• Dr. Martin Abraham
    Ph.D., Professor, Dean
    Conversion of petrochemical and bio-based fuels into hydrogen; heterogeneous catalysis and reaction engineering; steam reforming catalysis for fuel cell applications
  • Dr. Jim Andrews
    Ph.D., Professor
    Optical materials, particularly polymeric and organic materials. Nonlinear and applied optics, multilayer optics, laser source development, magneto-optics, and optical metrology.
  • Dr. Raymond E. Beiersdorfer
    Ph.D., Professor
    Environmental geochemistry, metamorphic and igneous petrology, tectonics, and environmental geology.
  • Dr. Pedro Cortes
    Ph.D., Assistant Professor
    Structure-property relationships of polymers, composites and hybrid materials. Smart Materials and Structures. Development of chem-bio sensing platforms based on carbon nanotubes.
  • Dr. Mike Crescimanno
    Ph.D., Professor
    Aspects of noise spectroscopy in multiphoton quantum optics, solving a question posed by Cliff Will in the physics of black holes and describing the enhancement of magneto-optical rotation and other forms of mode conversion in photonic crystals.
  • Dr. Allen Hunter
    Ph.D., Professor
    Scientific instrumentation, Cyber-Physical systems, and systems integration; synthesis and characterization of nanoscale molecular materials; Technology transfer/research with industry.
  • Dr. Anwarul Islam
    Ph.D., Associate Professor
    Impact of blast on highway bridges, use of CFRP in enhancing structural strength of concrete members, and structural health monitoring of bridges using wireless sensor network.
  • Dr. Frank X. Li
    Ph.D., Associate Professor
    Electron spin resonance imaging, EMC, RF and software engineering, networks, and applied magnetic fields.
  • Dr. Clovis Linkous
    Ph.D., Associate Professor
    Ceramic electrolytes, polymer membrane electrolytes, solid state hydrogen storage , photovoltaic materials, photocatalytic decomposition of hydrogen sulfide; algae inhibition.
  • Dr. Sherri Lovelace-Cameron
    Ph.D., Associate Professor
    Synthesis and electrochemistry of novel organometallic polymers, synthesis of metal organic frameworks.
  • Dr. Hazel Marie
    Ph.D., Associate Professor
    FEA/CFD modeling applied to solid-fluid interaction of thin film lubrication sealing; mechanical material modeling of soft biological tissue.
  • Dr. Peter Norris
    Ph.D., Professor
    Synthesis of novel monomers, oligomers, and polymers derived from carbohydrates; Environmentally friendly methods to organic synthesis; Catalytic decomposition of natural azide nad diazo.
  • Dr. Tom Oder
    Ph.D., Associate Professor
    Micro/Nano fabrication and characterization of electronic and opto-electronic devices of wide band gap semiconductors: SiC, group III-nitrides, ZnO
  • Dr. Douglas Price
    Ph.D., Associate Professor
    Corrosion measurement and corrosion inhibition. Preparation of non-uniformly distributed catalysts. Carbon dioxide capture by sorbents and algal solutions.
  • Dr. Josef Simeonsson
    Ph.D., Associate Professor
    Analytical atomic and molecular spectroscopy, Trace and ultratrace analysis, Laser induced fluorescence spectroscopy, Laser ionization spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, Environmental analysis.
  • Dr. Virgil Solomon
    Ph.D., Assistant Professor
    Synthesis of functional materials, nanostructures and co-continuous ceramic composites and their characterization using analytical scanning and transmission electron microscopy techniques.
  • Dr. Tim Wagner
    Ph.D., Professor
    Director of the Center of Excellence in Materials Science and Engineering (CEMSE). Synthesis and characterization (X-Ray, SEM, TEM) of mixed anion inorganic materials; synthesis of ceramic oxides as precursors for preparation of novel ceramic-metallic composites.
  • Dr. Darrell Wallace
    Ph.D., Associate Professor
    Studies of heat transfer, wear, and energy efficiency characteristics and their relationship to manufacturing and materials processing.
  • Dr. Ruigang Wang
    Ph.D., Assistant Professor
    Nanomaterials, rare-earth oxides based catalysts, energy conversion and storage materials, and transmission electron microscopy related materials characterization techniques.

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