Student Outreach and Support

Dear YSU Student: 


As the Director of Student Outreach and Support at Youngstown State University, my role is to assist you in becoming a successful student and, eventually, a proud YSU graduate.

Unfortunately, the road to graduation can have many twists and turns and, occasionally, a few roadblocks. Physical and mental issues, family responsibilities, work, extracurricular activities, and unexpected expenses are simply a part of life. While it can be easy to become overwhelmed and discouraged, it is my goal to assist you in getting through these tough times.

I am here to listen, offer advice on how to handle a situation, or assist with attainment of campus and community resources when necessary. Whatever the challenge, I am here to help.

I encourage you to stop by my office located in Jones Hall 3001. You can also reach me at either of the phone numbers listed below.

I truly appreciate the opportunity to serve you!


Nicole Kent-Strollo
Director, Student Outreach and Support
Office: 330-941-4703
Cell: 330-717-2613