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Tod Administration Building
Friday, March 13, 2009

Pursuant to notice duly given, a regular meeting(the two hundred eighty-seventh) of the Board of Trustees ofYoungstown State University convened at 3:00 p.m., on Friday,March 13, 2009, in the Board Room in Tod Hall.

Nine trustees were present at the meeting, to-wit: Mr. Scott R. Schulick, chairperson of the board, who pre­sided, Dr. H. S. Wang, Mr. John L. Pogue, Mr. Larry D. DeJane,Ms. Millicent S. Counts, Dr. Sudershan K. Garg, Mr. HarryMeshel, Mrs. Carole S. Weimer and Mr. Stephen W. T. Foley. Mr.Daniel J. DeMaiolo was absent.

Also present were: Dr. David C. Sweet, President;Dr. Ikram Khawaja, Provost and Vice President for Academic Af­fairs; Dr. Cynthia E. Anderson, Vice President for Student Af­fairs; Mr. Eugene P. Grilli, Vice President for Finance and Ad­ministration; Dr. George McCloud, Vice President for UniversityAdvancement; Dr. Thomas Maraffa, Special Assistant to the Presi­dent; Ms. Holly A. Jacobs, University General Counsel and Frank­lin S. Bennett, Jr., Secretary to the Board of Trustees. Also present were approximately 15 persons, including deans, membersof the faculty, students, administrators, and members of thenews media.

The chairperson called the meeting to order.


Evidence was available to establish that pursuantto Article II, Section 1, of the board’s Bylaws; written notice of today’s regular meeting was timely provided to each of thetrustees, the student trustees, and to the president.


Prior to the meeting, the secretary had provideddraft copies of the minutes of the board’s regular meeting held on December 17, 2008 (#284) and special meetings held February6, 2009 (#285) and February 26, 2009 (#286) to each trustee, thestudent trustees and the president. There being no additions,corrections, or revisions thereto, the minutes of the said meet­ings were approved as provided.


Dr. Sweet announced that Dr. Dianne Bitonte Mi­ladore had resigned from the board of trustees of YoungstownState University to join the board of trustees of the Northeast­ern Ohio Universities College of Medicine, effective March 9,2009. Dr. Sweet acknowledged the gift of the Gasser Chair Com­pany of new Board Room trustee chairs. The chairperson describedthe Gasser family’s long-time generous support of YoungstownState University and recognized Mr. Gary Gasser, Chairman andPresident of Gasser Chair, and thanked him for the company’sgenerous gift.

Dr. Sweet reported that in spite of the stateeconomy and budget cuts, YSU will complete Fiscal Year 2010 witha balanced budget after taking prudent steps to close the 0.2%budget gap. However, the next budget year and beyond is fraughtwith uncertainties and concern. A copy of the Report to theYoungstown State University Board of Trustees distributed by Dr.Sweet is attached to these minutes.


The chairperson asked whether any trustee had anobjection to the approval by unanimous consent of the resolu­tions recommended for adoption by the committees of the board.There being no objection, the chairperson stated that the recom­mended resolutions would be considered for adoption by consent.The board considered the following committee reports and recom­mendations:

1. Academic and Student Affairs Committee

Dr. Khawaja provided a staff report noting that11 potential Centers of Excellence had submitted proposals. Theproposals are being reviewed and final recommendations for Cen­ter of Excellence proposals will be submitted to the board oftrustees in June. Dr. Khawaja reported that the university hasjoined the Higher Learning Commission’s Committee on Assessmentand that the coordinated attention being given to assessment isbeginning to bear fruit. Dr. Khawaja stated that YSU placed the largest number of interns this year of any institution in theGlenn/Stokes internship program. Dr. Khawaja reported that YSUis partnering with Cleveland State University and Kent StateUniversity in foreign language distance education.

Dr. Anderson reported that YSU enrollment contin­ues to do well. Dr. Anderson reported that 234 new students par­ticipated in an on-campus enrollment activity. Dr. Anderson re­ported that 500 Pennsylvania high school students and 132 Penn­sylvania guidance counselors and teachers received informationabout YSU at the recent Pittsburgh college fair.

The chairperson noted that the Academic and Stu­dent Affairs committee was recommending no resolutions for adop­tion by the board.

2. External Relations Committee.

Dr. McCloud provided a staff report noting that$48.4 million has been raised against the $44 million CentennialCapital Campaign goal. Dr. McCloud thanked Chief DevelopmentOfficer Paul McFadden and his staff for their efforts in this successful campaign. Dr. McCloud emphasized that there wasstill work to be done to meet the $1 million Kresge ChallengeGrant.

The chairperson noted that the External RelationsCommittee was recommending one resolution for adoption by theboard. There being no objection thereto, the chairperson de­clared the following resolution adopted by general consent:

Resolution to Accept Development Gifts

YR 2009-38

WHEREAS, Board policy provides that the President shall compile a list of gifts to the University foreach meeting of the Board of Trustees and present thelist accompanied by his recommendation for action bythe Board; and

WHEREAS, the President has reported that the gifts as listed in Exhibit A attached hereto are being held pending acceptance and he recommends their acceptance;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Trustees does hereby accept these gifts on behalf of Youngstown State University and requests that the President acknowledge the acceptance of these giftsand express our gratitude to the donors for their gen­erosity in support of the University.

3. Finance and Facilities Committee.

The chairperson noted that the Finance and Fa­cilities Committee was recommending three resolutions for adop­tion by the board. There being no objection thereto, the chair­person declared the following resolutions recommended by the Fi­nance and Facilities Committee adopted by general consent:

Resolution to Approve Interfund Transfers

YR 2009-39

WHEREAS, Policy Number 3010.01, Budget Transfers, ofthe University Guidebook, requires Board of Trusteesapproval for interfund transfers of $100,000 or more;and

WHEREAS, certain accounting adjustments and transfers outside the operating budget are necessary;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board ofTrustees of Youngstown State University does herebyapprove transfers outside the operating budget, as de­tailed in Exhibit B.

Resolution to Approve
Sensitive Information Policy

YR 2009-40

WHEREAS, the Institutional Policies are being reviewed and reconceptualized on an ongoing basis; and

WHEREAS, this process can result in the modification of existing policies, the creation of new policies, or the deletion of policies no longer needed; and

WHEREAS, action is required by the Board of Trusteesprior to replacing and/or implementing modified ornewly created policies, or to rescind existing policies;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board ofTrustees of Youngstown State University does herebyapprove the creation of an Institutional Policygoverning Sensitive Information, policy number 4012.01, of the University Guidebook, shown as ExhibitC, attached hereto.

Resolution to DesignateCertain Obligations to be Issued by
the University as "Qualified Tax-Exempt Obligations"

YR 2009-41

WHEREAS, on February 6, 2009, this Board adopted Reso­lution YR 2009-35 providing for the issuance of not toexceed $47,000,000 of General Receipts Revenue Bondsand not to exceed $10,000,000 of General Receipts Re­funding Bonds (the "Authorized Obligations") to be is­sued by Youngstown State University (the "University")in more than one series to pay the costs of certainUniversity Facilities as defined therein; and

WHEREAS, in the event that the University issues anamount that does not exceed $30,000,000 of AuthorizedObligations in the calendar year 2009 and, in order totake advantage of favorable tax law changes pursuantto the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009,the University desires now to designate such Author­ized Obligations as "qualified tax-exempt obligations"for purposes of 265(b)(3) of the Internal Revenue Codeof 1986, as amended (the "Code");

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, in the event that theUniversity issues an amount that does not exceed $30,000,000 of Authorized Obligations during calendaryear 2009, the University hereby designates such Au­thorized Obligations to be issued pursuant to Resolu­tion YR 2009-35 as "qualified tax exempt obligations"for purposes of Section 265(b)(3) of the Code.

Dr. Garg reported that the Investment Subcommit­tee met on February 26, 2009. During its meeting the InvestmentSubcommittee received reports from fund manager Allegiant and the Hartland & Associates, investment advisors to the univer­sity.

Dr. Wang reported that the Audit Subcommittee meton February 26, 2009. During its meeting the Audit Subcommitteereviewed the university’s financial statements for the fiscal year second quarter. Also during its meeting the subcommitteemet with representatives of Packer Thomas, the University's in­ternal auditor, and received reports regarding the university’spayroll, cashiering and bookstore areas.

4. Internal Affairs Committe

The chairperson noted that the Internal AffairsCommittee was recommending two resolutions for adoption by theboard. There being no objection thereto, the chairperson de­clared the following resolutions recommended by the Internal Af­fairs Committee adopted by general consent:

Resolution to Ratify
Faculty/Staff Appointments

YR 2009-42

WHEREAS, the Policies of the Board of Trustees direct the President to appoint such employees as are neces­sary to effectively carry out the operation of theUniversity; and

WHEREAS, new appointments have been made subsequent tothe December 17, 2008, meeting of the Board of Trustees; and

WHEREAS, such appointments are in accordance with the2008-2009 Budget and with the University policy onEqual Employment Opportunity;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board ofTrustees of Youngstown State University does herebyratify and confirm the appointments as listed in Ex­hibit D attached hereto.


Resolution to Adopt The Youngstown State University 403(b) Plan
And to Authorize the Vice President for Finance and
Administration to Effectuate Full Compliance Thereof

YR 2009-43

WHEREAS, Youngstown State University has sponsored aretirement plan arrangement under Internal Revenue Code Section 403(b); and

WHEREAS, the Internal Revenue Service has promulgatedregulations under Code Section 403(b) that require theUniversity to adopt a written plan document; and

WHEREAS, the written plan document for the YoungstownState University 403(b) Plan (the “Plan”) must beadopted on or before December 31, 2009;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Youngstown State University Board of Trustees authorizes the VicePresident for Finance and Administration to adopt thePlan and is further empowered to make such administra­tive changes to the Plan as are required to affectcompliance with the Internal Revenue Service 403(b)regulations; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Vice President forFinance and Administration has the authority to signthe final Plan on behalf of the Youngstown State Uni­versity Board of Trustees at any time on or before De­cember 31, 2009, such 403(b) Plan document to be ret­roactively effective to January 1, 2009, with the cor­responding full weight and effect.

5. Trusteeship Committee.

The chairperson recognized Dr. Wang who reported that in accordance with Article III, Section 9, Paragraph c., Sub­paragraph 2. of the board's Bylaws, the Trusteeship Committee hadmet and today makes its report to the board regarding its nomina­tions of officers for the year starting this June.  Dr. Wangstated today’s report would constitute a first reading only, and that voting on the election of officers would take place at the board’s June regular meeting. The Trusteeship Committee’s recom­mendations for the 2009-2010 board officers are:

Chairperson Mr. Scott R. Schulick Vice Chairperson Dr. Sudershan K. Garg Secretary   Mr. Franklin S. Bennett, Jr.


The chairperson recognized the secretary to theboard who read aloud the following resolution:

Resolution of Appreciation – Stephen W. T. Foley

YR 2008-44

WHEREAS, Stephen W. T. Foley was appointed a StudentTrustee of Youngstown State University in 2007 by Gover­nor Ted Strickland; and 

WHEREAS, during his term as Student Trustee, Mr. Foley served on the Academic and Student Affairs, External Re­lations, Finance and Facilities, and Internal Affairs Committees of the Board of Trustees of Youngstown State University; and

WHEREAS, as a Student Trustee, Mr. Foley served Youngs­town State University, its faculty, staff, and espe­cially its students, with distinction, bringing to theBoard of Trustees a valued and respected perspective onstudent issues and concerns, along with an intellect and understanding of issues large and small; belying his years; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Foley’s term as Student Trustee has proved mutually enriching to him and to the Board of Trustees, exemplifying the value of the Student Trustee experience both to the student and to the University; and

WHEREAS, its members wish to thank Mr. Foley for the thoughtfulness and perspective which he brought to theBoard of Trustees of Youngstown State University;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the members of the Board of Trustees express their appreciation to Stephen W. T. Foley for his dedication and efforts to promote the welfare and best interests of the students, faculty, and staff of Youngstown State University and the commu­nity which it serves; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that a copy of this Resolution be furnished to Mr. Foley.

Following the secretary’s reading of the Resolution of Apprecia­tion, and upon motion by Mr. Meshel, seconded by Mr. Pogue, thetrustees voted unanimously to adopt the Resolution.

The chairperson recognized the secretary to theboard who read aloud the following proposed resolution:

Resolution of Appreciation – Dianne Bitonte Miladore

YR 2007-45

WHEREAS, in 2005 Dr. Dianne Bitonte Miladore was ap­pointed to the Board of Trustees of the University byGovernor Bob Taft; and

WHEREAS, for four years Dr. Bitonte Miladore served faithfully as a Trustee of Youngstown State University,and generously devoted her time, talents, skills and ef­forts to the best interests of the University, its stu­dents, faculty and staff; and 

WHEREAS, Dr. Bitonte Miladore served with distinction on the Academic and Student Affairs, External Relations, Finance and Facilities, and Internal Affairs Committees of the Board of Trustees of Youngstown State University; and as the YSU Board’s representative to the Board of Trustees of the Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Bitonte Miladore, a YSU alumna, is a memberof the charter class of the Northeastern Ohio Universi­ties College of Medicine, a member of YSU’s President’s Council, a member of the Bitonte College of Health and Human Services Board of Visitors, a member and pastpresident of the YSU Penguin Club and, with her husband,a sponsor of the Drs. Dianne B. and Michael J. Miladore Scholarship; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Bitonte Miladore’s distinguished record of service and accomplishment is amplified by her contribu­tions to her second alma mater, the Northeastern OhioUniversities College of Medicine, where she serves as a member of the clinical faculty, the Admissions Commit­tee, the Academic Review Committee, the Clinical Compe­tency Assessment Medical Advisory Board, an advisor tomedical students, and a recently-appointed full trustee;and

WHEREAS, while her record of service and accomplishment may indicate otherwise, the Board of Trustees acknowl­edges that Dr. Bitonte Miladore is merely human, and re­gretfully acknowledges and accepts her resignation from the Board of Trustees of Youngstown State University sothat she may devote her skills and attention to the Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the members of the Board of Trustees express their appreciation to Dr. Di­anne Bitonte Miladore for her dedication and efforts to promote the welfare and best interests of the students, faculty, and staff of Youngstown State University and the community which it serves; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that a copy of this Resolution be furnished to Dr. Bitonte Miladore.

Following the secretary’s reading of the Resolution of Apprecia­tion, and upon motion by Mr. DeJane, seconded by Dr. Garg, thetrustees voted unanimously to adopt the Resolution.

The chairperson recognized the secretary to theboard who read aloud the following proposed resolution:

Resolution of Appreciation – H. S. Wang

YR 2009-46

WHEREAS, in 2000 Dr. Hai-Shiuh Wang was appointed tothe Board of Trustees of Youngstown State Universityby Governor Bob Taft; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Wang served faithfully as a Trustee ofYoungstown State University, and generously devoted his time, talents, skills and efforts to the best interests of the University, its students, faculty and staff; and 

WHEREAS, Dr. Wang served with distinction as a member ofthe Academic and Student Affairs Committee, External Af­fairs Committee, Finance and Facilities Committee, and Internal Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees of Youngstown State University; and

WHEREAS, from 2004 to 2005 Dr. Wang served as Vice Chairperson, and from 2005 to 2006 as Chairperson, of the Board of Trustees of Youngstown State University; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Wang’s commitment to the University isclearly evidenced by his exemplary record of attendance over nine years at the meetings of the Board and the Committees on which he served, all while serving as aprominent ophthalmologic surgeon in our community; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Wang’s leadership and restraint served the Board and the University well during times of loss and crisis, and provides an example for future trustees;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the members of the Board of Trustees express their appreciation to Dr. Hai-Shiuh Wang for his dedication and efforts to promote thewelfare and best interests of the students, faculty, andstaff of Youngstown State University and the communitywhich it serves; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that a copy of this Resolution be furnished to Dr. Wang.

Following the secretary’s reading of the Resolution of Apprecia­tion, and upon motion by Mr. DeJane, seconded by Dr. Garg, thetrustees voted unanimously to adopt the Resolution. Dr. Wang ex­pressed his gratitude for having had the opportunity to serve asa trustee of Youngstown State University. Dr. Wang reviewed thechallenges and successes faced by the university, the state andthe country during his nine-year term. Dr. Wang thanked Dr.Sweet, the administration, faculty, staff and fellow trustees for their support and friendship. In closing, Dr. Wang thankedhis wife, Florence, for supporting him in many ways and tolerat­ing his reading of what seemed like endless meeting materialduring many weekends.


The board considered no unfinished business.


The board considered no new business.


Upon motion duly made and seconded, which received the affirmative vote of all trustees present, the trustees resolved to set the following dates and times for the next regular meetings of the board to be held in the Board Room in Tod Hall:

3:00 p.m., Friday, June 19, 2009
3:00 p.m., Friday, September 25, 2009
3:00 p.m., Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Upon motion duly made and seconded, the meetingwas duly adjourned by unanimous vote of the trustees at 4:10 p.m.







Secretary to the Board of Trustees


















One Year Single and Joint Members


Alexander Adams
Dale Alexander
Laverne Alexander
George Baker
Ted & Joanne Baker
Justin Baran
Sandra Barba
John Barber
John & Georgia Barkett
Edward & Deborah Basista
,Elaine Beatty
Wilfred Beitzel
William & Martha Beniston
Dennis & Faye Bensinger
William Bletso
Sharon Bonacker
John Borecki
Reese Bradburn
Martha Brenner
Debra Brooks
Glenda Brooks
Paul Brown
Kathy Bruner
John Bruno
Bruce Burge
Susan Burns & Kevin Clements
Alan & Maryann Burton
Dean Cavacos
Fred & Mary Cleary
Cindy Cleeland
Michelle Coggins
Vincent Conglose
Susan Conner
Delores Crawford
Nancy Creed
David & Carol Creps
James Crowe
Gregory Demetri
William & Christa Dennis
Neil & Thyra DePascal
Mary DeRose
John Desimone
Salvatore DiFrancesco

Jack Dixey & Cassandra Donofrio
Douglas Dohallow
Gerald Domanik
Thomas Downey
Michael Doyle
Diane Drapcho
Mark Escaja
Marian Eskay
Robert & Rose Eusanio
Cynthia Fammartino-Fark
Robert & Kathy Fedorchak
Shelvie Fleming
Tom Flores
Floyd Folio
Cheryl Fox
Frederick Frank
Jack & Ruth Frankenburg
Martin Franko
Ronald Galip
Gary & Patricia Garland
Gene & Bonnie Garritano
Mary Bess George
Lynne Gething
Anthony Giampetro
Pauline Giampietro
Mary Goclano
Glenn & Michelle Griffiths
Thomas Groth
Richard Halaparda
Robert & Ellen Hall
Charles Hanna
Franklin Hardy
Mollie Hartup
John Havalo
Lawrence & Audrey Heck
William Heintzelman
Jean Heller
Mary Huber
James Itts
Frank & Averna Jayne
Crystal Johnson
Nancy Johnson
Roy & Jeanne Johnson


 Hugh & Maryann Jones
Theresa Kelly
Mary Kinnard
William & Margaret Kinnick
Donna Kollar
Beth Komara
Peter Koranchie-Boan
Michael Kroner
Martin Kubic
Paul Lambing
Jennifer Lenox
Vincent Lepore
Michael Lesch
James Lessick
Dale Lisko
Donald Locher
Dori Mac Millan
Nancy Madonio
Robert Mahaffey
Barry Mallory
Vera Mallory
Maureen McCann
Bonny McCarty
Jack McConnell
Duira McFarland
Anna McGrath
Charles McIntire
Anthony Mehle
Anthony & Irene Mehle
Joseph Meranto
Howard Mettee
Anne Misel
Anthony Mitzel
Lenora Mook
Lisa Mook
Mary Moon
Dennis Moore
James Moore
Ronald & Claudia Moore
Paul Muncy
Thomas Nakley
Vince Nardy
Paul Natale
Sam Natale
Richard & Annmarie Oliver
Frank Pavlechko
Stephen Pavlich
David Pernice


John & Janet Pierko
Charles Pierson
Brian Pinkerton
Joseph Pishotti
Angel Ploumbis
Merril & Susan Powell
Herbert Pridham
Thomas Pryor
Andriy Ptichkin & Erianne Raib
Robert Raffle
William Reiner
Raymond & Arlene Repko
John Riley
Donna Ritch
Rick Ritchie & Christine Ruggieri
Connie Robinson
Thomas Rogers
John Roman
Dan Roncaglione
Anthony Ronci
Joseph Ross
Anthony Rossi
Marina Rothenberg
Albert Scarpine
Joseph & Marlene Schiffer
William Scullin
Thomas Scurlch
Guy Sebastian
August & Maria Selak
Beth Sheppard
Katherine Sheridan
Robert & Genevieve Shively
William Shriver
Debbie Shutt
John & Marilyn Sich
Anthony Sinopoli
Constance Smith
Dane Smith
William Snider
Herman & Barbara Sostaric
Manuel & Demetria Spirtos
Thomas Strauss
Charles Suchy
Gail Sweitzer
Anthony & Theresa Swindler
Valerie Thomas
Joshua Thompson
Donald Thullen
Gary Tincu
Edwin Torres

Paul Toth
Paul Truhan
Donald Turjan
Patricia Tway
Marcel & Shirley Ulrich
Karen Vasko
Anthony & Belinda Vavlas
Raymond Vojtko
Richard & Barbara Watkins
Garey Watson
James Wayne

Irene Williams
Karen Willshaw
Eleanor Woodford
Raymond & Karen Wright
Connie Wright-McIntosh
Mary Ann Wrobel
Eric Wyant
Norbert Yanek
Robert Zastany


Total One Year Single and Joint Members:




Four Year Single and Joint Members


Mary Adams
Thomas & Amber Babik
Richard & Susan Bestic
Anthony &Lori Bisconti
Kenneth &Frances Brayer
John & Mildred Campean
George & Mary Ann Flyak
Donald Graham
Allan Hiscox
John Hucke
James Kaminsky
Joseph Lambert
Joseph & Linda Massie

Holly McGarry-Bunner
Shirley Minnozzi
Frank Nagy
Fredric O'Connor
Michael & Mary O'Toole
Patrick &Rose Pacalo
Daniel Pissini
Sharon Profato
Julie Rentz
George &Debra Roman
Patricia Streamo
Marlene Thomas
Robert & Tammy Toti


Total Total Four Year Single and Joint Members:




Single and Joint Life Members


James Bozin
William Cook
Troy & Janice Cross
Brian & Karen DelSignore

Larry Lazor
Debra Quinn
David Rich
Jeffrey Spatar


Total Single and Joint Life Members:









Mr. & Mrs. Ronald P. Antonelli
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis D. Bensinger
CJL Engineering
First Energy Foundation
Mr. Vincent E. Gooden
Ms. Roberta M. Hannay
Hon. & Mrs. Nathaniel R. Jones
The Kresge Foundation
The Ralph & Marion G. Kroehle Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen C. Liptak
Ms. Yulanda McCarty-Harris
Estate ofIrene W. Sample
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Scott
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce E. Shennan
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Sparks
Dr. & Mrs. David C. Sweet
Ms. Fran M. Wolf
Youngstown Foundation


Total Centennial Campaign Pledged Cash Contributions:



Heritage Society - $10,000-$49,999
Atty. & Mrs. Dennis Haines
Key Bank

Mr. & Mrs. Ted A. Szmaj
Youngstown Foundation


Centennial Club - $1,000-$9,999


Air Reserve Base Community Council
Mr. Carl Alexoff
Drs. Tony & Beverly Atwater
Mr. WaltR. Avdey
Dr. S. Floyd Barger
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel H. Becker
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce R. Beeghly
Best Wings USA, Inc.
Dr. & Mrs. Dominic A. Bitonte
Ms. Esther Bitonte
WE Bliss Foundation
Dr. Bege K. Bowers
Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Buchenic
Mr. Robert A. Calcagni
Dr. Gary P. Carlile
Mr. Craig N. Carlozzi
Josephine A. & Donald E. Clowes
Dr. & Mrs. Richard A. Crepage
Mr. & Mrs. Troy Allen Cross
Dr. JohnP. Dalbec
Mr. & Mrs. Darrell L. Davis
Mrs. Madeline DiRusso

Dr. & Mrs. William T. Martin
Mr. & Mrs. Ned Mervos
Dr. Roy A. Mimna
Ms. Marla L. Mitchell-Cichon
Ms. JoanD. Mock
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Pedas
Dr. James F. Quilty, Jr.
Mr. Jeffrey B. Raub
Dr. & Mrs. NathanP. Ritchey
Dr. Stephen E. Rodabaugh
Dr. & Mrs. Gary Salvner
Charles E. Schell Foundation
Frances & Lillian Schermer Charitable Trust
Score Chapter 112
Drs. Ronald V. Shaklee &
Sharon A. Stringer
Mr. Crown-Sen Shieh


Ms. Donna Esterly
Mr. & Mrs. Philip A. Feld
Mr. & Mrs. David S. Ferguson
Mr. & Mrs. C. Kenneth Fibus
Dr. & Mrs. Edward J. Fiffick
First Energy Foundation
Friends ofMusic Association
General Motors Lordstown
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen R. Giangiordano
Ms. Linda R. Gooden
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Graham
Mr. JohnF. Greenman &
Dr. Mary Alice Budge
Drs. Patrick & Madeleine Haggerty
Harrington Hoppe & Mitchell, Ltd.
Dr. Cary L. Horvath &
Mr. James W. Horvath
Dr. & Mrs. Russell E. Hudoba
Dr. AlanM. Jacobs
Mr. George A. Kraynak
Ms. Mary Therese Krieger
Albert W. & Adele Krotzer Trust
Jane F. Lamb Charitable Foundation
.Mr. John C. Landers

Sigma Club
Mr. Joseph R. Smith, II
Mr. Thomas Smolanovich
Mr. Robert E. Steele
Dr. & Mrs. David T. Stephens
Dr. & Mrs. Anthony H. Stocks
Mr. John E. Sylvester
Tyco International Matching Gifts Program
Van Huffel Foundation
Warren City Schools
Raymond John Wean Foundation
Dr. & Mrs. Warren R. Webster, Sr.
Western Systems Research, Inc.
Warren P. Williamson, Jr. Fund
Dr. & Mrs. Bernard J. Yozwiak
Mr. John D. Zelenak
Dr. Christine M. Zirafi


YSU Circle - $500-$999



Mrs. Vivian N. Abram
Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Alexander
American Marketing Association
At & T Foundation
Dr. William R. Back
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Balog
Dr. & Mrs. Raymond E. Beiersdorfer
Mr. & Mrs. David F. Berndt
Mr. & Mrs. Stanton Boney
Mr. Thomas Bosse
Dr. & Mrs. John J. Buoni
Mr. Russell P. Campbell
Mr. Gary L. Carrocce
Mr. Joseph G. Carson
Dr. & Mrs. Anthony Chila
Mr. Donald B. Cochran
Mrs. Jean F. Collins
Mr. EdwardP. Condo
Mr. Guy F. Damore
Mr. Charles W. Darling
Mr. & Mrs. Mohamed S. Darwish
Mr. & Mrs. Brian M. DelSignore
Dr. & Mrs. Richard C. Dodd
Dr. Dinah M. Fedyna
Ms. Gail M. Fink
Dr. Darla Funk
Dr. Elaine M. Greifenstein
Mr. Gary J. Haire
Ms. Alice Wick Hall

Dr. & Mrs. James Schrode
Mr. & Mrs. James G. Scott
Ms. Shirley Slater
Ms. Julie M. Smith
Dr. Leonard B. Spiegel & Ms. Joy Elder
Mr. David D. Steib
Ms. Debra A. Strang
Dr. & Mrs. James S. Tavolario

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Hecker
Mr. James W. Herr
Jacobs Technology, Inc.
Mrs. Marijo & Dr. Louis Jannetto
Ms. Katherine C. Kennedy
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Klimko
Ms. Jo Ann Knapic
Mr. & Mrs. Lance J. Kohut
Mr. Gary S. Kompanik
Mr. William J. Kovass
Mr. David P. Locke
Mr. & Mrs. A. Norman Into, Jr.
Mr. Dennis P. Lyons
Mr. Robert C. Machin
Ms. Dona M. Madacsi
Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Albert A. Miller, ill
Ms. Mary A. Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Milligan
Mary Ellen & Mark Munroe
Mr. & Mrs. Neil L. Olesen
Mr. Enyinda Onunwor & Ms. Kinga Orban
Mr. & Mrs. William A. Pallante
Dr. & Mrs. Tedrow L. Perkins
Ms. Marilyn A. Pitts
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry S. Pizzo
Procter & Gamble
Mr. Lawrence E. Safarek

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Varley
Dr. Marita Volk-Allen
Mr. & Mrs. Mark E. Whitling
Mr. & Mrs. Mickey Williams
Mr. Anthony C. Wisnewski
Mr. Arthur D. Wolfcale, Jr.
Mr. Richard A. Yecies
Atty. Albert Yurko


YSUFriends - $1-$499



A & E Brokers & Consultants, Inc.
Ms. Julie E. Abraham
Dr. Martin A. Abraham
Ms. Evaline E. Abram-Diroll
Ms. Carolyn P. Adkins
Mr. & Mrs. Pat Agresta
Mr. Samuel J. Agresti, Jr.
Drs. Nazir & Nafees Ahmed
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Airato
Ms. Mary W. Ake
Ms. Frances Akemon
Karen & Thomas Albani, Jr.
Mr. Ronald W. Albert
Mr. & Mrs. George M. Albertini
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Albright
Mr. Gary L. Aleman
Ms. Marcy L. Alexander
Dr. Domenico B. Aliberti, Sr.
Ms. Diane M. Allchin
Ms. Mary Ann Allgood
Mr. David A. Altiero, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald J. Ameen
Ms. Alana A. Anderson
Ms. Cathleen A. Anderson
Gayle & Ronald Anderson
Ms. Jane S. Andreae
Dr. & Mrs. Corey E. Andrews
Dr. & Mrs. Victor D. Angel
Mr. & Mrs. Jon E. Ansel
Ms. Karen M. Antal
Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Anthony
Ms. Margaret A. Anthony
Mr. Robert J. Antonucci
Arab American Community Center
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce E. Archinal
Dr. Charlene D. Arendas
Mr. Thomas L. Arens
Mr. David P. Armstrong

Mr. Duane Beatty
Mr. Patrick J. Becker
Mr. Robert R. Becki
Dr. & Mrs. George D. Beelen
Mr. William C. Beinecke
Mr. & Mrs. Larry J. Bell
Mr. Thomas J. Belle
Mr. William M. Bender
Mr. & Mrs. Harry J. Benetis
Ms. Marissa L. Benetsky
Atty. & Mrs. Franklin S. Bennett, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis D. Bensinger
Mrs. Kern M. Benson
Mrs. Brigitt Berk
Mr. Donald J. Bernier
Ms. Jane V. Berry
Mr. & Mrs. Elmer J. Berstling
Best Western Meander Inn
Mr. Joseph W. Bettura
Mr. & Mrs. David A. Bevan, Jr.
Ms. Cheri A. Bibler
Ms. Jacqueline M. Bibo
Ms. Christine L. Bidwell
Dr. & Mrs. Anthony W. Bilchik
Ms. Janice G. Billker
Dr. & Mrs. William C. Binning
Mr. Kenneth Birath
Mr. &Mrs. Harry C. Bircher
Mr. & Mrs. Richard T. Bird
Dr. & Mrs. Anthony E. Bisconti
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Bisconti
Mr. & Mrs. Carl J. Bishop
Dr. David A. Bitonte
Ms. Tammy M. Blazak
Dr. Lawrence A. Blazina
Mr. William A. Blewitt
Dr. Douglas A. Bogdan
Ms. Pam B. Bogen
Mr. & Mrs. William D. Bole
Mr. Todd S. Bolotin
Mr. Larry Bombara
Mr. Wayne A. Boor
Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Borovitcky
Mr. & Mrs. Mark J. Borys
Ms. Katherine M. Bosak
Mrs. Pauline A. Boston
Mrs. Vanessa A. Botzman

Mr. & Mrs. James T. Campagna
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Campana
Mr. Brian J. Campbell
Mr. & Mrs. Rick Campbell
Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Campolito
Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Canady
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Cannell
Mr. Samuel W. Cannell
Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Caposell
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph G. Cappuzzello
Atty. Herman Carach
Mr. James A. Carbone
Mr. Daniel W. Carnevale
John & Linda Carney
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Carney
Mr. Daniel E. Carrocce
Mr. & Mrs. Jack T. Cartwright
Mr. Stephen A. Caruso
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Case
Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Cassano
Mr & Mrs Carmine L Cassese
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Cassese
Mr. & Mrs. Domll L. Catlin
Dr. LindaA. Causey
Mr. James H. Centric
Mr. RobertJ. Cercone
Cerimele Meyer & Wray, LLC
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald G. Chalker
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Chambers
Mr. Eric R. Chance
Mr. Tsu-Liang (Jimmy) Chang
Mr. John C. Charnas
Mr. Gunvant J. Chauhan
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Chen
Ms. Marcia A. Chenault
Mr. Nicholas H. Chengelis
Atty. Diane L. Chermely Tanner
Mrs. Mary J. Chester
Ms. Virginia F. Chiarello
Ms. Yvonne Chichin
Mr. James L. Christofil
Chubb & Son, Inc.
Mr. John M. Chupak
Ms. TerryL. Chupak
Mr. & Mrs. Angelo L. Ciavarella
Mr. Angelo P. Ciavarella
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip F. Ciccone

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory F. Cvetkovic
Mr. & Mrs. Donald P. Dailey
H. Marlene & Thomas Dailey
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Dailey
Mr. Dominic A. Dannessa
Mr. Carmen M. Datchuk
Mr. David B. Daugherty
Ms. Deborah K. Daughtrey
Ms. Deann L. Davis
Mr. Thomas L. Davis
Mr. & Mrs. Harry E. Davy
Lawrence & Marie Dean
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph V. DeAngelis
Ms. Christine R. De Angelo
DeBartolo Corporation
Mr. Vito R. DeBlasio
Mr. James T. Decker
Mr. Richard P. DeFabio
Mrs. Diane J. DeHart
Dr. Robert T. DeHoff
Dr. & Mrs. E. Terry Deiderick
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis J. DelBane
Mr. Gregory V. DelMonaco
Mr. Thomas R. Delvaux
Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. DeMarinis
Mr. Robert J. Demart
Ms. JanetL. DeMayo
Ms. Darlene M. Demjen
Mr. Richard E. Denamen
Mr. James W. Denton
Mr. Mark D. Derthick
Mr. & Mrs. James P. DeToro
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. DeToro
Mr. & Mrs. John J. DiAlesandro
Mr. Louis C. DiDonato
Ms. Jeannette F. Dietz
Ms. Mary A. DiLallo
Dr. George A. Dimitriou &
Dr. Maria N. Tranto
Amy & John DiRenzo
Mr. & Mrs. Ben A. DiRienzo
Mr. Rufus Dixon, Jr.
The DJB Group, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Dodson
Mr. & Mrs. James L. Dolby
Mr. Robert 1. Dombrowe
Dr. Ronald E. Domen

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth M. Evans
Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Evans
Mr. Paul S. Ewing
Mr. Robert P. Fabek
Mrs. Roselyn E. Fabrizio
Mr. Samuel R. Faccioben
Jack & Joan Fahey
Ms. Lydia M. Faidiga
Mr. & Mrs. Donato Falasca
Mr. Leonard J. Farbman
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Farina
Mr. & Mrs. Laddie J. Fedor
Ms. Elizabeth M. Fekete
Atty. Matthew T. Fekete
Ms. JoAnn Felde
LTC & Mrs. Paul W. Fellinger, Ret.
Ms. Nancy J. Felton
LTC Cyril M. Ferenchak
Mr. &Mrs. Chester Feret
Mr. Anthony M. Ferlaino, Jr.
Ms. Dora T. Ferritto
Ms. Margaret R. Filaccio
Mr. Robert L. Fink
Mr. D.A. Clarke Finneran
Dr. Matthew P. Finneran
Ms. Catherine Fiorini
Dr. Dorcas C. Fitzgerald
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth H. Fitzgerald
Mr. Joseph Fiumara
Atty. & Mrs. Alfred J. Fleming
Mr. & Mrs. William R. Fleming
Mr. Tom S. Flores
Mr. & Mrs. George E. Flyak
Mr. Floyd F. Folio
Dr. Mary Ann Fontanarosa
Ms. Barbara J. Ford
Mr. & Mrs. Philip D. Ford
Mr. & Mrs. Edward S. Forro
Mr. Kenton L. Fourman
Mr. William H. Fox
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Frankenburg
Ms. Teresa E. Frantz
Mr. & Mrs. Neil D. Frasca
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel A. Frasco
Ms. Joyce L. Frattaroli
Donna M. Fredrickson, RN
Ms. Diane L. Freede

Ms. Jodie L. Grazier
Mr. Joseph W. Grdenick
Mr. & Mrs. JamesA. Green
Ms.](ami S. Greene
Ms. Anjulie Greenman
Mr. Brett A. Griffith
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn E. Griffiths
Mr. Curtis Grimm
Mr. & Mrs. Gary H. Griswold
Mr. Jeffrey P. Gross
Dr. & Mrs. Jack A. Gruber
Dr. & Mrs. John F. Grzebieniak
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald J. Guerrieri
Mr. James J. Guidone
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence P. Gurlea
Mr. Gregory A. Gustafson
Mr. Matthew M. Gustovich
GWPurucker Homes, Inc.
Mr. Russell](. Hack
Mr. Greg S. Haggis
Dr. & Mrs. Marvin Haire
Ms. Cheryl L. Hall
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Hall
M. Susan & George Hall
Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Hall
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Hall
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Hamill
Dawn M. & Lawrence A. Hamilton
Dr. Wilbert Hammack
Ms. Gail M. Hammett
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Hampston
Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth P. Hankins
Mr. William J. Hanlon, Jr.
Mr. John Hanna
Mrs. Lois J. Hansen
Mr. Gordon F. Harbison
Ms. Ann G. Harris
Ms. Jaye Harris
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Harris
Mrs. Florence Harshman
Mr. & Mrs. James J. Hartshorn, Jr.
Mr. James A. Hassage &
Ms. Andrea S. Gates
Ms. Jean T. Hassell
Mr. Daryl L. Hatch
Mr. John G. Havalo
Mr. George Havas

Ms. Claudia J. Ivan
Floyd & Patricia Jackson
Ms. Elaine A. Jacobs
Mr. JohnR. Jakubek
Mr. C. Gilbert James, Jr.
Mr. EdwardA. James
Mr. Phillip J. Jaminet
Ms. Deborah Janis-Verbosky
Mr. Raymond J. Jaros
Mr. James Jarvis
JBB Corporation, Inc.
Ms. Jill M. Jenkins
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew D. Jenkins
Ms. Terri L. Jennings
Ms. Joann M. Jenny
Ms. Valeria A. Jesionek
Jo-An Linen Company, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Clifford O. Johnson
Ms. Dolores A. Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald L. Johnson
Kathleen & Kenneth Johnson
Dr. Michele T. Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Brian L. Jones
Mr. Jake E. Jones
Mr. James S. Jones
Mr. Lawrence J. Jones
Mrs. Madonna C. Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Martin S. Jones
Ms. Mary J. Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Wendell L. Jones
Mr. & Mrs. William E. Jones
Mr. Charles L. Joseph
Mr. Louis P. Joseph
Mr. Michael T. Joseph
Mr. Thomas A. Joseph
Mr. John P. Julian
Mrs. Philomena Jurey
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Kabetso, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Jame N. Kagarise, II
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Kalas
Patricia & Matthew Kambic
Mr. Paul V. Kana, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. LeRoy J. Kandel
Mr. Anthony H. Kariotis
Mr. & Mrs. Athanasios Kasamias
Mr. Ned J. Kaufinan

Mr. & Mrs. Randy G. Kostek
Mr. Dennis L. Kostelnik
Mr. Glenn M. Kramer
Mr. John S. Kresovsky
Mr. Joseph W. Kresovsky
Mr. Robert L. Krok
Mr. Fredrick C. Krolopp
Dr. James J. Krumpak, III
Ms. Mary T. Krupa
Mr. CasseyD. Kuhl
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Kulusich
Mr. Robert J. Kurty
Mr. Eugene J. Kusnir
Ms. Shelly R. Laberto
Mr. Michael J. Lacivita
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. LaCivita
Mr. Stephen J. LaCivita
Mr. & Mrs. William R. LaGuardia
Ms. Beverly S. Lahmon
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Lahmon
Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Laird
Ms. Donna M. Lake
Lakeview Middle School
Ms. Linda S. Lamanna
Mr. Richard F. Lampich
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Lance
Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Landers
Mr. Thomas P. Landolf
Ms. Mary A. Langenkamp
Mr. Edward S. Lariccia
Ms. Gina L. Lariccia
Ms. Susan J. Larue
Mr. George S. Laskos
Mr. F. Mark Laskovics
Mr. Thomas J. Latona
Ms. Theresa M. Lattanzi
Mr. David L. Laughlin
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas L. Lawrentz
Mr. W. Daniel Layman
Ms. Jane R. Le
Richard & Sandra Leach
Mr. Leland F. Ledgerwood
Ms. Camille D. Lee
Ms. Kayleen S. Lee
Mr. & Mrs. Russell Lee
Mr. & Mrs. Myron J. Leff
Ms. Frances H. LeGoullon

Ms. Marie A. Machuga
Mr. & Mrs. Frank R. Madura
Ms. Christine M. Maga
Mr. JeffM.Magada
Mrs. Beverly J. Magda
Mr. John T. Mahin
Mr. Robert Maiorano, II
Mr. Michael M. Majecic
Ms. Natalie Majoros
Mr. &Mrs. Joseph Malmisur
Mrs. Elizabeth F. Mancini
Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Mancini, Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. Martin J. Mancuso
Col. Robert B. Mangold, USA Ret.
Mr. Franklin R. Manios
Mrs. Helen W. Manor
Maplewood Local Board ofEducation
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Maraffa
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Marino
Mr. William J. Mariotti
Mr. Ronald D. Markle
Margaret&George Markulin
Mr. Michael J. Marcie
Ms. Ann Marie Martin
Mr. Frank H. Martin
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Martin
Mr. & Mrs. Terry K. Martin
Ms. Talva E. Maslach
Ms. Shirley H. Masluk
Mr. &Mrs. John J. Massie
Mr. Louis C. Mastrian
Dr. Mark A. Matavich
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Mateja
Mr. Stephen J. Matesevac
Dr. Gus Mavrigian
Ms. Tracie A. Mavrogianis
Mr. DavidP. Mayer
Mr. Robert G. Mayer, Jr.
Ms. LindaD. Mazias
Ms. Helen B. McAllise
Dr. & Mrs. Charles A. McBriarty
Dr. Paul W. McBride
Ms. Sue A. McCambridge
Mr. & Mrs. James E. McCloskey
Mr. Jack McConnell
Atty. David M. McCreary
McCrudden Heating Supply, Inc.

Ms. Jenifer A. Miller
Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Larry E. Miller
Ms. Marian Miller
Ms. Mary E. Miller
Mr. Richard W. Miller
Mr. Scott C. Miller
Susanne & Thomas Miller
Mr. William Miller & Ms. Donna Richards
Mr. John A. Mills, ill
Mrs. Laurie K. Mills
Ms. Shirley M. Minnozzi
Ms. Florence G. Mirkin
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen M. Mislay
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald J. Mistovich
Ms. Janet L. Mitchell
Ms. Noreen Moderalli
Mr. Peter J. Mohl
Mr. Michael A. Mokros
Ms. Sandra L. Mokros
Mr. & Mrs. John T. Molnar
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Monrean
Montessori School ofMahoning Valley
Mr. Charles F. Moore
Mr. Daniel P. Moore
Mr. Glenn J. Moore
Ms. Yvonne B. Moore
Jane & Dale Morckel
Mr. &Mrs. Thomas D. Morella, Sr.
Mrs. Elaine G. Morgan
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Morgione
Ms. Marjorie A. Morley
Dr. Clyde Morris & Ms. Janet Yaniglos
Mr. Evan R. Morris
Mrs. JeanneMMorrisey
Mr. Donald R. Morrissey
Mr. &Mrs. Matthew J. Morrone
Mr. Ross L. Morrone
Ms. Mary 1. Morrow
Mr. Joseph J. Mortellaro
Dr. Faramarz Mossayebi
Ms. Joan A. Motheral
Mr. Joseph V. Moyer
Mr Anthony's, Inc.
Ms. Louise M. Mulderig
Mr. Robert J. Mullally, Jr.
Mr. George J. Murphy, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas D. Pacura
Mr. Frank L. Paden
Mr. & Mrs. Sam F. Pagano
Mr. Gary E. Palatas
Mr. & Mrs. Jon N. Palley
Ms. Clara R. Pallini
Mr. Charles S. Palmer
Karen & Lee Palmer
Mr. James J. Panagis
Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Pantalone
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory J. Panuccio
Mr. Nicholas F. Paolini
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Paraska, IT
Ms. Marcella Parillo
Mr. & Mrs. Henry J. Parise
Ms. Ruth G. Pash
Passavant Hospital
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory J. Pastore
Mr. Robert A. Patrizi
Mr. Robert Campbell Patterson, Jr.
Mrs. Robin C. Patton
Ms. Susan C. Patton
Ms. Penny L. Pavelko
Mr. & Mrs. Frank L. Pavlechko
Dr. Marie A. Pavlicko
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Pavlov, Jr.
Atty. James L. Pazol
Atty. & Mrs. Robert A. Pecchio
Mr. Ted Pedas
Mr. John E. Pelles
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony F. Peluso
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth P. Perich
Mr. & Mrs. Paul N. Perri
Mr. & Mrs. Steven J. Perri
Ms. Rache E. Peteritis-Greaves
Ms. Georgette Peters
Dr. Karen Peters
Mr. Timothy Peterson
Mr. Andrew A. Petrella
Mr. Paul E. Petrich
Mr. Frank L. Petrony
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene R. Petrosky
Mr. Ralph P. Petrucci
Mr. & Mrs. Paul T. Pezzenti
Ms. Catherine L. Phifer
Ms. Cherylin S. Picken
Mr. Peter J. Pirone

Mr. & Mrs. James B. Reese
Dr. Jane M. Reid
Ms. Diane I. Reinke
Anthony J. Reitano~ CPA~ LLC
Mr. EmeryM. Rendes
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald R. Repaskey
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond M. Repasky
Ms. Shirley A. Repasky
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond M. Repko
Ms. Linda K. Resch
Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Resek
Mr. Karl B. Ress
Mrs. Elsie Rhodes
Mr. Ralph E. Rich
Ms. EthelM. Richards
Atty. & Mrs. Lawrence H. Richards
Mrs. Kathleen A. Rickert
Mr. JamesA. Riebe
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Rigas
Mr. JohnK. Riley
Mrs. M. Alice Riley
Mr. Gerald E. Rishel
Ms. Donna L. Ritch
Mr. Jose Rivera~ Jr.
Mr. Dean E. Robb
Mr. Lawrence E. Roberts
Atty. Henry C. Robinson
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy G. Rodgers
Mr. William D. Rodgers
Rev. William L. Roemer
Ms. Darlene Rogers
Mr. Timothy P. Rohr
Mr. Frederick C. Romeo
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick J. Romeo~ Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph S. Rongone
Mrs. Regina A. Root
Mr. Joseph L. Ross
Mr. Russell E. Ross
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Rossi
Dr. Duane F. Rost
The Rotary Club ofLakewood
Dr. & Mrs. Dean S. Roussos
Mr. Ralph E. Royal, Sr.
Ms. Georgann P. Rozzo
Mr. Chester E. Rufh
Ms. Nancy E. Ruggieri
Mrs. Renee D. Ruman

Mr. Henry C. Sforza, CPA
Ms. Betty D. Shabazz
Dr. Richard Shale
Mr. & Mrs. James S. Sharlett
Ms. Mildred J. Sharp
Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Shepas
Mr. Larry Sherer
Ms. Katherine C. Sheridan
Mr. Don R. Sherwood
Mr. & Mrs. Warren K. Shields
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Shirilla
Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Shriver
Ms. Betty Jane Shultz
Mr. & Mrs. Donald D. Sicafuse
Mr. & Mrs. Peter D. Sicafuse
Mr. & Mrs. John P. Sich
Mr. Jeffrey S. Sikora
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph G. Simko
Mr. David B. Simons
Dr. Cynthia M. Simpson
Mr. Stephen 1. Simunich
Mr. Jeffrey R. Singler
Mr. Richard F. Sitler
Dr. Homer L. Skinner
Mrs. Emily Slaven
Dr. Howard G. Slemons
Alyce & Ray Slivochka
Rev. Dr. Donna 1. Sloan
Mr. Gary D. Smaldino
Ms. Angela Small
Mr. James A. Smilek
Mr. & Mrs. Bradley W. Smith
Mr. Bruce A. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. James G. Smith
Mrs. John F. Smith
Mr. Kyle R. Smith
Mrs. Patricia A. Smith
Ms. Peggy I. Smith
Mr. Randall G. Smrek
Snell & Wilmer, LLP
Dr. & Mrs. Stephen L. Sniderman
Ms. Constance A. Snyder
Mr. Philip & Dr. Dolores Snyder
Mr. Theodore L. Socha
Mr. Joseph J. Solomon
Ms. Nancy L. Solomon
Mr. & Mrs. Jack E. Sommerlad

Dr. David Sweetkind
Ms. JeanM. Sylak
Ms. Judie D. Sylak
Ms. Pauline F. Szary
Ms. Lois M. Tamplin
Wayne & Frances Tanner
Dr. Frank J. Tarantine
Mr. George M. Tataseo
Patricia & Randolph Taylor
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Temelkoff
Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Terlecki
Ms. Donna J. Terzak
Mr. Ryan E. Thillberg
Mr. Edward D. Thomas
Hannelore & John Thomas
Mrs. Mary P. Thomas
Mr. Michael J. Thomas, Jr.
Mr. Robert E. Thomas
Ms. Bonnie M. Thompson
Ms. Cindy Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. Harold J. Thompson
Mr. Jack F. Thompson, II
Ms. Margaret E. Tice
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne A. Tiedeman
Mr. James L. Timlin
Mrs. Barbara H. Tinkham
Mr. James A. Tkach
Mr. & Mrs. Gary W. Todd
Mr. & Mrs. Bert P. Toth
Mr. James A. Toti, Sr.
Hon. Joseph W. Toti
Mr. Ronald J. Totten
Toxicology Enterprises, Inc.
Mr. James L. Traveline
Ms. Anne M. Trefethem
Mr. & Mrs. Pat M. Trell
Mr. & Mrs. James Tressel
Dr. Gloria D. Tribble
Ms. Kari L. Tridle
Mr. William C. Trimbur
Tri-State Laboratories, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Troy
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Tucciarone
Ms. Maureen E. Tucker
Mr. Robert D. Tupaj
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Turnbull
Mr. William J. Turocy

Mrs. Betty J. Washington
Mr. & Mrs. N. Daniel Wathen
Ms. Denise L. Watt
Mrs. Terri L. Watters
Mr. &Mrs. Robert B. Webber
Mr. Kurt M. Weber
Mr. Jeffrey M. Weekley
Mr. & Mrs. James E. Wellington
Mrs. Marcia A. Werning
Ms. Jean F. White
Ms. Barbara Wigle
Ms. Catherine C. Wigley
Dr. & Mrs. John Wilkinson
Ms. Frances J. Williams
Ms. Irene Williams
Richard & Gayle Williams
Mr. Robert J. Williams
Mr. Ronald K. Williams
Mr. & Mrs. John H. Willis
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Wingard
Mr. James L. Winger
Mr. & Mrs. Edward F. Winsen
Ms. Nonna Jean Wise
Ms. BarbaraJ. Wolf
Ms. RoseN. Wolfe
Ms. Elizabeth A. Wood
Ms. JennieM. Wood
Ms. Eleanor K. Woodford
Mr. James L. Wortman
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond C. Wright
Mr. Raymond E. Wylam
Ms. Vema 1. Wylie

Ms. Sally A. Ashelman
Mr. AtifAtway, CPA
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Atwood
Mr. Jack Auman
Dr. James H. Babb
Ms. Michelle D. Bails
Mr. George A. Baker
Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Baker
Mr. & Mrs. Ted J. Baker
Ms. Mary J. Baldine
Mr. Ronald P. Baldine
Mr. & Mrs. David A. Baldwin
Mr. Harold F. Baldwin
Ruth & Richard Baldwin
Pamela & Stephen Balent
Ms. Carrie A. Ball
Balog Steines Hendricks &
Manchester Architects
Mr. Andris Balputnis
Mr. & Mrs. Janis Baltputnis
Mr. Jeffrey P. Bancroft
Mr. & Mrs. Carl V. Banic, Sr.
Mr. George A. Bannon
Mr. Brian M. Barber
Mr. John A. Barber
Dr. & Mrs. Richard C. Baringer
Mr. George T. Barker
Mr. & Mrs. John B. Barkett
Ms. Kathy J. Barnhart
Mr. Salvador P. Barragan
Ms. Beth A. Bartlett
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony W. Bartley
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Barton
Ms. Regina R. Bass
Dr. Christine L. Bavola
Ms. BrendaJ. Bayus
Dr. DeAnna E. Beachley
Mr. Steven D. Beatrice

Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. Boucherle
Mr. Eugene S. Bova
Mr. Willard G. Bowers
Mr. Kevin H. Boyd
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Brady
Ms. Ruth M. Brajkovich
Mr. & Mrs. Alan G. Brant
Mr. Thomas M. Braydich
Mrs. Margaret E. Breetz
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Bresnahan
Mr. Edward R. Bretz, Jr.
Mr. Robert L. Brickley
Ms. Peggy S. Brinson
Darla & Barry Brocker
Mr. & Mrs. WayneM. Brodnan
Ms. Frances S. Brooks
Joyce & Loran Brooks
Mr. & Mrs. Charles K. Brown
Mr. Darrell Brown
Dr. Steven R. Brown
Mr. Thomas B. Brugh
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony G. Bruno
Ms. Cynthia A. Brunot
Mr. Jeffrey P. Bryan
Mr. Frank Bucciarelli
Mr. Neil A. Buccino
Mrs. Mary Ann Bucco
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald L. Bulisco
Mr. John R. Burgan
Mr. Patrick Burgan
Dr. Holly J. Burge-Stafford
Ms. Amay M. Burney
Atty. Susan A. Bums & Mr. Kevin Clements
Burton Middlefield Rotary
Ms. Christine Bustamante
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas K. Butler
Mr. Dale A. Byall
C A Curtze Company
Mr. Lewis E. Caccia, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Cagigas
Mr. Rand R. Cairey
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond J. Calcagni
Ms. Patricia L. Caldrone
Mr. Michael Caldwell
Ms. Kimberly A. Calhoun
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Calpin
Ms. Maryann Cama & Dr. Hank Markowitz

Dr. & Mrs. Albert B. Cinelli
Mr. & Mrs. Gary W. Clark
Mr. Donald P. Clement
Ms. Betty L. Cline
Mr. Lee C. Coates
Cocca Development, Ltd.
Dr. Karen K. Codjoe
Ms. Linda E. Cohen
Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. Colbert
Mr. Francis F. Colburn
Ronald Cole & Theresa Horstman
Mr. & Mrs. Carl E. Colegrove
Mr. Ralph E. Collins
Mr. Kenneth D. Conatser
Ms. Karen E. Conklin &
Mr. Gary E. Offerdahl
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Conlin, Jr.
Ms. Susan C. Conner
Dr. & Mrs. James A. Conser
Carole & William Conti
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Conti
Mr. & Mrs. Louis H. Conti
Mr. George & Dr. Ellene Contis
Mr. ThomasP. Conway
Mr. & Mrs. Donald G. Cook
Ms. Martha A. Cook
Mr. William R. Cook
Mrs. Mildred H. Cornicelli
Ms. Jamie M. Corsale
Mr. John C. Costanza
Drs. Adam & Christina Costarella
Ms. Deborah J. Cox
Mr. Charles E. Craig, Jr.
Mr. Jeffrey A. Craig
Mr. Donald C. Cramb
Ms. Nancy L. Cramb
Dr. & Mrs. Charles A. Crans
Mr. Thomas C. Creese, IV
Ms. Linda J. Cresswell
Col. & Mrs. Joseph G. Cretella
Mr. Kevin W. Crews
Mr. Ernest M. Crist, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Cuchna
Dr. Rebecca Curnalia
Mr. & Mrs. Danny L. Curry
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald J. Curry
Ms. Carol E. Cuthbertson

Mr. Albert L. Donadio, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. John P. Donchess
Mr. James H. Donegan
Mr. & Mrs. James T. Donlin
Mr. James K. Donnell
Cheri & Anthony Donofrio
Hon. & Mrs. Gene Donofrio
Mr. Michael A. D'Onofrio, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Doria
Dr. David J. Dortin, Jr.
Ms. Christine S. Downie
Ms. Emma Draa
Dr. Barbara S. Drabkin
Mr. Theodore E. Draewell
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald F. Dreier
Mr. K. William Dreier
Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Drobik
Miss Mary Elizabeth Dubec
Ms. M. Louise Dubos
Mr. Nicholas M. Dubos
Mr. Richard W. Duesing
Mr. Dennis 1. Dunham
Mr. & Mrs. James W. Dunn
Dr. Robert J. Durick
Mr. & Mrs. William G. Dykins
Dr. John G. Eagan
Mr. & Mrs. John M. Easterday
Mr. Frederick L. Ebinger
Dr. & Mrs. Christopher M. Eddy
Dr. Gunapala Edirisooriya
Mr. David L. Edmondson
Ms. Laura L. Edwards
Dr. & Mrs. Robert J. Edwards
Mr. Cary R. Efaw
Mr. Allen J. Ehas
Mr. JerryP. Ehrhardt
Mr. Matthew J. Ehrhardt
Ms. Martha Eicher, CRNA
Mr. D. Keith Eichhorn
Mr. Gregory S. Ekoniak
Mr. Nonnan F. Elder
Mr. Christopher J. Elias
Barbara & Ronald Emch
Dr. Barbara G. Engelhardt
Ms. Deborah A. Esbenshade
Ms. Marian M. Eskay
Mr. Thomas F. Estes

Mr. Leroy Freeman
Mr. William G. Frolund
Mrs. Anna M. Fulmer
Mr. & Mrs. Steve M. Furgas
Dr. & Mrs. Shearle Furnish
Mr. & Mrs. Jason T. Furrie
Mr. James W. Gaidry
Dr. & Mrs. Lewis Galante
Ms. Susan L. Gans
Mr. Bradley T. Gant
Mr. Ronald E. Garback
Mr. & Mrs. Gene M. Garritano
Ms. Cheri B. Garvin-Dodgson
Mr. Anthony L. Gates
Mr. & Mrs. Joeo M. Gatti
Jason Gay & Kristin Eichenberger
Ms. Frances K. Gee
Ms. Jenny L. Geilhard
Mr. Thomas E. George
Mr. & Mrs. J. James Gerlach
Mr. Paul S. Gernhardt
Dr. & Mrs. Antonio Gestosani
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Getchy
Ms. Nicole L. Gettman
Mr. Joseph J. Gialdini
Mr. Thomas R. Gibbons
Mr. & Mrs. Jack C. Gibson
Atty. Christian A. Gieseler
Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Gillespie
Mr. & Mrs. Kenyon Glanz
Ms. Marlelle D. Glanz
Mr. Ronald C. Glaser
Mr. Gary G. Glaze
Golden Dawn Restaurant
Mr. Vincent E. Gonano
Mr. & Mrs. Walter E. Good
Mr. & Mrs. Dean A. Goodwin
Mr. Anthony N. Gorant
Dr. PaulO. Gorby
Mr. & Mrs. William Gorton
Mr. Francis R. Gottron, ill
Mr. Robert J. Goulish
Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Graban
Mr. & Mrs. Paul G. Graff
Ms. Barbara A. Graham
Mrs. Stephanie A. Grameth
Mr. & Mrs. Randall J. Grayson

Ms. ](ristin B. Hawkins
Mr. Ronald H. Heames
Mr. & Mrs. ](enneth C. Hecker
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce D. Hendryx
Dr. & Mrs. Dennis R. Henneman
Mr. Mark E. Henninger
Beth & Rodney Hepfner
Mr. & Mrs. Jolm A. Hernandis
Mr. & Mrs. Steven J. Hewitt
Ms. Mary Beth High
Mr. Charles F. Hillman, Jr.
Mr. Henry E. Himes, ill
Ms. Judith A. Hink
Ms. Carrie J. Hinton
Dr. Cynthia S. Hirtzel
Mr. Edward W. Hiteshue
Nicole & Ryan Hively
Mr. & Mrs. Jerome J. Hiznay
Ms. Patricia Parker Hjelm
Mr. Matthew L. Hlebak
Ms. Dennisse L. Hoffman
Ms. Elaine M. Hoffinan
Mary & Robert Hogan
Mr. Lyle D. Holmes
Hookah Cafe
Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Hoopes
Mr. & Mrs. ](enneth J. Horvath
Mr. Jolm J. Hoso
Ms. Mary Margaret Hovanes
Ms. Joyce A. Howell
Ms. Lillian D. Howell
Mrs. Dorothy Howenstine
Howland Classroom Teachers Association
Dr. & Mrs. Philip B. Howren
Mr. & Mrs. William M. Hrinko
Mrs. Denise D. Hromyak
Ms. Stephanie A. Hudzik
Mr. & Mrs. Jolm E. Huebner
Dr. Margaret Raub Hunt
Hon. Scott D. Hunter
Mr. Amir A. Hussain
Mr. & Mrs. David N. Hutnyan
Mr. Ronald E. Hynes
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Inman
Ms. Joyce L. Ionese
Dr. & Mrs. Magdy](. Iskander
Ms. Elizabeth Itts

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew W. Kaulen
Mrs. Nancy L. Kayne
Kebert Construction Company
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Keiser
Mr. William E. Kelly
Mr. Richard L. Kempe
Ms. Dorothy M. Kennedy
Marilyn & Walter Kenner
Mr. JosephM. Keys
Dr. & Mrs. Ikram Khawaja
Mr. Anthony C. Kilgore
Dr. & Mrs. Hong Y. Kim
Ms. Karen E. Kimmel
M. & Mrs. Raymond F. King
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. King
Mr. James A. Kiracofe
Ms. Nancy J. Kissel
Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Klacik
Mr. & Mrs. Russell N. Klaehn
Mr. Robert Klein
Mr. & Mrs. Gary J. Klembara
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald J. Klika
Mr. & Mrs. Justin G. Klimko
Mr. John D. Kline
Mr. & Mrs. WemerL. Kling
Mrs. Linda M. Klobetanz
Mr. Brian M. Kluchar
Mr. William J. Klucher, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph G. Koch
Mr. & Mrs. William R. Koch
Atty. Kimberly A. Kohli
Dr. & Mrs. James M. Kohut
Dr. Friedrich W. Koknat
Mr. & Mrs. Joshua B. Kollat
Ms. Beth A. Komara
Mr. Robert S. Komara
Mr. & Mrs. David J. Konik
Mr. & Mrs. Gary L. Konya
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kopac
Mr. Joseph B. Kope
Mr. John D. Korechko
Mr. Bernard J. Kortz
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard J. Kosar, Sr.
Mrs. Jennifer Susan Kosec
Mr. John L. Koshan
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Kosiorek
Mr. & Mrs. John Kosiorek

Ms. Rutheda R. Lehotsky
Ms. Marjorie R. Lengyel
Mr. & Mrs. David P. Leo
Atty. & Mrs. Donald P. Leone
Mr. Thomas J. Lepley
Michele Lepore-Hagan & Bob Hagan
Dr. & Mrs. Nathan Lerner
Mr. Matthew E. Leskovec
Dr. George E. Letchworth
Mr. Carter P. Lewis
Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Lewis
Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Lewis, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Howard F. Lewis
Mr. James E. Lewis
Mr. JohnH. Lewis
Dr. Sally A. Lewis
Mr. Dennis J. Lieb
Lien Forward Ohio
Mr. Anthony J. Liguore
Mrs. Mary Young Liming
Ms. Mary Lou Lingenfelter
Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Lingner
Yvonne & J. Martyn Lipinsky
Jane & Kevin Lippiatt
Ms. Carole E. Listiak
Mrs. Francoise M. Litch
Mr. Paul J. Little
Mr. Donald A. Locher
Mrs. June A. Logan
Mr. James L. Loveland
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Lowery, Jr.
Mr. Anthony J. Lozzi
Mr. Richard R. Lucarell
Mr. Gilbert V. Lucarelli
Ms. Laretta M. Luggie
Dr. & Mrs. Jay R. Lugibihl
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Lukin
Ms. Ingrid A. Lundquist
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. Lunn
Mr. Bruce H. Luntz
Mr. & Mrs. Brian E. Luoma
Dr. & Mrs. Michael J. Luzar
Mr. John P. Lynch
Mrs. Shirley Lyon
Ms. Renee M. Macali
Ms. Nancy A. Mace
Mr. Gary L. Machin

Jill & Gail McCullough, Jr.
Mrs. Ruth E. McCune
Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. McDanel
Ms. Brenda L. McDougal
Mr. PaulJ. McFadden
Mr. & Mrs. Carmen J. McGarry
Dr. Benjamin L. McGee
Ms. Raphael E. McGhee
Mr. James T. McGiffin
Mr. Richard A. McGill
Mr. James M. McGinn, III
Mr. Richard H. McGregor
Ms. Kathleen T. McGuire
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin M. McHenry
Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. McKee
Ms. Jean E. McKenna
Ms. Eileen M. McLaughlin
Mr. & Mrs. Arnold J. McMillen
Mr. Steven L. McMillen
Atty. & Mrs. John A McNally, III
Mr. Paul R. Meese
Dr. &Mrs. Anthony L. Mehle
Ms. Benu Mehra
Ms. Marianne G. Mellinger
Ms. Martha J. Mercer
Meridian Services, Inc.
Ms. Lynne D. Merrick
Mr. Gregg Merrill
Mr. Paul R. Merz
Mr. Harry Meshel
Mr. Sam Messina
Mr. &Mrs. Adam P. Messner
Mr. & Mrs. Albert M. Metro, Jr.
Dr. Howard D. Mettee
Ms. Fay K. Meyer
Mr. Frank A. Micchia
Mr. Carl W. Michael
Dr. Ron J. Mignella
Mr. Michael J. Mijic
Ms. Sandra A. Mikkelsen
Mr. Jon M. Mikolay
Mrs. Joan B. Miles
Mr. Martin J. Milich
Hon. & Mrs. Robert P. Milich
Millcreek Children's Center
Cynthia & James Miller
Mr. Edward J. Miller

Ms. Joann E. Murphy
Ms. Patricia L. Murphy
Mr. RyanP. Murphy
Mr. &Mrs. Anthony J. Napoli
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence A. Napolitan
Ms. Janice Natoli
Ms. Ronna L. Nazarini
Mr. William C. Nelepka
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Neville
Dr. & Mrs. Nigel K. Newman
Mr. Ronald L. Nicholson
Mr. Frank A. Nicpon
Mr. &Mrs. John D. Noble
Mr. Carl D. Nocera
Mr. Joseph S. Nohra
Mr. Samuel A. Norling
Ms. Tonya Nonnan
Mr. John R. Novak
Mr. Thomas S. Novak
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth E. Novotny
Mr. Anthony W. Nowicki
Mr. Donald T. Nyalka
Mr. Justin E. Oates
Ms. Arlene J. Obertance
Mr. Paul M. O'Connor, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. David M. O'Dessa
Mr. Vincent J. Ognibene
Ms. Virginia A. O'Hara
Mr. & Mrs. Steve H. Olenick, III
Ms. Diane E. Oliva
Mr. & Mrs. James G. Olive
Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Oliver
Ms. Carol J. Olson
Mr. & Mrs. Howard J. O'Malley, Jr.
Ms. Mildred J. O'Neal
Dr. & Mrs. Daniel J. O'Neill
Mr. Stephen P. O'Palick
Ms. Nancy A. O'Patchen
Opera Western Reserve
Ms. Jeanette M. Opper
Mr. Wendell E. Orr
Mr. & Mrs. James L. Orsine, Sr.
Mr. Dean E. Osborne
Mr. & Mrs. David M. Owen
Mr. Tyrone B. Owens
P & T Management Company
Mrs. Aida L. Pacheco

Mr. Fred Pisani
Mr. Daniel J. Pissini
Ms. Sunday A. Pitinii
Mr. Guy Pizzoferrato
Ms. Diana L. Plecker
Ms. Julie A. Plekan
Mr. Ronald S. PIes
Mr. James P. Poggione
Atty. & Mrs. John L. Pogue
Ms. Wendy S. Pollock
Mr. James A. Ponzo
Mr. Charles J. Popovich
Dr. David & Susan Porter
Dr. Edward S. Potkanowicz
Mr. & Mrs. JohnR. Poulson
Ms. Cathleen M. Powell
Mrs. Martha C. Powers
Ms. Marti J. Precurato-Grubb
Ms. Patricia L. Prentiss
Ms. Carolyn M. Price
Mr. & Mrs. Richard T. Price
Ms. Des H. Puhak
Mr. Dennis Pylypiak
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Quaranta
Mr. Nick Quattro
R & J Trucking
Ms. Anne M. Radanovic
Mr. Charles W. Rader
Mr. Robert A. Raffle
Mr. & Mrs. Alfred P. Raghanti
Mr. Thomas A. Ramos
Mr. Patrick R. Ranalli
Ms. Susan R. Randall
Ms. Mary Ann Raptis
Mr. David C. Raspanti
Mrs. Constance J. Raupach
Mr. & Mrs. William E. Rausch, Jr.
Mr. John L. Read
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Reardon
Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Rearick
Ms. Susan K. Rebich
Mr. Simon D. Rechedy
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Reed, Jr.
Mr. Larry G. Reed
Ms. Rose E. Reed
Mr. & Mrs. Gary L. Reel
Mr. David J. Rees, Jr.

Dr. James H. Rumbarger
Mr. Angelo M. Ruscitti
Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Rusnak
Dr. John B. Russo
Mr. Richard S. Russo
Ruth Shrine No. 64
Mr. & Mrs. John H. Ryan
Mr. David M. Sabatino
Dr. Susan J. Sabo
Ms. Carmel J. Sacco
Ms. Jessica Sacco
Mr. & Mrs. Frank W. Sachire
Ms. Nancy Salcedo
Ms. Samantha A. Salcedo
Mr. Jeffrey A. Saltsman
Ms. Catherine A. Saluga
Mrs. Catherine A. Santucci
Mr. Athan C. Sarantopoulos
JoAnn & William Sarich, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Lowell J. Satre
Mr. JayW. Saunders
Mr. & Mrs. JohnM. Savage
Ms. Brenda M. Scarborough
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Scharville
Mr. & Mrs. Howard E. Scheetz
Mr. Lawrence H. Scheetz
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Schiffer
Mr. & Mrs. Nick M. Schkurko
Mr. & Mrs. C. Reid Schmutz
Mr. Brandon C. Schneider
Mr. Michael Schneider
Mr. Lester E. Schott
Drs. James Schramer & Julia Gergits
Ms. Reta M. Schroeder
Schwebel Family Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Scott
Ms. Linda A. Scott
Ms. Patricia A. Seachman
Dr. Denise A. Seachrist
Mrs. Beverly J. Seergae
Mr. & Mrs. James M. Seivert
Mr. & Mrs. Richard N. Selby
Ms. Elizabeth G. Selikson
Mr. & Mrs. William T. Sell
Mr. Michael J. Senediak
Mr. Paul R. Sevenich
Dr. Thomas J. Sferra

Ms. Dolores J. Sonoga
Mr. & Mrs. John T. Sontich
Mr. Nick F. Sostaric
Mr. & Mrs. Randall C. Spak
Dr. Angela S. Spalsbury
Mr. & Mrs. Rocco L. Sperati
Mr. Michael J. Sprague
Mr. Richard H. Srolovitz
Ms. Jennifer J. Staaf
Mr. Joseph D. Stafford
Mrs. Helen R. Stambaugh
Mrs. Marylou Stambaugh
Mr. Del C. Stamm
Mr. Dale H. Standley, Jr.
Ms Judith Ann Stanger
Mr. John S. Stanley, Jr.
St. Charles Home & School Association
Stefanski & Associates, LLC
Mr. Barry L. Stein
Mr. Jack Stein
Ms. Sharon L. Steiner
Dr. Sandra W. Stephan
Mr. Dimitrios P. Stephanopoulos
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Stephenson
Ms. Betty Jo Stevens
Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Stevens
Mr. & Mrs. David M. Stewart
Dr. & Mrs. James R. Stille
Ms. Kathleen A. Stone
Mr. George R. Stowe
Mrs. Paulette J. Strang
Mrs. Janet H. Strycott
Ms. Frances D. Stuber
Dr. & Mrs. W. Gregg Sturrus
Mr. Lester R. Styers
Dr. & Mrs. Daniel H. Suchora
Mr. Richard A. Suhar, P.E.
Dr. Stan K. Sujka
Mr. Ronald Sullivan
Ms. Virginia A. Sullivan
Ms. Elyn Summers
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Summers
Hon. Kathleen A. Sutula
Mr. Edward L. Sweeney
Dr. & Mrs. David C. Sweet
Ms. Shirley M. Sweet

Mr. William C. Tyson
Ms. Nihal Ulus
Mr. & Mrs. Ted P. Underhill
Mr. Zachary T. Underhill
Mrs. Helen T. Ursetta
Ursuline High School
Mr. David C. Vanaman
Ms. Emma J. Vandevender
Mr. Mark W. VanTilburg
Mr. Thomas G. VanWert
Ms. Becky L. Varian
Ms. Margaret Ann Varley
Ms. Kanella S. Varveris
Mr. Christopher J. Vecchione
Mr. & Mrs. Guy J. Vendemia
Dr. & Mrs. William G. Vendemia
Mr. Irving B. Venger
Mr. J. Paul Verdream
Mr. Michael G. Verich
Mr. Anthony R. Verostko
Atty. & Mrs. Frank G. Verterano
Mr. Ronald J. Vesely
Mr. Ivan J. Vincenzini
Mr. John J. Vinski, III
Mr. Ralph C. Vitale
Ms. Kelli L. Vogt
Ms. Elaine L. Volarich
Mr. & Mrs. JamesP. Voye
Ms. Jean E. Vrancich
Ms. Theresa L. Vrancich
Ms. Anna R. Vrankovich-Olek
Dr. Michael J. Vuksta, USN Ret.
Ms. Patricia Vuletich
Jean & William Wainio
Mr. Edward R. Wajda
Dr. Thomas P. Wakefield &
Ms. Andrea J. Snyder
Dr. & Mrs. David S. Waldman
Mr. Louis M. Waleff
Mr. Raymond G. Walker
Ms. Anna M. Wallace
Mrs. Evelyn Walsh
Mr. Mark Walsh
Mr. & Mrs. John G. Walter
Mr. John P. Walters
Ms. Marilyn K. Ward
Ms. Alice L. Washington

Ms. Alice M. Wynn
Ms. Susie Wyse
Dr. Steven 1. Yakubov
Dr. George T. Yates
Mr. Edward T. Yatsco
Ms. Noreen A. Yazvac
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Yazvac
Ms. Beth A. Yeatts
Mr. Hsuchiao Yeh
Deborah & Sam Yiannaki
Dr. & Mrs. Ralph Yingst
Mr. James E. Yocum
Mr. Alan J. York
Mr. & Mrs. Louis A. Young
Florence & William Yuhas
Col. Robert J. Yuhas
Mr. John E. Yuhaschek
Mr. Robert W. Zajack
Mr. Val A. Zampedro
Ms. Catherine M. Zapka
Mr. Richard P. Zbell
Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Zebracki
Mr. & Mrs. John C. Zedaker
Mr. & Mrs. Floyd J. Zehr
Ms. Marian E. Zickefoose
Mr. & Mrs. J. Gregory Ziegler
Dr. Jeanne W. Zingale
Dr. & Mrs. Gary A. Zipay
Dr. & Mrs. Philip J. Zitello
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Zitnik
Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Zitto
Ms. Stella A. Zone


Total Cash Contributions:

$ 354,371.07






$1,000.00 - $9,999.99


Mrs. Nancy W. Beeghly
John D. Finnegan Foundation
Ms. Elizabeth J. Hartsig

Dr. & Mrs. Kong Oh
Pamily H. Proctor Foundation
Walter E. & Caroline H. Watson Foundation


$500.00 - $999.99


Mr. & Mrs. John L. Lima
Ms. Catherine A. Mehalco
Mr. & Mrs. Vikram Raval

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Rose
Mr. Arthur D. Wolfcale


Below $500.00


A T & T Foundation
Mrs. Vivian Abram
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Adams
Mr. Jeffrey M. Adams
Rev. Kathryn T. Adams
Ms. Susan L. Aey
Mr. & Mrs. Greg Aker
Mr. Ugur S. Aker
Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Albert
Ms. Julie Alden
Ms. Deborah L. Alexander
Mrs. Diane Alexander
Mrs. Leigh Altier
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Altier
Mr. & Mrs. Jaryl Altomare
Ms. AnnaP. Ampy
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Amundsen
Mr. & Mrs. David R. Anderson
Dr. & Mrs. J. James Anderson
Mr. JohnH. Anderson
Dr. John Andrews
Mr. & Mrs. Tony Antonucci
Mrs. Julia R. Applegate
Ms. Felicia P. Armstrong
Mr. Joseph E. Arrowsmith
Mrs. Nancy L. Ault
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas M. Babyak
Dr. Chris M. Bache
Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Badolato
Mr. John Baer
Mr. Richard Baglier
Ms. Gina Bagnoli
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth C. Bailey

Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Bidek
Ms. Margaret F. Bidinotto
Dr. William C. Binning
Mr. Kenneth Birath
Mr. Frederick J. Black
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur R. Boccieri
Mr. & Mrs. Clyde H. Bolinger
Mr. & Mrs. Paul S. Bolino
Father Bob R. Bonnot
Ms. Joy T. Borelli-Edwards
Mrs. Martha Bossick-Campbell
Ms. Chrisanne Bowden
Mr. & Mrs. William P. Bowen
Ms. Melinda S. Bowen-Houck
Dr. Bege K. Bowers
Dr. Joan Boyd
Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Boykin
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence M. Bozick
Mr. Garland S. Bradshaw
Mr. Mike Brandon
Dr. & Mrs. Gerald B. Brandt
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Brandt
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Bresnahan
Ms. Carol F. Bretz
Ms. Beth Brooks
Dr. Barbara Brothers
Mr. Eric Broviak
Dr. & Mrs. Dean R. Brown
Mr. Kim Brown
Ms. Mary L. Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Gary L. Bruce
Mr. & Mrs. George H. Brundage
Ms. Nadine Buchanan
Mr. William J. Buckner
Dr. Diana Q. Burkhart
Mrs. Gladys Burnett
Ms. Eva Burris
Ms. Sylvia Busby
Mr. & Mrs. Mark G. Bushey
Mr. Doug Butchy
Mr. Gary Buttar
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Byerley
Mr. Ross Byers
Mr. Alexander E. Calder
Dr. & Mrs. Javier E. Calderon
Mr. & Mrs. John H. Calior
Atty. & Mrs. James B. Callen
Mr. & Mrs. William L. Calvin
Ms. Ellen Campbell
Mr. & Mrs. Steven W. Campbell

Ms. Janet G. Crews
Ms. Kathleen J. Crowe
Ms. Susan Crowell
Mr. Karel Cubick
Ms. Kate A. Cullum
Ms. Mary F. Cunningham
Ms. Kimberly A. Curry
Ms. Dorothy J. Cutler
Mr. Dennis A. Czopur
Mr. Erik O. Dahlman
Dr. John P. Dalbec
Dr. & Mrs. Paul E. Dalbec
Mr. Robert T. D'Amico
Dr. & Mrs. David L. D'Amore
Mrs. Lisa S. D'Amore
Mr. Andrew F. Danus
Dr. Rosemary A. D'Apolito
Mr. Terrence Daprile
Mr. Charles W. Darling
Mr. Gary Davenport
Mr. Scott Davidson
Mr. & Mrs. Allen Davis
Ms. Cheryl M. Davis
Ms. Julia Fuhrman Davis
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Daytner
Ms. Valerie Dearing
Mr. Ray DeCarlo
Mr. Steve DeKramer
Mr. & Mrs. Ron DellaPenna
Mr. & Mrs. Nick L. DelSignore
Ms. Mary Jo DeLucia
Dr. Rose Quinones DelVaIle
Ms. Mary Ann Demidovich
Ms. Veda C. DePaepe
Mr. & Dr. JohnM. DeSalvo
Ms. Marilyn DeSalvo
Mr. & Mrs. Jack DeVille
Ms. Diana M. DeVito
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Dewalt
Ms. Denise Dick
Ms. Lark R. Dickstein
Ms. Geraldine A. DiCola
Ms. Christine Didio
Mrs. Patricia A. Dilisio
Mr. & Mrs. Larry E. Dillingham
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Dinopoulos
Mr. Doug Dohallow
Mr. & Mrs. John S. Dolan
Mr. Robert Domin
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Douglas

Mr. & Mrs. James G. Floyd
Mr. Richard G. Fogo
Mr. Floyd Folio
Mr. & Dr. Gary 1. Ford
Ms. Shirley J. Foster
Ms. Anna Frabutt
Dr. Alan J. Frank
Mr. David Frank
Mr. Frank Frankovich
Mr. & Mrs. Art Friedman
Mr. & Mrs. Lee Fritts
Mr. David B. Fruehstorfer
Ms. Rosemary Fuller
Ms. Christina Gant
Ms. Martha E. Garansi
Mr. & Mrs. Roman Garrison
Mr. &Mrs. Michael S. Garvey
Mr. & Mrs. Mark E. Gasser
Ms. Susan F. Gauntner
Mrs. Sondra Gaylord
Mr. & Mrs. Ryan A. Gearhart
Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Gelfand
Mr. & Mrs. David George
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Gerdes
Mr. Hunter M. Gervelis
Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Gilchrest
Mr. John M. Gishbaugher
Mr. & Mrs. Gary L. Gleixner
Mr. & Mrs. Billy W. Glenellen
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Gohlke
Ms. Robin Goist
Dr. & Mrs. Richard G. Goldthwait, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Gonano
Mr. Mark S. Gonda
Mr. & Mrs. John P. Goodwin
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Gorman
Dr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Gould
Mr. & Mrs. Keith L. Graham
Mr. Thomas Graney, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. James B. Greene
Mr. Jon Steven Greene
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph S. Gregori
Mr. & Mrs. Norb Gresh
Dr. Jennifer Griffin
Judge & Mrs. Lynn B. Griffith, Jr.
Ms. Linda M. Groezinger
Mr. Andreas Grotewold
Mr. James Gue
Mrs. Christine J. Guesman
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Gunn

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hite
Ms. Shirley Hodge
Ms. Melinda Hogue
Mr. Jim Hohman
Mrs. Karen L. Holby
Mr. & Mrs. A. William Holdford
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy E. Holub
Mrs. Benge W. Holz
Mr. & Mrs. Sadaharu Honda
Mr. Keith E. Hongisto
Mr. Robert C. Hons
Dr. & Mrs. Robert P. Hoover
Mr. & Mrs. Fredrick D. Horn
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Horne
Sister Yvonne Horning
Ms. Cherie H. Howard
Ms. Gretchen Hrusovsky
Ms. Cheryl L. Hudson
Mr. Edwin J. Huffman
Mrs. Harlene E. Huffstetler
Mr. Keith E. Hunt
Ms. Kimberly A. Husk
Ms. Peggy Hutch
Mr. & Mrs. Alan P. Hutchison
Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Hyde
Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Theris
Mr. David Imbrogno
Mr. Anthony R. Infante
Mrs. Lydia Infante
Mr. Norman Into
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Irwin
Mr. & Mrs. James E. Itts
Ms. Marian I. Izak
Mr. & Mrs. Floyd E. Jackson
Rev. & Mrs. Ross B. Jackson
Ms. Mary C. James
Mr. Rajah James
Mr. Allen I. Janis
Mr. Kenneth Jasper
Mrs. Lillie F. Johnson
Ms. Mary Johnson
Mr. MichaelJ. Johnson
Mr. Raymond L. Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Johnson
Ms. Roberta A. Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. John Johnston
Mrs. Beatrice L. Jones
Mrs. Clare K. Jones
Ms. Connie L. Jones
Ms. HelenA. Jones

Ms. Heidi A. Kubala
Ms. Maraline Kubik
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew R. Kuboff
Ms. Valerie Kuehn & Mr. Tom Engstrom
Ms. Jean C. Kukura
Mr. & Mrs. William Kurta
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew A. Kuthy
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Labedz
Ms. Amy Jo Labi-Carando
Ms. Erin Lahr
Mr. Mark LaMarche
Ms. Janet Moy LaMonica
Mr. & Mrs. James W. Lanz
Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Lapointe, II
Mr. Allan W. Larsen
Mr. & Mrs. Tanner L. Larson
Mr. Richard A. Laskey
Dr. & Mrs. Humberto A. Latorre
Mrs. Niki Latsko
Dr. Mary Lazar
Ms. Loren R. Lease
Mr. Adam N. Lee
Dr. & Mrs. Hae-Jong Lee
Mr. Gordon M. Leece
Mr. & Mrs. Elliot Legow
Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Lekon
Ms. Andrea D. Leone
Ms. Dorothy J. Leone
Mr. Anthony Leonelli
Dr. & Mrs. Keith J. Lepak
Mr. Henry Lepore
Mrs. Michele Lepore-Hagan
Ms. Natalia Lepore-Hagan
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Leskanic
Dr. George E. Letchworth
Mr. & Mrs. Howard F. Lewis, Jr.
Mr. Zachary Lewis
Mr. & Mrs. John T. Leyde
Lifeway Community Church
Mrs. Maryann Limmer
Dr. Loretta M. Liptak
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald J. Lisko
Dr. & Mrs. James L. Liszewski
Ms. Donna J. Lombardo
Ms. Jeannette S. Loomis
Mrs. Margaret C. Lorimer
Ms. Sarah V. Lown
Mr. Jeffrey I. Lucas
Ms. Sandra Lucas
Ms. Vicki Lukhaup

Dr. & Mrs. Isadore Mendel
Mrs. Clemence R. Mershon
Ms. Beverly G. Merz
Mr. Chris Meta
Mr. & Mrs. Howard D. Mettee
Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Michaels
Ms. Bernadette Mikota
Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Miller
Mrs. Joan Miller
Mrs. Louisa H. Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Milligan
Mr. Ziko Millin
Mr. & Mrs. Brendan Minogue
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Miranda
Mr. & Mrs. Ira Mirkin
Mr. Shahroukh Mistry
Ms. Noreen Moderalli
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher H. Moinet
Ms. Lea Mollman
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis E. Molnar
Mr. & Mrs. James J. Mondok
Ms. Alyce Moore
Mr. & Mrs. David J. Moore
Ms. Diana Runciman Moore
Mr. & Mrs. John Moore
Mr. Robert Moore
Mr. Samuel R. Moore, Jr.
Ms. Stephanie M. Moore
Mr. Pete Morabito
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Morar
Mr. & Mrs. Dwayne S. Morehouse
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond G. Morelli
Mr. Michael J. Moritz, Jr.
Atty. Michael J. Morley
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip A. Moroco
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Mosca
Ms. Heather M. Moser
Ms. Hanna Moses
Ms. Angela Mudrak
Ms. Mary Alice Mulford
Ms. Kathleen E. Mumaw
Dr. Philip C. Munro
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Munroe
Mr. & Mrs. Terry A. Murcko
Ms. Amanda Murphy
Ms. Patricia J. Murphy
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Murphy
Mr. & Mrs. Terrence Murray
Mr. Harry Musser & Mr. Vaughn Musser
Ms. Maria Myer

Dr. & Mrs. C. Allen Pierce
Mr. Phil Pillin
Mr. Michael Pistolesi
Dr. & Mrs. Grover A. Pitman
Dr. & Mrs. Randy Pitstick
Ms. Diana L. Plecker
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Podboy
Mr. John Polanski
Ms. Virginia Polanski
Mr. Khepri C. Polite
Mr. David Politzer
Ms. Eleanor Pope
Ms. Nancy Porreca
Ms. Linda Porter
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald S. Powell
Ms. Catherine W. Powers
Mrs. Merial H. Price
Ms. Lorie Prince
Ms. Elizabeth Prodonovich
Dr. & Mrs. George B. Pugh
Ms. Jean M. Puhalla
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen G. Puhalla
Dr. Morris W. Pulliam
Mr. Matthew T. Pusateri
Mr. David L. Quarterson
Mrs. Elaine B. Raffety
Mrs. Lorraine Ranchod
Mr. Richard Rapp
Ms. April Miller Ray
Rev. James E. Ray
Mr. Joseph J. Regna, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Charles P. Reid
Mr. & Mrs. Keith P. Reid
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Reinhard
Mrs. Stacey Reinhart
Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Resek
Mr. & Mrs. Martin P. Ridge
Atty & Mrs. James R. Ries
Dr. & Mrs. Steven O. Riggall
Mr. Nathaniel A. Riggle
Dr. Teresa Riley
Mr. Frederick R. Robsel
Mr. Joseph S. Rodjak
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond J. Rogers
Ms. Rebecca M. Rogers
Mr. & Ms. Paul Rohrbaugh, Jr.
Ms. Donna Romack
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick J. Romeo, Jr.
Dr. Nina Ronshausen
Ms. Judith L. Rosan

Ms. Marion Seman
Mr. & Mrs. Gary A. Sexton
Ms. Sarah Sexton
Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Shafer
Mr. Albert W. Shakley
Dr. Rick Shale
Mr. Daniel L. Shank
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Shape
Mr. Terry L. Sheban
Mrs. Rebekah A. Sheeler
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth E. Shellito
Mr. & Mrs. David A. Shepherd
Ms. Jackie Shepherd
Mr. Michael A. Shepherd
Mr. Larry C. Sherer
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce E. Sherman
Mrs. Barbara Sherwood
Mr. & Mrs. Albert A. Shiderly
Mr. Tom Shilling
Dr. Thomas Shipka
Mr. & Mrs. David L. Shively
Ms. Elaine M. Shively
Mr. Joseph A. Shivers
Mr. & Mrs. David K. Shriver
Ms. Gwen E. Shriver
Mr. Tad Siembida
Rev. Msgr. Robert Siffrin
Mr. & Mrs. Cosmo S. Signoriello
Ms. Marybeth Signoriello
Ms. Barbara A. Silversmith
Mr. Stephen J. Simunich
Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Singler
Dr. Barbara M. Sitko
Mr. Kevin P. Skea
Ms. Freda H. Skibo
Ms. Brooke Slanina
Mr. James Slantiz
Ms. Judy A. Sluss
Dr. Grace L. Smith
Mr. Lee Smith
Dr. Melissa T. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Philip Smith
Mr. Richard E. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Tim Michael Smith
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas D. Smotzer
Mr. & Mrs. David J. Smyntek
Mr. & Mrs. Laurence Sniderman
Ms. MariLouise A. Sole
Mrs. Patricia B. Soller
Ms. Loretta Sorger

Mr. & Mrs. Chris B. Thorndike
Mr. James E. Thornton
Ms. Angelina Tiberio
Ms. Maureen Tighe-Brown
Mrs. Nancy L. Tirpak
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Todd
Mr. Shaun Toomey
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Tosi
Mr. Christopher N. Travers
Mr. George M. Trefethem
Mr. Fred Trucksis
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy N. Tryon
Mr. Howard M. Turney
Mr. & Mrs. William F. Tyger
Mr. & Mrs. Emmet Tyrrell
Mrs. Elaine S. Ulrich
Mrs. Anne Ungard
Mr. & Mrs. James P. Valiensi
Ms. Marilyn Valiga
Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. VanDale
Mr. Henk VanDongen
Ms. Virginia Vandy
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. VanWert
Ms. Jan Vaughn
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Veith
Atty. & Mrs. Frank G. Verterano
Ms. Cynthia L. Vigiliotti
Mr. Ignacio Villa
Ms. Catherine S. Vodrey
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Vogt
Ms. Barbara L. VonThaer
Mr. David L. Vosburgh
Mr. Gordon D. Vujevic
Mr. & Mrs. Elias J. Vujovich
Mr. Darrell Wagner
Mrs. Gloria Waldeck
Dr. Gary R. Walker
Mrs. Barbara Walko
Mr. & Mrs. Scott W. Walls
Dr. FrankB. Wanat
Ms. Regina A. Waris
Ms. Janet W. Warner
Dr. Homer B. Warren
Mrs. Sieglinde U. Warren
Mr. Ross Wastvedt
Ms. Anne W. Waters
Mr. William Watson
Mr. Lee Weber
Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Weber
Mr. Larry Webster

Dr. & Mrs. Warren M. Young
Ms. Misook Yun
Mr. Richard Zacharias
Mr. & Mrs. Terry L. Zahniser
Ms. Marian L. Zeigler


Mrs. Michelle Bails
Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Ballantine
Dr. & Mrs. Pedro Ballester
Mrs. Barbara L. Balog
Mr. James P. Bancroft
Mrs. Ellen W. Banks
Ms. Gweneth Banner
Mrs. Elizabeth J. Bannon
Mrs. Cynthia Baringer
Mr. Ben Barnes & Dr. Diane Barnes
Ms. Rebecca Barnhouse
Mrs. Linda Barr
Ms. Beth Bartlett
Ms. Sarah Bates
Mr. & Mrs. James D. Battafarano
Ms. Roberta Bauman
Ms. Janet M. Baumann
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Beard
Ms. Dawn Beaver
Mr. & Mrs. Will Beck
Ms. Ann Becker
Dr. & Mrs. John R. Becker
Dr. & Mrs. Raymond E. Beiersdorfer
Mrs. Susan Beil
Ms. Laurie L. Bell
Mr. & Mrs. Joel A. Bender
Judge Alfred Benedict
Mr. John O. Beniston
Ms. Bonnie I. Bennett
Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Bentkowski
Mr. Leonard Berenholz
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Berg
Rabbi Joel Berman
Mrs. Jacqueline M. Bibo

Mr. Richard Carano
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis J. Cardello
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Carey, Jr.
Ms. Carol Carlton
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Carney
Ms. Lisa A. Carr
Mrs. Catherine C. Carroll
Mrs. Laura Casey
Dr. & Mrs. Frank A. Castronovo
Ms. Julia Catchpole
Ms. Maryann E. Centofanti
Dr. John Cernica
Mrs. Mary Jude Cernica
Ms. Yvonne Ceslak
Ms. Rhonda C. Chambers
Mr. Alden Chevlen
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin H. Childs
Mr. & Mrs. Philip Chimbidis
Mr. & Mrs. Neil L. Ciminero
Rev. DanP. Cipar
Mr. & Mrs. Wentworth B. Clapham, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Albert F. Clare, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. James T. Clark
Mr. & Mrs. Don Clowes
Mr. Jay Cohen
Mrs. Andrea V. Colaiaco
Mrs. LuAnn Cole
Mr. Scott Cole
Mr. & Mrs. JimF. Collier
Mr. Richard Colonna, Jr.
Ms. Sharyn Y. Common
Ms. Fran Comstock
Dr. Eleanor A. Congdon
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Conway
Mr. Charles Cook
Dr. Chet Cooper
Mr. & Mrs. William Cooper
Ms. Linda G. Cope
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Copich
Mr. Gene Coppinger
Dr. & Mrs. Herve M. Corbe
Mr. Coy Cornelius
Mr. & Mrs. David E. Cornell
Mr. Joseph T. Corradi
Mrs. Susan Cosgrove
Ms. Cheryl Couts
Dr. Amy G. Crawford
Dr. Michael Crescimanno
Mr. & Mrs. David A. Cretella
Mr. Josh Cretella

Judge Robert A. Douglas, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Alex Downie
Mrs. EmmaJ. Draa
Ms. Diane L. Drapcho
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Dreyfus
Mr. & Mrs. James F. Driscoll
Mrs. Cynthia J. Droba
Mr. Wade M. Drouhard
Ms. Alison DuBois
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Duffy
Ms. Mary Duffy
Mr. John Dugan
Mr. David D. Dull
Mrs. Sarah L. Duncan
Ms. Bobbie A. Dunn
Mr. & Mrs. Hugh G. Earnhart
Mr. & Dr. John W. Eaton
Ms. Geraldine Eckert
Dr. Gunapala Edirisooriya
Mr. Neal Edman & Ms. Jan Grigsby
Mr. David L. Edmondson
Mr. & Mrs. Al A. Eibel
Mrs. Joanne Eiselstein
Mr. James S. Elder
Mr. & Ms. Galen Elser
Mr. & Mrs. Ron E. Emch
Ms. Jeanette S. Engle
Dr. Barbara G. Englehardt
Mrs. June E. Esquibel
Ms. June A. Evans
Dr. & Mrs. Mark H. Evans
Mr. & Mrs. David S. Factor
Miss Michelle Falcetano
Mr. Ray Fallen
Mr. & Mrs. William E. Farragher
Ms. Sara Faudree
Ms. Yvonne Fayard
Ms. Nancy Fehrenbaugh
Mrs. Elizabeth M. Fekete
Mr. & Mrs. Philip A. Feld
Mr. Richard L. Ferguson
Mr. Dominic Fimognari
First Energy Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley L. Fischer
Mr. Mark A. Fisher
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Fitzgerald
Mr. & Mrs. Edward A. Flaws
Ms. Sandy Fleck
Mr. & Mrs. Alfred J. Fleming
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Flora

Mr. Richard J. Gurska
Dr. & Mrs. Stanley D. Guzell, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Steve P. Gyomber
Ms. Elaine Habeger
Ms. Susan Haddox
Sister Marjorie Haidet
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Hale
Mr. Edward J. Hallahan
Mr. Mark Hamilton
Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Hamilton
Mr. & Mrs. EdwardD. Handel
Mr. Mark A. Hanley
Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Hanzely
Mr. & Mrs. Don E. Harper, Jr.
Mrs. Marie Harrigan
Mr. David M. Harris
Mrs. Jaye Harris
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Harris
Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Harrison
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hartman
Mr. Chris Hartman
Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Hassay
Mrs. Margaret B. Haushalter
Ms. Susan Hayek
Mrs. Diana L. Hayes
Mr. Garrett Hayes
Mr. Matthew H. Hayes
Mr. & Mrs. William C. Hazlett
Mrs. Janet M. Hazlette
Mr. & Mrs. JohnM. Hazy
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Hecking
Ms. Mary J. Hedberg
Mr. & Mrs. Henry H. Heil
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald T. Heiman
Ms. Margaret B. Heldorfer
Mr. & Mrs. George F. Heller, Jr.
Ms. Kathryn Hellweg
Mr. Francis J. Hensler
Mr. & Mrs. Curt M. Herald
Mr. & Mrs. Don Heman
Mr. Marius Hicks
Ms. Diva S. Higby
Ms. Elsa C. Higby
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Higgins
Ms. Shirley K. Hildebrand
Mr. & Mrs. David A. Hill
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Hines
Dr. & Mrs. Glenn M. Hink
Mr. Phil Hirsch
Dr. Cynthia Hirtzel

Ms. June F. Jones
Dr. & Mrs. Richard Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Roger D. Jones
Mr. & Mrs. William L. Jones
Ms. Antonette Joseph
Mr. & Mrs. Peter C. Joseph
Mr. Richard M. Judy, Jr.
Mr. Keith Kaiser
Mr. & Mrs. Steven M. Kalavsky
Mr. & Mrs. Michael V. Kalpich, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Kamens
Mr. & Mrs. James Kapusta
Ms. Mary Ann Karas
Miss Rosemarie A. Kascher
Mr. Maurice Keaveny
Mr. Bradley C. Keech
Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Keiper
Dr. Patricia R. Kelvin
Ms. Jen Kendall
Ms. Bridget Kennedy
Dr. Jane Kestner
Dr. & Mrs. Ikram Khawaja
Ms. Donna M. King-Orlandi
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Kinney
Mr. James L. Kish
Mrs. Diane Kleeh
Ms. Mary L. Klein
Ms. Miriam R. Klein
Mr. Lawrence A. Klemens
Mr. Thomas E. Klempay
Mrs. Jane Knuppel
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Kobak
Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Kobulnicky
Mr. & Mrs. William R. Koch
Ms. Kathleen A. Kocjan
Dr. & Mrs. Friedrich W. Koknat
Ms. Vilma Kolacz-Belanger
Mr. & Mrs. John Kolar
Mrs. Joan D. Komp
Mrs. Kathy Koop
Father J. James Korda
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Krajec
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald F. Krauss
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kraynanski
Mrs. Ida L. Krcelic
Rev. & Mrs. Taitem F. Kretz
Mr. & Mrs. Alan R. Kretzer
Dr. & Mrs. Desai G. Krishnarao
Mr. & Mrs. A. Frederick Kroen
Mr. & Mrs. Frank R. Krygowski

Mrs. Ingrid A. Lundquist
Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Macomber
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Madden, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. John T. Madden, II
Mr. Frank M. Magyar
Ms. Natalie Majoros
Mr. & Mrs. JackP. Malloy
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph MaImer
Ms. Sharon Maloney
Ms. Cheryl Mamula
Ms. Jessica Mancini
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Manhollan
Mr. & Mrs. Tony J. Manhollan
Ms. Mary Grace Manning
Ms. Kate M. Marado
Ms. Hazel Marie
Dr. Carol A. Marino
Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Marino
Mr. James Marlatt
Dr. & Mrs. Sanford E. Marovitz
Ms. Catherine L. Martell
Mr. Joseph R. Martin
Ms. Rebecca Martinez
Dr. & Mrs. Robert J. Marx
Dr. Joseph T. Marzano
Mr. & Mrs. Miros Maszczak
Ms. Jill Materna
Dr. & Mrs. Donald H. Mathews
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Matune
Ms. Carolyn J. May
Mrs. Marcellene Hawk Mayhall
Ms. Patricia McAnlis
Mr. Frank McCabe
Mr. Gene McCarragher
Dr. Chuck McClaugherty
Mr. Michael J. McCleery
Ms. Marilou A. McClimans
Dr. Maggie H. McCloud
Mrs. Deborah McCullough
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth P. McDonough, Jr.
Ms. Colleen McGarry
Ms. Brenda L. McIntyre
Mr. & Mrs. Delber L. McKee
Mr. & Mrs. George M. McKelvey
Ms. Tara L. McKibben '
Dr. Anne M. McMahon
Sister Ann McManamon
Ms. Della McPherson
Dr. Carol P. McQueen
Mr. Mathew Melonio

Mr. John E. Myers, Jr.
Ms. Kimberly Myers
Mr. Paul M. Nachim
Ms. Lisa Nagy-Baker
Mr. Ray Nakley, Jr.
Mr. Philip Nash
Ms. Linda A. Nehls
Mr. John E. Neville
Ms. NancyE. Newton
Mr. Robert B. Newton
Mr. Nick Nicholas
Ms. Lynne M. Nigro
Mr. Michael A. Niles
Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Noble
Mr. William Nock
Mrs. Alice Noga
Ms. Marilyn A. Norconk
Mrs. Mary E. Nourse
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond J. Novotny
Ms. Lorraine Nuzzi
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas H. Nybell
Mrs. Joyce O'Brien
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Occhiogrosso
Atty. Michael A. Ognibene
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Olshavsky, ill
Mrs. Barbara C. Orton
Mr. Jeffrey A. Ostheimer
Mr. & Mrs. Dean Oyen
Mr. Joseph P. Pacchioni
Mr. & Mrs. John Paczak
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony G. Paglia
Mr. Edward Palguta
Mr. & Mrs. William A. Pallante
Mr. & Mrs. Kenny Papini
Ms. Stephanie Parrott
Dr. Elsa V. Parsegian
Ms. Cortney Parsons
Mr. & Mrs. Rob Pasha
Mr. Roy Passarelli
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel M. Patrick
Mr. Richard G. Patterson
Mr. Frank W. Patton
Atty. & Mrs. James L. Pazol
Mr. & Mrs. Harold W. Pearce
Mr. & Mrs. Henry A. Pearce, III
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Pecorelli
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Perkins
Dr. & Mrs. Tedrow L. Perkins
Ms. Nicole M. Pettenati
Mr. George J. Peya

Ms. Pat Rosenthal & Mr. Jim Converse
Rev. & Mrs. Martin M. Roth
Mr. William Rowan
Mr. & Mrs. Tim Ruane
Mr. Ray Rubrake, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen P. Ruby, III
Father Joseph S. Rudjak, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Rulli
Dr. Ronald J. Ruscitti
Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Rusnak
Mr. Willard D. Russell
Mr. & Mrs. Merle A. Russo
Ms. Susan Russo
Dr. Robert Sabatini
Dr. & Mrs. Robert H. Sacherman
Mr. & Mrs. Liviu M. Sacui
Ms. Josephine Sagebeer
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Sakas, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Gary M. Salvner
Mr. Nick Samson
Mr. Robert Sanders
Ms. Margaret A. Sandy
Mr. Gerald Sankovich
Mr. Larry Sapir
Dr. & Mrs. Lowell J. Satre
Ms. Kathy Sauline
Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Sbema
Mr. James V. Scanga, Jr.
Mr. Jack Schafer
Ms. Emily W. Schaff
Rev. & Mrs. Theodore R. Schaffer
Mr. & Mrs. Shawn D. Scharf
Dr. & Mrs. Carl R. Schaub
Atty. & Mrs. Leonard D. Schiavone
Mr. David Schnurrenberger
Sister Susan M. Schorsten
Mr. James J. Schramer
Mr. Jeff Schreiber
Ms. Nancy L. Schulz
Mr. Victor Schumacher
Dr. James R. Scott
Mr. F. William Scragg
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Scudier
Ms. Patty Seachman
Mr. Thomas Seckler
Ms. Linda A. Seeley
Mr. Corey Sees
Mrs. Janis K. Seidler
Ms. Lauren Sekerak
Mrs. Rima Selius

Dr. Angela Spalsbury
Dr. Leonard B. Spiegel
Ms. Tani Spielberg
Ms. Tina Spinosa
Mr. & Mrs. Alan G. Spitaler
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Sposito
Ms. Jennifer J. Staaf
Mr. Stephen M. Stahara
Mr. Michael Stambolia
St. Anthony's Church
Mr. & Mrs. Frank B. Stearns
Ms. Gail R. Steele
Mr. Matthew A. Stefanak
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Stefko
Dr. Sandra W. Stephan
Ms. Rose Stetz
Ms. Susan L. Stevens
Ms. Ruth A. Stevenson
Ms. Lynn Stewart
Ms. Renee Stigliano
Dr. & Mrs. Jacques S. St. Julien
Dr. Nina Stourman
Dr. & Dr. Jeffrey Stover
Mr. & Mrs. Stephan J. Stoyak
Mr. Edward R. Stride
Dr. Sharon A. Stringer
Ms. Linda Strom
Mr. & Mrs. Walt E. Sturgeon
Ms. Darlene Sudetic
Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Summers
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Susany
Dr. & Mrs. David C. Sweet
Ms. Florence K. Swierz
Mr. William D. Swope
Mrs. Esther M. Szakach
Ms. Lois M. Tamplin
Mr. Paul Tanona
Mr. & Mrs. Perry Tarantine
Mr. Chip Taylor
Mrs. Patricia D. Taylor
Ms. Roberta M. Taylor
Mrs. Velina Taylor
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Tesner
Mrs. Dorothy N. Tharpe
Dr. & Mrs. Michael Theall
Ms. Barbara Thomas
Dr. Julie E. Thomas
Mrs. Mary P. Thomas
Mrs. Joann Thompson
Mr. William Thompson

Atty. & Mrs. William A. Weimer
Dr. Lisa Weiss
Mrs. Jeanne Wellman
Mr. & Mrs. John C. Wendle
Ms. Racheal A. Wente
Mr. & Mrs. Chase Wern
Ms. Jane F. Westenfeld
Mr. William Wheelock
Ms. Janet S. White
Dr. John R. White
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel H. White
Mr. Thomas Wick
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Wiercinski
Mr. Gordon A. Wilber
Ms. Dorothy J. Wilcox
Ms. Diana Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence A. Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew A. Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Todd M. Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Frank R. Williamson
Mr. W. P. Williamson, III
Mr. David Williford
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Wilson
Mrs. Marlene Wilson
Dr. Sonya M. Wilt
Dr. & Mrs. Eric J. Wingler
Ms. Desiree Winkle
Mr. Larry D. Wire
Ms. Diane Wittik
Miss Laurie B. Wittkugle
Mr. Vince Wloch
Mr. & Mrs. John Woge
Mr. Joe Wojtowicz
Mr. &Mrs. GarryM. Womer
Mr. HarryB. Wood, Jr.
Mrs. Patricia C. Woodings
Mr. & Mrs. Doug Woodring
Ms. Olizia Woods
Mr. John Worthington
Mrs. Arlene N. Wright
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Wright
Mr. Karl Yarabenetz
Mrs. Jeanette H. Yasgur
Mrs. H. Yauger
Ms. MaryYee
Mrs. Gretchen Yeo
Mr. Brett Young
Mr. & Mrs. David J. Young
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth E. Young

Dr. Matthias Zeller
Mr. &Mrs. Richard J. Zitto
Mrs. Sarah G. Zuckerman
Ms. Lynn Zvara


Total Cash Contributions: