory moved to Unfinished Business

- None

Cory moved to New Business

A.)   SB F 2013-7 Appropriations

Motion to open discussion on bill:

1st Travis

2nd Multiple

Motion to close discussion on bill:

1st Travis

2nd Catie

SB F 2013-7 passed unanimously

B.)   Wednesday 4:00-5:00 in Chestnut Room: Student forum for new university president discussion

Motion to open discussion:

1st Elyse

2nd Justen

Open body discussion, what we are looking for in a new YSU President:

-       Support student organizations

-       Raise graduation rate

-       Connected and social with students

-       Promote student success stories

-       Expand university property

-       Avoid “business mindset”, have a “student mindset” to round students as individuals

-       Update the university buildings

-       Has connections to grow financially

-       Long term goals with intentions to stay here for many years

-       Use funds wisely for commuter students

-       Understanding of the Youngstown area

-       Reevaluate departments and give constructive criticism, what is best for students

Motion to close discussion:

1st Catie

2nd Multiple

C. Appropriation proposal status

Motion to open discussion:

1st Melissa

2nd Multiple

-       Still waiting for Jack Fahey to get back to us

-       Cory may prepare a presentation

-       See Cory for specifics

Motion to close discussion

1st Elyse

2nd Multiple

Gallery Remarks

Advisor Remarks

Members Remarks


Cory adjourned the meeting at 4:52 PM                                       


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