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Tod Administration Building
Friday, March 14, 2008

Pursuant to notice duly given, a regular meeting(the two hundred seventy-fifth) of the Board of Trustees ofYoungstown State University convened at 3:00 p.m., on Friday,March 14, 2008, in the Board Room in Tod Hall.

All eleven trustees were present at the meeting,to-wit: Mr. John L. Pogue, chairperson of the board, who pre­sided, Mr. Donald Cagigas, Dr. H. S. Wang, Mr. Larry D. DeJane,Ms. Millicent S. Counts, Mr. Scott R. Schulick, Dr. Dianne Bi­tonte Miladore, Dr. Sudershan K. Garg, Mr. Harry Meshel, Ms.Erianne R. Raib and Mr. Stephen W. T. Foley.

Also present were: Dr. David C. Sweet, President;Dr. Ikram Khawaja, Interim Provost and Vice President for Aca­demic Affairs; Mr. Eugene P. Grilli, Vice President for Financeand Administration; Dr. Cynthia E. Anderson, Vice President forStudent Affairs; Dr. George McCloud, Special Assistant to thePresident for University Advancement; Dr. Thomas Maraffa, Spe­cial Assistant to the President; Ms. Holly A. Jacobs, UniversityGeneral Counsel and Franklin S. Bennett, Jr., Secretary to theBoard of Trustees. Also present were approximately 40 persons,including deans, members of the faculty, students, administra­tors, and members of the news media.

The chairperson called the meeting to order.


Evidence was available to establish that pursuantto Article II, Section 1, of the board’s Bylaws; written noticeof today’s regular meeting was timely provided to each of thetrustees, the student trustees, and to the president.


Prior to the meeting, the secretary had provideddraft copies of the minutes of the board’s regular meeting held on December 12, 2007 (#274) to each trustee, the student trus­tees and the president. There being no additions, corrections,or revisions thereto, the minutes of the December 12, 2007 meet­ing were approved as provided.


Dr. Sweet stated that he was pleased to be ableto report much good news. Dr. Sweet reported that a tentativeagreement had been reached between the University and the YSU­OEA and thanked Dr. Anderson and Dr. Stanley Guzell, leaders ofthe University and Faculty collective bargaining teams respec­tively. Dr. Sweet reported that the Higher Learning Commissionhad completed its campus site visit and is recommending a full10-year reaccreditation, approval of the doctorate in physicaltherapy, and approval of the University’s distance learning ap­plication. Dr. Sweet reported that Spring enrollment is up 2%over the preceding year and that the University continues towardits headcount enrollment goal of 14,000 students. Dr. Sweetstated that all modules of the Banner system have been installedand are up and running. Dr. Sweet reported that airport inter­views of Provost candidates were conducted within the last week and that the search committee expects to narrow the field ofcandidates to 7. Finalists for the Provost position should be oncampus in April with an expected starting date of July 1. Dr. Sweet provided a brief update on the status of community collegeplanning and upcoming Centennial Celebration events.


The chairperson asked whether any trustee had anobjection to the approval by unanimous consent of the resolu­tions recommended for adoption by the committees of the board.There being no objection, the chairperson stated that the recom­mended resolutions would be considered for adoption by consent.The board considered the following committee reports and recom­mendations:

1. Academic and Student Affairs Committee

Dr. Khawaja provided a brief staff report notingthat searches are underway for the Provost and Dean of the Col­lege of Fine and Performing Arts.

The chairperson noted that the Academic and Stu­dent Affairs committee was recommending two resolutions foradoption by the board and requested the secretary to read the resolutions aloud. Following the reading of the resolutions, andthere being no objection thereto, the chairperson declared thefollowing two resolutions adopted by general consent:

Resolution to Establish the
Center for Judaic and Holocaust Studies

YR 2008-29

WHEREAS, Youngstown State University, founded in 1908,has a rich tradition of academic excellence in Judaic and Holocaust Studies; and

WHEREAS, Youngstown State University was one of the first universities in the country to offer a course in Holocaust Studies; and

WHEREAS, the Judaic Studies program is committed to the highest standards of excellence in teaching; and

WHEREAS, in addition to a rigorous curriculum, theprogram produces scholarship in various forms and of­fers numerous co-curricular opportunities, includingactivities with local schools, academic conferencesand lectures, and cultural programs; and

WHEREAS, in recognition of this unique academic pro­gram and its diverse and numerous components, the Uni­versity seeks to establish and name The Center of Ju­daic and Holocaust Studies;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board ofTrustees of Youngstown State University designates TheCenter of Judaic and Holocaust Studies, within theCollege of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that a copy of this Resolutionbe displayed in the Center of Judaic and HolocaustStudies office suites.


Resolution Recognizing Accreditation of the
Master of Social Work Program in the Department of Social Work

YR 2008-30

WHEREAS, the Department of Social Work in the BitonteCollege of Health and Human Services has developed aMaster of Social Work Program with emphasis on ad­vanced social work practice with a strengths-based em­powerment perspective; and

WHEREAS, the faculty and staff engaged in extensive self-study and documentation of the quality of theseprograms; and

WHEREAS, on February 16, 2008, the Council on SocialWork Education granted initial accreditation of theMaster of Social Work Program for a period of fouryears; and

WHEREAS, the Council on Social Work Education identi­fied noteworthy strengths of the unit and the Univer­sity, including administrative support, curriculum content areas, diversity, field education, a well-developed plan for assessment, departmental leader­ship, strong advisory boards and relationships withexternal constituencies, student support services, ar­ticulate students, and faculty commitment to excel­lence in instruction;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the members ofthe Board of Trustees of Youngstown State Universitycommend the Department of Social Work; faculty membersDr. Linda Causey, Dr. Shirley Keller, Dr. Bonnie YoungLaing, Dr. Dennis Morawski, Dr. Joseph L. Mosca (for­mer Department Chair), Dr. Thelma Silver, Dr. LeeSlivinske, and Dr. Jozef Spiegel; the field coordina­tors, Mary Ann Ganofsky and Maureen Reardon; the staff, Regina Hawkins, Cindy Sarnowski, and KimberlySheward; Department Chair Dr. Michael J. Murphy; and Dean John J. Yemma on this achievement; and

BE IT ALSO RESOLVED, that a copy of this Resolution bepresented to the department and individuals named in this Resolution.

2. External Relations Committee.

Dr. McCloud provided a brief staff report notingthat $41.4 million has been raised toward the $44 million Capi­tal Campaign goal. The chairperson noted that the External Re­lations Committee was recommending three resolutions for adoption by the board. There being no objection thereto, the chair­person declared the following resolutions adopted by generalconsent:

Resolution to Accept Development Gifts

YR 2008-31

WHEREAS, Board policy provides that the President shall compile a list of gifts to the University foreach meeting of the Board of Trustees and present thelist accompanied by his recommendation for action bythe Board; and

WHEREAS, the President has reported that the gifts aslisted in Exhibit A attached hereto are being heldpending acceptance and he recommends their acceptance;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board ofTrustees does hereby accept these gifts on behalf ofYoungstown State University and requests that the President acknowledge the acceptance of these giftsand express our gratitude to the donors for their gen­erosity in support of the University.


Resolution to Name
The Jocelyn Kollay Linsalata
Gallery in the New Williamson College of Business Education

YR 2008-32

WHEREAS, Youngstown State University implemented a campaign in conjunction with the University’s mile­stone Centennial Anniversary; and

WHEREAS, the most significant capital component of theCentennial Campaign is a new building for the William­son College of Business Administration; and

WHEREAS, Jocelyne Kollay Linsalata provided a leadership gift of $500,000 to the campaign; and

WHEREAS, Jocelyne Kollay Linsalata has a long historyof philanthropic support of YSU and the community at-large; and

WHEREAS, Jocelyne Kollay Linsalata has previously es­tablished an endowed scholarship at YSU for first-generation college students from Chaney High Schooland served on the Visiting Committee of the YSU Beeghly College of Education and the Higher EducationLeaders for Prosperity in Ohio; and

WHEREAS, Jocelyne Kollay Linsalata received a bache­lor’s degree from YSU in 1974 and a master’s degree inbusiness administration from YSU in 1980; and

WHEREAS, Jocelyne Kollay Linsalata remains an activemember of the Centennial Campaign Cabinet, the President’s Council and the Board of Director’s for the YSU Foundation; and

WHEREAS, the University and the Board of Trustees wishto provide appropriate recognition to Jocelyne KollayLinsalata for her significant contribution and commit­ment to the students of Youngstown State University;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board ofTrustees of Youngstown State University designates theGallery in the new Williamson College of Business Ad­ministration, as the Jocelyne Kollay Linsalata Gal­lery; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that a copy of this Resolutionbe presented to Jocelyne Kollay Linsalata.


Resolution to Name the
Pollock Foundations Executive Board Room
In the New Williamson College of Business Education

YR 2008-33

WHEREAS, Youngstown State University implemented a campaign in conjunction with the University’s mile­stone Centennial Anniversary; and

WHEREAS, the most significant capital component of theCentennial Campaign is a new building for the William­son College of Business Administration; and

WHEREAS, The Pollock Foundations provided a leadership gift of $500,000 to the campaign; and

WHEREAS, The Pollock Foundations have a long historyof philanthropic support of YSU and the community at-large; and

WHEREAS, The Pollock Foundations have continuouslybeen a top sponsor of the Mad About the Arts fund-raiser for the McDonough Museum and Students Motivatedby the Arts Program (SMARTS) and donated $10,000 forrenovations of the McDonough Museum; and

WHEREAS, The Pollock Foundations donated $125,000 for the Recreation and Wellness Center in 2002; and

WHEREAS, The Pollock Foundations donated $200,000 to he Campaign for YSU in 1994;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board ofTrustees of Youngstown State University designates theExecutive Board Room in the new Williamson College of Business Administration, as The Pollock Foundations Executive Board Room; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that a copy of this Resolutionbe presented to a representative of The Pollock Foundations.

4. Finance and Facilities Committee.

The chairperson noted that the Finance and Fa­cilities Committee was recommending four resolutions for adop­tion by the board. There being no objection thereto, the chair­person declared the following resolutions recommended by the Fi­nance and Facilities Committee adopted by general consent:

Resolution to Modify
Changes to Student Tuition, Fees, and Other Charges

YR 2008-34

WHEREAS, Ohio law provides that Boards of Trustees ofstate-assisted institutions of higher education shallsupplement state subsidies by income from charges tostudents, including an "instructional fee" for educational and associated operational support of theinstitution and a "general fee" for noninstructionalservices, and that these two fees shall encompass allcharges for services assessed uniformly to all enrolled students and shall be identified as "tuition"; and

WHEREAS, Ohio law also provides that each Board mayestablish special purpose fees, service charges, finesand penalties and that a tuition surcharge shall bepaid by all students who are not residents of Ohio;and

WHEREAS, Ohio law provides that the University shallseparately identify the Instructional Fee, the GeneralFee, the Tuition Charge, and the Tuition Surcharge; and

WHEREAS, Ohio law provides that fees charged for instruction shall not be considered to be a price forservice but shall be considered to be an integral partof the state government financing program in supportof higher education opportunity for students;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board ofTrustees of Youngstown State University does herebyrescind Resolution YR 2007-49 at the conclusion of the Summer Term 2008; and Resolution YR 2008-21; and

BE IT ALSO RESOLVED, that the Board of Trustees ofYoungstown State University does hereby declare the“tuition charge” shall be the sum of the InstructionalFee, General Fee, and the Information Systems Fee, anddoes hereby establish the tuition charge and otherfees as included in Exhibit B, to become effectiveFall Term 2008 and to remain in effect until changedby the Board of Trustees, except as may be specifically noted otherwise; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the President of Youngstown State University or his/her designee shallhave the authority to approve:

1. Fees of noncredit courses, institutes, and work­shops offered or coordinated through the Metro Collegeand the University Outreach department;

2. Ticket prices for admission of the public to in­tercollegiate athletic games and to student music ordramatic productions;

3. Service charges for loans to students;

4. A special fee for programs such as the interna­tional student training programs under contract andthe “Executive Master of Business Administration” pro­gram. It shall be understood that such special fees,if authorized, shall provide for all related costs ofthe program and that the budget for such a fund shallbe subject to approval in the same manner as otherUniversity operating budgets; and

5. Fees for credit courses offered by the Metro Col­lege under contract to established groups as providedfor in Resolution YR 2001-03.

In all cases, the revenue generated by such fees andcharges shall be expended in conformity with appropri­ately approved budgets. It shall be understood that: (a) prices of books and other items for sale in theBookstore, Kilcawley Center, and through vending ma­chines shall be established in conformity with goodbusiness practices by the managers of those units; (b)charges for unreturned or damaged equipment checkedout to a student shall be established by the cognizantUniversity staff person and the charge shall be suffi­cient to recover replacement costs and with a chargeto cover processing costs; (c) for such charges asnoted in (a) and (b) above, the approval of neitherthe President nor the Board of Trustees shall be re­quired; and (d) the President or his designees shallhave the authority to designate parking facilities bylocation or by time which may be utilized either with­out charge or for a reduced charge.

Fines which are authorized in this resolution may beassessed against non-students who are authorized touse University services as well as against students;and the rates detailed in this resolution shall replace the rates in any other resolution in conflict,and it shall continue to be the policy of this Boardto review and adopt all fees, service charges, andfines annually, usually at the December meeting of theBoard, in order that students and others are informedas to rates for the coming year and budgets may befinalized. It is understood that charges, fines, penalties, and assessments to students and non­students will not be waived except as specificallyauthorized by proper authority. The President or his/her designee shall review and, as appropriate,authorize persons or departments to grant waivers withthe specific understanding that no waivers will begranted that are in violation of Ohio law or thepolicies of Youngstown State University.

If a student is permitted to withdraw from the University or if a student reduces his or her academicload, a refund of the tuition charge, and of thenonresident tuition surcharge, where applicable, shallbe made in conformity with the following schedules. If the withdrawal is after the prescribed time limits,all tuition and other applicable fees and charges areforfeited. All applicable fees, fines, and penaltiesdue must be paid before the refund is paid. (Thisschedule begins Summer Term 2008.)

Length of Course

100% refund

No refund

6 weeks or more

Through 18th day of term

19th day of term and later

Less than 6 weeks

15% of course duration

Greater than 15% of course duration


Resolution to Approve Interfund Transfers

YR 2008-35

WHEREAS, policy number 3010.01, Budget Transfers, ofthe University Guidebook, requires Board of Trusteesapproval for interfund transfers of $100,000 or more;and

WHEREAS, certain accounting adjustments and transfersoutside the operating budget are necessary;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board ofTrustees of Youngstown State University does herebyapprove transfers outside the operating budget, as de­tailed in Exhibit C.


Resolution to Extend
Interfund Loan for Ward Beecher Planetarium Project

YR 2008-36

WHEREAS, $750,000 was pledged by the Florence Simon Beecher Foundation to fund the Ward Beecher Planetar­ium Project; and

WHEREAS, the Board of Trustees of Youngstown StateUniversity approved an interfund loan of $200,000 fromthe Sick Leave Conversion Fund to the Beecher Flad Planetarium Fund (YR 2006-44) to provide short term financing for the project; and

WHEREAS, the payment schedule for the outstandingpledge balance of $175,000 has been extended;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board ofTrustees of Youngstown State University extends theinterfund loan balance of $175,000 from the Sick LeaveConversion Fund to the Beecher Flad Planetarium Fund until the pledge is fully paid.


Resolution to Authorize
Purchase of Properties for Campus Improvement

YR 2008-37

WHEREAS, Youngstown State University has identified anarea surrounding the campus, and within its Ohio Boardof Regents (OBOR) boundary, which it seeks to acquireproperty needed for the benefit of the University; and

WHEREAS, the following parcels are needed for campusimprovement, and final approval is sought in accor­dance with the University Guidebook:

Text Box: Owner 	Address 	Parcel No. 	YoungstownCity Lot No. 	Purchase Price 	AppraisedValue   Allie S. Jackson 	341 Cus¬ter 	53-005-0-167 	3597 	$30,000 	$30,000   Charlotte Williams 	318 Cus¬ter 	53-005-0-175 	9116, pt. 	$21,000 	$21,000





NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board ofTrustees of Youngstown State University does authorizethe acquisition of the aforementioned properties. Youngstown State University does authorize the acquisition of the aforementioned properties.


Dr. Wang reported that the Audit Subcommittee meton February 23, 2008 and discussed administration’s responses tothe Management Letter submitted by Ernst & Young, the Univer­sity’s external auditors. The subcommittee also received re­ports from the University’s internal auditor regarding the HumanResources/Payroll/Budget areas audit, the Rich Center and EarlyRetirement Incentive Program (ERIP).

Dr. Garg reported that the Investment Subcommit­tee met February 26, 2008 and received reports from Allegiantinvestment advisors and Hartland Associates, the University’sinvestment advisor.

5. Internal Affairs Committee.

The chairperson stated that the Internal AffairsCommittee was recommending one resolution for adoption by theboard. There being no objections thereto, the chairperson de­clared the following resolution adopted by general consent:

Resolution to Ratify
Faculty/Staff Appointments

YR 2008-38

WHEREAS, the Policies of the Board of Trustees direct the President to appoint such employees as are neces­sary to effectively carry out the operation of theUniversity; and

WHEREAS, new appointments have been made subsequent tothe December 12, 2007, meeting of the Board of Trus­tees; and

WHEREAS, such appointments are in accordance with the2007-2008 Budget and with the University policy onEqual Employment Opportunity;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board ofTrustees of Youngstown State University does herebyratify and confirm the appointments as listed in Ex­hibit D attached hereto.

6. Trusteeship Committee.

Mr. Cagigas reported that in accordance with Arti­cle III, Section 9, Paragraph c., Subparagraph 2. of the board's Bylaws, the Trusteeship Committee had met and today makes its re­port to the board regarding its nominations of officers for theyear starting this June. Mr. Cagigas stated today’s report would constitute a first reading only, and that voting on the election of officers would take place at the board’s June regular meeting. The Trusteeship Committee’s recommendations for the 2008-2009 board officers are:

Vice Chairperson

Mr. Scott R. Schulick
Mr. Larry D. DeJane
Mr. Franklin S. Bennett, Jr.



The chairperson recognized the secretary to theboard who read aloud the following resolution:

Resolution of Appreciation – Donald Cagigas

YR 2008-39

WHEREAS, in 2004 Donald Cagigas was appointed to fill the unexpired term of the late F. W. (“Bill”) Knecht on the Board of Trustees of Youngstown State University byGovernor Bob Taft; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Cagigas’s appointment to succeed Mr. Knecht was appropriate and fitting in many ways, but most espe­cially in regard to their longtime friendship and life­long commitment to Youngstown State University and theMahoning Valley; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Cagigas served faithfully as a Trustee of Youngstown State University, and generously devoted his time, talents, skills and efforts to the best interests of the University, its students, faculty and staff; and 

WHEREAS, Mr. Cagigas served with distinction as a memberof the Academic and Student Affairs Committee, ExternalRelations Committee, Finance and Facilities Committee, and as Chairperson of the Internal Affairs Committee ofthe Board of Trustees of Youngstown State University;and

WHEREAS, during his brief term as a Trustee, Mr. Cagigasbrought to the Board a deep understanding of budget and finance, an unwavering commitment to integrity and full disclosure, and an alumnus’s love and respect for Youngstown State University; all of which will be missedby his colleagues on the Board of Trustees;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the members of the Board of Trustees express their appreciation to DonaldCagigas for his dedication and efforts to promote the welfare and best interests of the students, faculty, andstaff of Youngstown State University and the communitywhich it serves; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that a copy of this Resolution be furnished to Mr. Cagigas.

Following the secretary’s reading of the Resolution of Apprecia­tion, and upon motion by Mr. Schulick, seconded by Mr. DeJane,the trustees voted unanimously to adopt the Resolution.

The chairperson recognized the secretary to theboard who read aloud the following proposed resolution:

Resolution of Appreciation – Erianne Raib

YR 2007-40

WHEREAS, Erianne R. Raib was appointed a Student Trusteeof Youngstown State University in 2006 by Governor Bob Taft; and

WHEREAS, during her term as Student Trustee, Ms. Raib served on the Academic and Student Affairs, External Re­lations, Finance and Facilities, and Internal Affairs Committees of the Board of Trustees of Youngstown State University; and

WHEREAS, as a Student Trustee, Ms. Raib served Youngs­town State University, its faculty, staff, and espe­cially its students, with distinction, bringing to theBoard of Trustees a valued and respected perspective onstudent needs, issues and concerns; and

WHEREAS, in addition to her contributions to the Univer­sity and its students as a Student Trustee, Ms. Raibalso served as a member of YSU Student Government and was instrumental in the restoration of the beautiful Wick Pollock Garden.

WHEREAS, Ms. Raib’s term as Student Trustee has proved mutually enriching to her and to the Board of Trustees, exemplifying the value of the Student Trustee experience both to the student and to the University; and
WHEREAS, the Trustees of Youngstown State Universitywish to thank Ms. Raib for the commitment, energy and perspective which she brought to the Board;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the members of the Board of Trustees express their appreciation to Erianne R. Raib for her dedication and efforts to promote the welfare and best interests of the students, faculty, andstaff of Youngstown State University and the communitywhich it serves; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that a copy of this Resolution be furnished to Ms. Raib.

Following the secretary’s reading of the Resolution of Apprecia­tion, and upon motion by Mr. Meshel, seconded by Mr. Schulick,the trustees voted unanimously to adopt the Resolution.

Mr. Cagigas stated that could think of no higherhonor than being asked to serve as a trustee of one’s alma ma­ter. Mr. Cagigas stated that completing the unexpired term ofhis close friend F. W. Knecht III made the experience even moremeaningful. Mr. Cagigas and Ms. Raib expressed their thanks tothe board of trustees, Dr. Sweet and all of those individualswho helped make their terms as a trustee an interesting and en­joyable experience.


The board considered no unfinished business.


The board considered no new business.


Upon motion duly made and seconded, which re­ceived the affirmative vote of all trustees present, the trus­tees resolved to set the following dates and times for the nextregular meetings of the board to be held in the Board Room inTod Hall:

3:00 p.m., Friday, June 20, 2008
3:00 p.m., Friday, September 19, 2008
3:00 p.m., Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Upon motion duly made and seconded, the meetingwas duly adjourned by unanimous vote of the trustees at 3:42 p.m.







Secretary to the Board of Trustees




Text Box: Gifts Received 	Number of Gifts 	Amount   		  Alumni Relations 	352 	$19,065   		  University Development 	1253 	$2,335,933.82 WYSU-FM 	1039 	$93,620.00   		  Total University Gifts 	2644 	$2,448,618.82   	  		  YSU Foundation 	850 	$81 1,240.88

Agenda Item E.2.b.
Exhibit A




Text Box: Number of 	Amount   ALUMNI RELATIONS 	  		  Cash-One Year Single Joint Members 	288 	$9,250.00   Cash-Four Year Single Joint Members 	50 	4,415.00   Cash-Single Joint Life Members 	11 	3,400.00   $1,000 -$9,999 	1 	1,000.00   $500 -$999 	2 	1,000.00   Total Cash 	352 	$19,065.00   		  Total Alumni Relations 	352 	$19,065.00   UNIVERSITY DEVELOPMENT 	  Centennial Campaign 	34 	$2,016,245.86   		  Annual Fund 		  $10,000 -$49,999 	3 	36,000.00   $1,000 -$9,999 	77 	163,348.45   $500 -$999 	60 	32,859.44   Below $500 	1066 	85,340.92   		  Total Pledged Cash 	1240 	$2,333,794.67   Non-Cash 	13 	2,139.15   		  Total University Development 	1253 	$2,335,933.82   WYSU-FM 	  		  $1,000 -$9,999 	3 	7,000.00   $500 -$999 	6 	3,375.00   Below $500 	1030 	83,245.00   Total Pledged Cash 	1039 	$93,620.00   		  Total WYSU-FM 	1039 	$93,620.00   TOTAL GIFTS 	  		  Grand Total Gifts 	2644 	$2,448,618.82





One Year Single and Joint Members


Alexander Adams
Charlotte Agustin
Mary Allgood
William Ambert
Frank & Ann Anness
Diony Aponte
Robert Ault
Joseph Baich
Ted & Joanne Baker
Sandra Barba
John Barber
Edward & Deborah Basista
Frances Baumann
William & Martha Beniston
Michael Birchak
Debra Bish
William Bletso
Eric Boldan
Sharon Bonacker
John Borecki
James Bozin
Reese Bradburn
Martha Brenner
Debra Brooks
Paul Brown
Kathy Bruner
John Bruno
Bruce Burge
Alan & Maryann Burton
John & Mildred Campean
Veronica Caruso
Dean Cavacos
George Chrnielewski
Jewel Clark-Luchette
Fred & Mary Cleary
Cindy Cleeland
Jean Collins
Susan Conner
Daniel Cox
Delores Crawford
Nancy Creed
David & Carol Creps
Virginia Criscione & John Janacone

Anthony Giampetro
Pauline Giampietro
James Giannone
Mary Goclano
Gretchen Goins-Sferra
Matthew Gomon
Donna Griesmer
Glenn & Alma Griffiths
Richard & Michelle Griffiths
Richard Halaparda
Robert & Ellen Hall
William & Patricia Hamill
Charles Hanna
Kristin Harpe
John Havalo
John & Charlene Hay
Gladys Hayes-Whitfield
Audrey Heck
Jean Heller
James Hildebrand
Allan Hiscox
Frank Hoso
Mary Huber
Julie Huzicko
James Itts
Frank Jape
Roy & Jeanne Johnson
Lawrence Jones
Kelly Julian
Erin Kachersky
Susan Kalochoritis
James Kaminsky
Ibrahim Kassem
Dale Kinkade
Mary Kinnard
Paul Klim
Anne Kohut
Gregory Kokosko
Beth Komara
Joseph & Jacqueline Kopper
Linda Kostka
Stephen & Virginia Kozarich
Luann Kraus
Michael Kroner
Martin Kubic
Michael Lacivita
Mary LaDuca
Michael & Jennifer Lambert
Paul Lambing
Brenda Lattanzio
Jennifer Lenox
Vincent Lepore

Patrick Pacalo
Rose Pacalo
George & Connie Panno
Christan & Lori Pascarella
Frank Pavlechko
Richard & Dwyn Peake
Melanie Penksa
David Pernice
Timothy & Sonia Philibin
John & Tina Piatek
John & Janet Pierko
Charles Pierson
Angel Ploumbis
Merril & Susan Powell
Herbert Pridham
Sharon Profato
Frederick Prossen
Thomas Pryor
Debra Quinn
Robert Raffle
Mark Reed
William Reiner
Raymond & Arlene Repko
David Rich
Donna Ritch
Rick Ritchie
Connie Robinson
James Rogenski
James Rogers
Thomas Rogers
John Roman
Dan Roncaglione
Anthony Ronci
Joseph Ross
Dominic Rosselli, Jr.
Marian Rothenberg
J. Brian Rowland
David & Nancy Rubino
Albert Scarpine
Joseph & Marlene Schiffer
Sara Scudier
William Scullin
Thomas Scurich
August & Maria Selak
Karen Seman
John Senvissky
Robert Shaw
Beth Sheppard
Katherine Sheridan
Paul Shiller

James Crowe
Stephanie Cunningham
Robert Davis
Charles & Lori Dellick
Gregory Demetri
Neil & Thyra DePascal
Nicholas DeRosa
Mary DeRose
John Desimone
Katherine Devengencie
Salvatore DiFrancesco
Salvatore & Lydia DiLiello
Robert Disko
Douglas Dohallow
Gerald Domanik
Cassandra Donofiio
Thomas Downey
Michael Doyle
Diane Drapcho
Clarence Dunham
David & Barbara Enoch
Mark Escaja
Marian Eskay
Robert & Rose Eusanio
Robert & Kathy Fedorchak
M. Todd & Jeanne Fencyk
Shelvie Fleming
Tom Flores
Floyd Folio
Aurora Fortunato
Cheryl Fox
Frederick Frank
Jack & Ruth Frankenburg
Martin Franko
Isa Furey
Ronald Galip
Susan Gans
Megan Garcia
Gary & Patricia Garland
Lori Garner
Gene & Bonnie Garritano
Mary Bess George
Lynne Gething

Michael Lesch
James Lessick
David Lewis
Douglas & Mary Lewis
Dale Lisko
Craig Lobmiller
Donald Locher
Eric Lombard0
Patrick Lorelli
Thomas & Cathleen Lynch
Dori MacMillan
Nancy Madonio
Robert Mahaffey
Donald & Marilyn Majors
Michael Malley
Barry Mallory
Vera Mallory
James & Evelyn Mangie
James & Mary Martin
Mary Mathews-Bebech
Edwin Maughan
Dale May
Maureen McCann
Phyllis McCann
Jeff & Janet McCauslin
Jack McConnell
Duira McFarland
Anna McGrath
Thomas Meehan
Anthony A. Mehle
Anthony L. & Irene Mehle
John Melnick
Charles Merdich
Howard Mettee
Roy Mimna
Anne Misel
Alycee Mohney-Keith
Lisa Mook
Mary Moon
Dennis Moore
James Moore
Ronald & Claudia Moore
Marilyn Morrison
Frank Nagy
Vince Nardy
Paul Natale
Sam Natale
Fredric O'Connor
Richard & Annmarie Oliver
Howard O'Malley
Paul Orend
Michael & Mary O'Toole

Robert & Genevieve Shively
Stephen & Judith Shonn
William Shriver
Debbie Shutt
John & Marilyn Sich
Constance Smith
Dane Smith
William Snider
John Snow
Francis Sole
Jack Sommerlad
Herman & Barbara Sostaric
Jeffrey Spatar
Manuel & Demetria Spirtos
Jack Stein
Jay Stein
Thomas Strauss
James Strock
Charles Suchy
Marlene Thomas
Joshua Thompson
Gary Tincu
Ronald Tomko
Robert & Tammy Toti
Paul Truhan
Donald Turjan
Charles Tydings
Richard & Debra Ulam
Marcel & Shirley Ulrich
Karen Vasko
Raymond Voj tko
Patricia Vuletich
Evelyn Walsh
Garey Watson
James Wayne
Patrick & Patricia Whitaker
Barbara Wigle
Karen Willshaw
Eleanor Woodford
Cindy Woodman
Raymond & Karen Wright
Connie Wright-McIntosh
Eric Wyant
Norbert Yanek
Kenneth & Martha Young
Mark Yurjevich
Kimberly Yurko
Robert Zastany
Nick Zerefos


Total One Year Single and Joint Members:


Four Year Single and Joint Members


Frank Adams
Kenneth Adams
John & Cynthia Asimakopoulos
William & Isabelle Bartley
Suzannah Behm
Anna Benson
Thomas Borish
Gerald Bostocky
Scott Brewer
Gene & Catherine Campana
Matthew Chewning
Stephen Davakis
Janet DiGiacomo
Nicholas Diorio
Janet Einfalt
Joseph & Helen Ezzo
Alice Franklin
Robert & Lori Gavalier
Darla Gergel
James & Carole Halloran
Kathleen Hurtuk
Karen James
Russell & Duma Kaye
James Kennedy
Ellison Kerber

David Korb
Gilbert Lucarelli
Gary & Roberta Ludt
Patricia Martinec
Stephanie Matasek
Gary McCullough
Adam Miller
Mary Jane Miller
Eugenia Missik
James Panagis
Marie Pavlicko
Yvonne Petrella
Anthony Ponzio
Patricia Raffety
Robert & Judith Rodkey
Renee Ruman
Michael Senediak
Emery Thomas
Michael Thomton
Mary Walsh
John Warchol
Robert Willrnitch
Gayle Woloschak
Michael Yeager
Robert & Patricia Zellers


Total Four Year Single and Joint Members:



Single and Joint Life Members


Raymond Briya
Angelo & Mary Ciavarella
Peyman Givi
Jennine Gleghom
Thomas Jackson
William Jensen

Barbara Lyras
John Martin
Madonna Pinkard
Sanford Rinda
Kevin Watson


Total Single and Joint Life Members:




YSU Centennial Club - $1,000-$9,999
DeBartolo Corporation
YSU Circle- $500-$1,000
Hynes Industries

Mary Potter


Total Cash Contributions:







Mrs. Betty W. Antenucci
Mr. George A. Baker
E.M. Barr Trust
Dr. A. Gary Bitonte
Dr. David A. Bitonte
Dr. & Mrs. Dominic A. Bitonte
Dr. & Mrs. Dean R. Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Lee J. Burdrnan
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Carney
Atty. Theodore Chuparkoff
Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Clowes
Ms. Martha Jane Crum
Estate of Attorney Bert Rigelhaupt
First Energy Foundation
Officer Michael Hartzell
Golf Outing Committee
Mr. Geoffrey Hulrne & Mr. Daryl Hulrne
Huntington Bank

JPMorgan Chase Bank
Dr. Betty Jo Licata & Mr. Jack A. Monda
Mrs. Jocelyne Kollay Linsalata
Mr. Paul J. McFadden
Atty. & Mrs. Richard P. McLaughlin
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Murnaw
Edward W. & Alice R. Powers Trust
Marion G. Resch Foundation
Ms. Janice W. Schnall
Schroedel Scullin & Bestic, Inc.
Mr. Scott R. Schulick
Schwebel Family Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Thompson
The Tod Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Ray Travaglini
Mr. Michael C. Villano
Mr. & Mrs. N. Daniel Wathen


Total Centennial Campaign Pledged Cash Contributions:



Heritage Society - $1 0,000-$49,999
Cleveland Foundation
Dominion Resources Services, Inc.

Atty. & Mrs. Dennis Haines

Centennial Club - $1,000-$9,999
Mr. Carl Alexoff
Altronic, Inc.
Nathalie & James Andrews Foundation
Austintown Local Schools
Mr. Walt R. Avdey
Babcock & Wilcox
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel H. Becker
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce R. Beeghly
Dr. & Mrs. Raymond E. Beiersdorfer
Dr. & Mrs. Dominic A. Bitonte
Ms. Esther Bitonte
Boardrnan Steel, Inc.
Dr. Bege K. Bowers
Dr. Martha I. Bruce

Carole & Edward Cobb
Dr. & Mrs. Richard A. Crepage
Mr. & Mrs. Troy Allen Cross
Curbstone Coaches, Inc.
Darrel& Jacqueline Davis
Mr. & Mrs. David C. Deibel
Ms. Suzanne Edwards
Mr. & Mrs. Philip A. Feld
Mr. & Mrs. David S. Ferguson
Dr. & Mrs. Edward J. Fiffick
Fireplace Restaurant
First Energy Foundation
Friends of Music Association
Ms. Linda R. Gooden


Mr. & Mrs. Donald Graham
Mr. John F. Greenman &
Ms. Mary Alice Budge
Drs. Patrick & Madeleine Haggerty
Ms. Frances Herbert
Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Hill
Dr. Cary & Mr. James Horvath
Dr. Alan M. Jacobs
Mr. C. Gilbert James, Jr.
Jane F. Lamb Charitable Foundation
John & Dorothy Masternick Foundation
JPMorgan Chase Bank
Kiwanis Club Of Uptown Youngstown
Mr. George A. Kraynak
Ms. Christian S. LaLumia
Ms. Sara M. LaLurnia
Mr. John C. Landers
Mr. Gerald D. Lee
Dr. Saul Lerner
Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth M. Lloyd
Ms. Francis H. Lynn-Into
Mahoning County Bar Association
Mahoning Valley Hospital
Dr. & Mrs. William T. Martin
Mr. Paul J. McFadden


JA McMahon, Inc.
Monday Musical Club, Inc.
Ohio Structural Steel &
Architectural Metals Association
Dr. & Mrs. Tedrow L. Perkins
Dr. & Mrs. Nathan P. Ritchey
Mr. Scott R. Schulick
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce E. Sherman
Mr. Crown-Sen Shieh
Sigma Club
Dr. Charles R. Singler
Mr. Philip A. Smaldino
Dr. & Mrs. David T. Stephens
Dr. & Mrs. Anthony H. Stocks
The Boston Foundation
The Diamond Steel Construction Co., Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Tod, Jr.
Van Huffel Foundation
Walter E. & Caroline H. Watson Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Whipkey
Jim & Norma White
Mr. & Mrs. Orlando White
Mr. & Mrs. Jack M. White
Warren P. Williamson, Jr. Fund
Dr. Warren & Sandra Young
Mr. John D. Zelenak


YSU Circle - $500-$999
Mrs. Vivian N. Abram
Mr. Frank C. Ambrose
Mr. Robert J. Arena
Mr. & Mrs. John L. Asimakopoulos
Dr. & Mrs. Mark L. Billy
Ms. Jeanette G. Brown
Dr. John & Cheryl Buoni
Ms. Pamela S. Burdrnan
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip H. Cagigas
Mr. Gary L. Carrocce
Mr. Edward P. Condo
Conoco, Inc.
Mr. Charles W. Darling
Dr. Donna DeBlasio & Mr. Brian Corbin
Mr. & Mrs. Brian M. DelSignore
Dr. Robert J. Durick
Mr. Frank H. Einsiedel
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Finnerty, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Jerome G. Gbur
Mr. John E. Greaf
Dr. & Mrs. Russell E. Hudoba
Mrs. Marijo & Dr. Louis Jannetto
Dr. Ikram & Susan Khawaja

Mr. & Mrs. James G. Scott
Dr. Lois Belle Sellers
Angela S. Spalsbury
Atty. & Mrs. Jack Staph
Mr. David D. Steib
Ms. Debra A. Strang
Mr. Steven J. Swartwood
Mr. Bernard J. Szawan


Ms. Marly A. Kosinski
Mrs. Dorothy F. Lackey
Mr. David P. Locke
Mr. Neal P. Mc Nally
Dr. & Mrs. Anthony L. Mehle
Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Milligan
Mitsubishi Corporation
Mr. & Mrs. James H. Moore
Munsey Park School Staff
Mr. Sean J. O'Brien
Mr. Thomas W. O'Malia
Ms. Marilyn J. Palisin
Mr. & Mrs. William G. Perrine
Ms. Marilyn A. Pitts
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry S. Pizzo
Dr. & Mrs. Victor A. Richley
RMI Titanium Company
Mr. Timothy P. Rohr
Dr. & Mrs. Gary Salvner
Ms. Mary Alilce Schaff
Frances & Lillian Schemer
Charitable Trusts
Dr. & Mrs. James Shrode


Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas A. Tirone
Mr. Gary L. Trebilcock
Mr. & Mrs. Luther Tucker
Atty. & Mrs. Richard N. White
Mr. & Mrs. Mickey Williams
Mr. Richard A. Yecies
Youngstown Jr. Bowling Association


YSU Friends - $1-$499
Ms. Julie E. Abraham
Mr. Harold Adams
Mr. & Mrs. Pat Agresta
Dr. Nazir Ahmed
Karen & Thomas Albani, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Albright
Mr. Gary L. Aleman
Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Alexander
Dr. Domenico B. Aliberti, Sr.
Ms. Diane M. Allchin
Ms. Mary Ann Allgood
Mr. David A. Altiero, Jr.
Ms. Alma A. Anderson
Ms. Barbara J. Anderson
Ms. Cathleen A. Anderson
Mr. Glenn T. Anderson
Dr. & Mrs. Corey E. Andrews
Dr. & Mrs. Victor D. Angel
Ms. Melanie L. Angiuli
Mr. Robert J. Antonucci
Mr. Andrew J. Arendas, Jr.
Ms. Charlene D. Arendas
Dr. Jacquelyn A. Asbury
Ms. Sally A. Ashelman
Rev. Msgr. John P. Ashton
Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Atkinson
Mr. Nader G. Atway
Mr. Robert A. Ault
Ms. Belinda Austin
Mrs. Sandra S. Avery
Dr. James H. Babb
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Bacha, Jr.
Dr. Christopher M. Bache
Mrs. Marilyn J. Badger
Mr. Arnir A. Bagheri
Mr. Joseph M. Baich
Ms. Michelle D. Bails


Mr. George A. Baker
Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Baker
Mr. & Mrs. Ted J. Baker
Mr. Conrad F. Balazs
Ruth & Richard Baldwin
Pamela & Stephen Balent
Mr. Richard H. Balestra
Ms. Carrie A. Ball
Patricia & Raymond Baltic
Mr. & Mrs. Carl V. Banic, Sr.
Mr. John A. Barber
Ms. Juanita E. Barber
Mr. George T. Barker
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Barrett
Mr. & Mrs. Bart G. Bartholomew, III
Mr. Jonathan E. Bartlett
Mr. Michael V. Bartolo
Ms. Madonna J. Barwick
Ms. Regina R. Bass
Mr. Lawrence M. Baytos
Ms. Brenda J. Bayus
Mr. Steven D. Beatrice
Ms. Pauline E. Beck
Mr. Patrick J. Becker
Mr. Robert R. Becki
Dr. & Mrs. George D. Beelen
Mr. William C. Beinecke
Ms. Heather A. Belgin
Ms. Jill I. Bell
Mr. & Mrs. Larry J. Bell
Mr. Thomas J. Belle
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Belloto
Mr. John A. Bender
Mr. & Mrs. Hany J. Benetis
Atty. & Mrs. Franklin S. Bennett, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Drew M. Benson
Mrs. Kerri M. Benson
Mr. Richard H. Berg


Dr. Martin E. Berger
Mrs. Brigitt Berk
Ms. Suzanne Berlin
Mr. & Mrs. David A. Bevan, Jr.
Mr. Albert P. Bezilla
Ms. Jacqueline M. Bibo
Ms. Christine L. Bidwell
Mr. Paul D. Biery
Dr. & Mrs. Anthony W. Bilchik
Dr. & Mrs. William C. Binning
Mr. & Mrs. Harry C. Bircher
Dr. & Mrs. Anthony E. Bisconti
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Bisconti
Mr. & Mrs. Carl J. Bishop
Ms. Karen S. Bishop
Dr. David A. Bitonte
Mr. George Bjelovuk
Ms. Bernice Blair
Dr. Lawrence A. Blazina
Ms. Ana M. Bobby
Dr. Douglas A. Bogdan
Ms. Pam B. Bogen
Mr. & Mrs. David T. Boich
Mr. & Mrs. William D. Bole
Drs. Carol & Mark Boles
Mr. Larry Bombara
Mr. & Mrs. Mark J. Borys
Mrs. Pauline A. Boston
Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. Boucherle
Mr. Eugene S. Bova
Mr. David E. Bowen
Mr. Willard G. Bowers
Mr. Borko Bozickovic
Mrs. Ruth K. Bradshaw
Ms. Ruth M. Brajkovich
Mr. & Mrs. Alan G. Brant
Ms. Jacquelyn W. Brauninger
Mr. & Mrs. Everett E. Bray
Mrs. Margaret E. Breetz
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Bresnahan
Mr. Edward R. Bretz, Jr.
Mr. Robert L. Brickley
Prof. Alfied & Dr. Virginia Bright
Mr. Jack L. Brizzi, Sr.
Darla & Barry Brocker
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne M. Brodnan
Dr. & Mrs. Robert P. Brophy
Mr. & Mrs. August Brown


Mr. & Mrs. Eric A. Brown
Mr. Lany C. Brown
Ms. Marjorie L. Brown
Mr. Thomas B. Brugh
Mr. Jefiey P. Bryan
Mr. Paul Bucciarelli
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Bullock
Burdman Group, Inc.
Dr. Holly J. Burge-Stafford
Mr. & Mrs. Ray E. Burkhart
Ms. Arnay M. Burney
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy R. Bush
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas K. Butler
Mr. J. Matthew Butler
CA, Incorporated
Mr. & Mrs. Randall F. Cailor
Mr. Rand R. Cairey
Ms. Wilma J. Cairey
Mr. Michael Caldwell
Mr. Robert B. Campanell
Dr. Craig S. Campbell
Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Campolito
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Cannell
Ms. Shirlene R. Caplan
Ms. Emilie R. Capots
Mr. Mark A. Capuano
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth E. Carey
Mr. James R. Carmany
Ms. Norma Jean Carney
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Carney
Mr. Daniel E. Carrocce
Mr. David P. Carson
Mr. Stephen A. Caruso
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Case
Mr. & Mrs. Dorrill L. Catlin
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Catullo
Mr. Paul A. Cefrick
Drs. James, Jr. & Jennifer Celebrezze
Mr. James H. Centric
Ms. Sulana Ross Chait
Mr. Eric R. Chance
Mr. Tsu-Liang (Jimmy) Chang
Mr. Wendell S. Chapman
Mr. John C. Charnas
Mr. Lawrence J. Charniga
Mr. Gunvant J. Chauhan
Dr. Carol Chen
Mr. Nicholas H. Chengelis


Mrs. Mary J. Chester
Ms. Virginia F. Chiarello
Karen & Joseph Choppa
Mr. James L. Christofil
Mr. & Mrs. George W. Chunn
Mr. Paul A. Ciminero
Dr. & Mrs. Albert B. Cinelli
Mr. & Mrs. Gary W. Clark
Mr. & Mrs. Ted Clarke
Mr. Donald P. Clement
Club Girls
Mr. Lee C. Coates
Ms. Linda E. Cohen
Ms. Stacy L. Cohen
Mr. Francis F. Colburn
Ronald Cole & Theresa Horstman
Ms. Michelle S. Collins
Comerica Bank
Karen E. Conklin & Gary E. Offerdahl
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Conti
Mr. Michael R. Conti
Mr. George & Dr. Ellene Contis
Mr. Thomas P. Conway
Mr. David W. Corman
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph D. Cortese
Coterie Club
Dr. & Mrs. Charles A. Crans
Mr. & Mrs. David T. Creps
Ms. Linda J. Cresswell
Col. & Mrs. Joseph G. Cretella
Mr. Kevin W. Crews
Ms. Patricia C. Cronin
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Cuchna
Dr. A. Ranger Curran
Ms. Carol E. Cuthbertson
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory F. Cvetkovic
Mr. Thomas J. Cvetkovich
Mr. & Mrs. Donald P. Dailey
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Dallas
Ms. Jacquelyn M. Daniel
Mr. John T. Danus
Mr. Richard F. Darland
Ms. Deann L. Davis
Mr. Larry A. Davis
Mr. Roger P. Davis
Mr. Dallis G. Dawson
Ms. Terry L. DeBacco
DeBartolo Corporation


Mr. Vito R. DeBlasio
Ms. Shannon L. Deeds
Ms. Susan L. DeFilippo
Dr. & Mrs. Daniel P. DeGenova
Mr. John M. DeGenova
Mr. Tony D. DeGeorge
Mr. & Mrs. Albert Deiner
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis J. DelBane
Ms. Linda A. Delia
Ms. Angela DeLucia
Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. DeMarinis
Mr. Robert J. Demart
Donna & Joe DeMay
Ms. Darlene M. Demjen
Mr. Thomas L. Denney
Mr. Donald F. DePascal
James & Susan DeToro
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. DeToro
Ms. Nancy J. Diana-Franko
Dr. Sandra DiBacco-Tusinac
Mr. & Mrs. Larry M. Dickey
Ms. Sara L. Dickson
Diebold, Inc.
Ms. Jeannette F. Dietz
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. DiLoreto
Ms. Rose Marie Dimuccio
Mr. & Mrs. Ben A. Dirienzo
Mr. David J. Diroll
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Dodson
Mr. Robert J. Dombrowe
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel E. Donatelli
Mr. & Mrs. John P. Donchess
Mr. James H. Donegan
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Doneyko
Mr. Michael A. D'Onofiio, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Doria
Mr. Theodore E. Draewell
Mr. K. William Dreier
Ms. Nellie L. Drevna
Mr. Tyler W. Drombosky
Miss Mary Elizabeth Dubec
Mr. Richard W. Duesing
Marla & David Dull
Mr. George L. Dunlap
Mr. James L. Dunlap
Mr. & Mrs. William G. Dykins
Mr. Frederick L. Ebinger
Dr. & Mrs. Christopher M. Eddy


Dr. & Mrs. Robert J. Edwards
Mr. Allen J. Ehas
Mr. D. Keith Eichhorn
Dr. & Mrs. Salim El-Hayek
Ms. Charlotte A. Elliott Wallace
Ms. Cecilia A. Ellis
Ms. Sarah E. Ellis
Barbara & Ronald Emch
Mr. Paul I. Emch
Mr. Kenneth J. Endress
Mr. Harry Engster
Ms. Deborah A. Esbenshade
Mr. Thomas F. Estes
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth M. Evans
Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Evans
Mr. Robert P. Fabek
Ms. Mary A. Fabian
Mrs. Roselyn E. Fabrizio
Ms. Linda S. Falatic
Mrs. Cynthia P. Famrnartino-Fark
Mr. Leonard J. Farbman
Mr. James A. Farina, 11
Mr. Thomas E. Farragher
Very Rev. Alexis W. Fedec
Mr. & Mrs. Laddie J. Fedor
Mr. & Mrs. Robert V. Fedorchak
Atty. Matthew T. Fekete
Ms. Marguerite L. Felice
LTC & Mrs. Paul W. Fellinger, Ret.
Ms. Nancy J. Felton
LTC Cyril M. Ferenchak
Mr. Anthony M. Ferlaino, Jr.
Ms. Dora T. Ferritto
Ms. Margaret R. Filaccio
Mr. Robert L. Fink
Mr. D.A. Clarke Finneran
Dr. Matthew P. Finneran
Ms. Norma Fitch
Mr. Bret G. Fleckenstein
Jeffrey W., Sr., & Rosemary Fleming
Mr. Tom S. Flores
Mr. & Mrs. George E. Flyak
Flying High, Inc.
Ms. Jeanne M. Foley
Mr. Floyd F. Folio
Dr. Mary Ann Fontanarosa
Mr. Kenton L. Founnan
Mr. & Mrs. David W. Francis


Mr. & Mrs. Jack Frankenburg
Ms. Diane L. Freede
Mr. Leroy Freeman
Mr. & Mrs. David L. Frick
Mr. William G. Frolund
Mr. Eugene L. Fromm
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry J. Fullurn
Mr. & Mrs. Rex A. Funge
Mr. & Mrs. Steve M. Furgas
Dr. & Mrs. Shearle Furnish
Mr. James W. Gaidry
Ms. Judith Gaines
Ms. Mary A. Ganofsky
Ms. Susan L. Gans
Mr. Thomas D. Garasky
Mr. Ronald E. Garback
Ms. Patricia D. Garick
Mr. & Mrs. Gene M. Garritano
Mr. Bruno Gaspari
Mr. Anthony L. Gates
Jason Gay & Kristin Eichenberger
Dr. Weiqing Ge
Jeff & Becky Geltz
General Electric Foundation
Mr. Thomas E. George
Mr. & Mrs. Kris H. Geren
Ms. Renee E. Gessner
Dr. & Mrs. Antonio Gestosani
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Getchy
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory L. Gett
Mr. & Mrs. Peter F. Giannetti
Mr. & Mrs. Jack C. Gibson
Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Gillespie
Mr. Christopher A. Giusto
GlaxoSmithKline Fourndation
Mr. Gary G. Glaze
Mr. & Mrs. Donald S. Glenn
Mr. Andrew J. Gleydura
Mrs. Mary L. Godleski
Mr. Kenneth S. Goekjian
Golden Dawn Restaurant
Ms. Carol J. Gonda
Ms. Mary B. Gonda
Mr. Thomas Gorant
Dr. Paul 0. Gorby
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph J. Grader
Ms. Jodie L. Grazier
Mr. Joseph W. Grdenick


Greater Youngstown USBC BA, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn E. Griffiths
Mr. & Mrs. Gary H. Griswold
Ms. Judith Gross
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Grove
Dr. & Mrs. Jack A. Gruber
Dr. & Mrs. John F. Grzebieniak
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald J. Guerrieri
Mr. Joseph V. Guerriero
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory M. Gulas
Mr. Gregory A. Gustafson
Mr. Matthew M. Gustovich
Mr. Russell K. Hack
Mr. Greg S. Haggis
Mr. Gary J. Haire
Ms. Mary F. Hake
Mrs. Mary R. Halfacre
M. Susan & George Hall
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Hall
Dr. Wilbert Harnrnack
Ms. Gail M. Hammett
Mr. & Mrs. William P. Hammond
Dr. Bernard J. Hamrock
Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth P. Hankins
Mr. Leo T. Hanley, Sr.
Mr. William J. Hanlon, Jr.
Mr. John Hanna
Ms. Jill Harmon
Mrs. Florence Harshman
Atty. Michael S. Harshman
Ms. Jean T. Hassell
Ms. Sheila Hauck
Mr. & Mrs. Terry S. Hawk
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth C. Hecker
Dr. & Mrs. Dennis R. Henneman
Mr. Mark E. Henninger
Ms. Mary J. Herdman
Mrs. Sunny Heselov
Mr. Norman A. Hess
Mr. Robert G. Hewitt
Ms. Elsa Higby
Ms. Mary Beth High
Ms. Kimberly A. Hight
Mr. Kurt Hilderbrand & Ms. Donna Slagle
Ms. Judith A. Hink
Mr. Matthew L. Hlebak
Mrs. Amanda L. Hockman
Ms. Diane J. Hodgson


Ms. Alice C. Hofhan
Ms. Dennisse L. Hoffman
Ms. Nancy Hokanson
Ms. Karen L. Holisky
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis W. Hollenbeck
Mr. Aaron L. Hollingsworth
Mr. James C. Holmes
Mr. Lyle D. Holmes
Mrs. Dorothy L. Honey
Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Hoopes
Joseph & Lois Hopkins
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth J. Horvath
Mrs. Betty L. Houlton
Mr. Robert J. Housteau
Mr. & Mrs. Pei Huang
Mr. John L. Hucke
Mr. John S. Hughes
Atty. & Mrs. Theodore Humphrey
Dr. Margaret Raub Hunt
Hon. Scott D. Hunter
Ms. Laura A. Hurst
Mr. & Mrs. Jack E. Hutchison
Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Hyde
Mr. & Mrs. John P. Hyden
Mr. Ronald E. Hynes
Dr. Gregory B. Iaderosa
Mr. Randy E. Ice
Dr. Sylvia & Mr. Philip Irnler
Ms. Joyce L. Ionese
Dr. & Mrs. Magdy K. Iskander
Dr. Glenna S. Jackson
Ms. Mary Lou Jacobs
Mrs. Elizabeth R. Jacobs
Mr. John R. Jakubek
Ms. Elizabeth J. James
Mr. John M. Janosik
Mr. Raymond J. Jaros
JC Enterprise Center, Inc.
Mary & T.C. Jefferson-Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew D. Jenkins
Ms. Joann M. Jenny
Mr. William A. Jensen, Sr.
Ms. Valeria A. Jesionek
Ms. Dolores A. Johnson
Mr. George Johnson, Jr.
Jonnie & Wanda Johnson
Kathleen & Kenneth Johnson
Mr. Doug A. Jones

Mr. James S. Jones
Mr. Lawrence J. Jones
Mr. & Mrs. William G. Jones
Ms. M. Lynn Joseph
Ms. Mary J. Joyce
Mr. Charles A. Kaiser
Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Kaminski
Ms. Alana M. Kane
Mr. Anthony H. Kariotis
Ms. Martha H. Katz
Mrs. Nancy L. Kayne
Mr. Robin Kayner
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Keiser
Mr. Gerard T. Kelly
Ms. Dorothy M. Kennedy
Marilyn & Walter Kenner
Ms. M. Chris Khurnprakob
Therese & John Kightlinger
Mr. James A. Kiracofe
Mr. & Mrs. Dirk Kish
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Kishman
Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Klacik
Mr. & Mrs. Gary J. Klembara
Ms. Heather Ann Klesch
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald J. Klika
Mr. Charles E. Klimko
Mr. & Mrs. Justin G. Klimko
Mr. Lawrence F. Klonowski
Dr. John G. Kmetz
Ms. Jo Ann Knapic
Mr. Robert L. Kocan
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph G. Koch
Mr. & Mrs. William R. Koch
Dr. & Mrs. James M. Kohut
Dr. Friedrich W. Koknat
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher R. Kolibab
Mr. & Mrs. David J. Konik
Mr. & Mrs. Gary L. Konya
Mr. Joseph B. Kope
Mr. & Mrs. William R. Koppel
Mr. David L. Korb
Mr. Bernard J. Kortz
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard J. Kosar, Sr.
Mr. John L. Koshan
Mr. William G. Koziar
Mr. Glenn M. Kramer
Mr. John S. Kresovsky
Mr. Robert L. Krok

Mr. Fredrick C. Krolopp
Dr. James J. Krumpak
Mr. Cassey D. Kuhl
Dr. Keith H. Kuppler
Mr. Stephen J. LaCivita
Mrs. Florence I. Laitman
Ms. Tracy M. Lakatos
Ms. Donna M. Lake
Ms. Linda S. Lamanna
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Lance
Ms. Christa M. Landas
Mr. Richard Lantz
Beverly & Bruce Laraway
Mr. Brian M. Laraway
Mr. Robert L. LaRicca
Ms. Susan J. Larue
Mr. George S. Laskos
Dr. A. Bari Lateef
Mr. Thomas J. Latona
Ms. Theresa M. Lattanzi
David & Georgia Lauer
Dr. Thomas J. Lavin
Mr. & Mrs. James Lavorini
Mr. & Mrs. David A. Lazor
Mr. Eugene M. Lazor
Mr. & Mrs. Gary M. Lazor
Mr. & Mrs. Troy J. Leavery
Mr. Leland F. Ledgerwood
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Leeper
Mrs. Nancy Lenga
Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Leonard, Sr.
Atty. & Mrs. Donald P. Leone
Mr. Thomas J. Lepley
Mr. James J. Lepore
Ms. Renee L. Leslie
Dr. James E. Lessick
Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Lewis
Mr. & Mrs. Murphy J. Lewis
Dr. Sally A. Lewis
Mrs. Marylou Lickwar
Ms. Elvina L. Lidle
Lien Forward Ohio
Mrs. Mary Young Liming
Mr. Paul A. Listopad
Mr. Paul J. Little
Mr. Mark C. Loomis
Bill & Jackie Lucarell
Mr. Gilbert V. Lucarelli

Richard & Evelyn Lucas
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Lukin
Mr. Greg M. Lutz
Dr. & Mrs. Michael J. Luzar
Mr. John P. Lynch
Mr. Thomas E. Lynch
Mr. Dennis P. Lyons
Mrs. Barbara A. MacDonald
Ms. Karen D. MacDonald
Ms. Marie A. Machuga
Rev. & Mrs. Lewis W. Macklin, II
Ms. Dona M. Madacsi
Mr. & Mrs. Frank R. Madura
Mrs. Beverly J. Magda
Mr. John T. Mahin
Mr. George A. Mahramas
Mr. Robert Maiorano, 11
Ms. Natalie Majoros
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Malrnisur
Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Mancini, Sr.
Col. Robert B. Mangold, USA Ret.
Mrs. Helen W. Manor
Mr. & Mrs. David M. Manseau
Mr. & Mrs. C. Joseph Marino
Dr. Julia A. Mark
Mr. Ronald D. Markle
Dr. & Mrs. Hank E. Markowitz
Mr. Michael J. Marrie
Mr. John D. Marshall
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry R. Martin
Ms. Shirley M. Martin
Mr. James M. Maskulka
Ms. Talva E. Maslach
Ms. Shirley H. Masluk
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Massie
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Mateja
Mr. Donald H. Mathews, Ill
Ms. Mary R. Mathews-Bebech
Ms. Tracie A. Mavrogianis
Mr. Robert G. Mayer, Jr.
Mr. Robert J. Mazur
Mr. Trevor A. McAleer
Dr. & Mrs. Charles A. McBriarty
Mr. Michael W. McBride
Dr. Paul W. McBride
Rev. William J. McCabe
Mr. John J. McCann
Ms. Joanna L. McCartney

Mr. & Mrs. Jeff R. McCauslin
Dr. George E. McCloud
Ms. Patricia J. McCombs
Mrs. Charlene E. McCracken
Mr. & Mrs. Roy D. McCullough
Mrs. Ruth E. McCune
Ms. Brenda L. McDougal
Mr. E. LeRoy McFadden
Mr. & Mrs. Carmen J. McGarry
Mr. Richard H. McGregor
Ms. Carol A. McGuinness
Ms. Kathleen T. McGuire
Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. McKee
Mr. Walter T. McKelvey
McKinley Lanes, Inc.
Atty. & Mrs. Richard P. McLaughlin
Dr. Anne M. McMahon
Atty. & Mrs. John A McNally, 111
Mr. Terry McRoberts
Ms. Benu Mehra
Dr. & Mrs. Wallace M. Meikle
Ms. Marianne G. Mellinger
Merck Company Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Eric J. Merkel
Mr. Harry Meshel
Mr. & Mrs. Albert M. Metro, Jr.
Dr. Howard D. Mettee
Mr. & Mrs. Brian H. Meyer
Mr. Michael D. Migliore
Mr. Michael J. Mijic
Mr. Jon M. Mikolay
Mrs. Joan B. Miles
Mr. Martin J. Milich
Hon. & Mrs. Robert P. Milich
Mr. Edward J. Miller
Marian Miller
Ms. Mary A. Miller
Mr. Scott C. Miller
Susanne & Thomas Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne F. Miller
Mr. John A. Mills, 111
Ms. Rita A. Minghetti
Ms. Sandra P. Mink
Ms. Florence G. Mirkin
Mrs. Lynnette Misciskia
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Mislay
Mr. William B. Missik
Patricia & Mark Mitcham

Ms. Noreen Moderalli
Ms. Linda Modry
Mr. & Mrs. Gary L. Mohr
Ms. Sandra L. Mokros
Mr. & Mrs. John T. Molnar
Mr. Charles F. Moore
Mr. & Mrs. Daryl W. Moore
Mr. Edward A. Moore
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald D. Moore
Ms. Yvonne L. Moore
Mr. Edward J. Morgan
Mrs. Elaine G. Morgan
Atty. Greg G. Morgione
Ms. Marjorie A. Morley
Dr. Clyde Morris & Ms. Janet Yaniglos
Mr. Evan R. Morris
Mr. & Mrs. Peter I. Morrison
Mr. Ralph C. Morrone
Mr. Robert J. Mullally, Jr.
Mary Ellen & Mark Munroe
Marilyn & Don Murcko
Mr. George J. Murphy, Jr.
Ms. Joann E. Murphy
Mr. Michael P. Murphy
Ms. Patricia L. Murphy
Mr. Ryan P. Murphy
Mr. George E. Myers
Ms. Evelyn J. Nannicola
Ms. Ronna L. Nazarini
Mrs. Celia Neirnark
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Neville
Ms. Amy B. Newrnan
Mr. Frank A. Nicpon
Mr. Carl D. Nocera
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Nock
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas M. Nolfi
Mr. Charles J. Noufer
Mr. Thomas S. Novak
Mr. Louis J. Nudo
Mr. Donald T. Nyalka
Dr. Barbara Nykiel-Herbert
Mr. Fredric T. O'Connor
OHEV Tzedek Temple Shaarei Torah
Mr. & Mrs. Neil L. Olesen
Mr. Frederick H. Olinger
Ms. Diane E. Oliva
Ms. Carol J. Olson
Mr. John T. O'Masta

Dr. & Mrs. Daniel J. O'Neill
Mr. Wendell E. Orr
Mr. & Mrs. James L. Orsine, Sr.
Mr. Gerald Ortman
Mr. Edward F. Ostrowski
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Osuga
Mr. Ted J. Otterson
Mr. Kirk J. Pace
Mrs. Aida L. Pacheco
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas D. Pacura
Mr. & Mrs. Sam F. Pagano
Dr. Rachael Pakunpanya
Mr. & Mrs. William A. Pallante
Mr. Paul D. Pallini
Mr. Franklin H. Palmer, Jr.
Pam & Tom Palumbo
Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Pantalone
Mr. Nicholas F. Paolini
Mr. & Mrs. William S. Papalas
Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Paraska
Mr. & Mrs. E. Mack Parrott
Mr. & Mrs. Carl M. Pasquale
Mr. Robert A. Pastoria
Mr. Mahesh P. Pate1
Atty. & Mrs. W. Terry Patrick
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Patterson
Mr. Robert Campbell Patterson, Jr.
Mrs. Robin C. Patton
Ms. Susan C. Patton
Mr. Richard G. Payne
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel D. Pechkurow
Mr. John E. Pelles
Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Penniman, II
Pentecost in Perspective International
Atty. Richard D. Percic
Mrs. Phyllis Perlman
Mr. Timothy Peterson
Ms. Barbara E. Petronelli
Mr. Frank L. Petrony
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene R. Petrosky
Mr. & Mrs. Paul T. Pezzenti
Phi Kappa Phi Chapter 143
Mr. Thomas D. Pilarcik
Mr. Fred Pisani
Mr. Daniel J. Pissini
Ms. Beverly Poidrnore
Mr. James A. Ponzo
Mr. Dayne L. Popa

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Popio
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Popney
Mr. John Poponyak
Mr. Charles J. Popovich
Mr. & Mrs. John R. Poulson
R & S Decorating, Inc.
Ms. Anne M. Radanovic
Mr. & Mrs. Alfred P. Raghanti
Ms. Mary A. Ramirez
Mr. Thomas A. Ramos
Mrs. Constance J. Raupach
Mr. & Mrs. William E. Rausch, Jr.
Dr. Bhargava Ravi
Mr. Craig R. Raymaley
Raytheon Company
Ms. Maureen E. Reardon
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Reed, Jr.
Ms. Rose E. Reed
Mr. Jack R. Reese
Mr. & Mrs. James B. Reese
Ms. Patricia A. Reese
Mr. Raymond F. Reichert
Ms. Pamela Reichert-Anderson
Dr. & Mrs. Charles L. Reid
Ms. Diane I. Reinke
Mr. Kenneth R. Rernias
Mr. Charles D. Rempes
Ms. Deborah Rendes
Mr. Emery M. Rendes
Mr. Paul B. Renier
Mr. Michael W. Repasky
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond M. Repasky
Ms. Linda K. Resch
Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Resek
Mr. Joseph E. Retort
Dr. David A. Rhodes
Mrs. Charisse Ricciuti
Dr. Mary E. Rice
Mr. William D. Rice
Mr. Arthur J. Richards
Atty. & Mrs. Lawrence H. Richards
Mrs. Kathleen A. Rickert
Ms. Liliana R. Ricotti
Mr. Benjamin D. Riechmann
Mr. John K. Riley
Mrs. M. Alice Riley
Mr. Juan Rios-Soto
Ms. Donna L. Ritch

Dr. David W. Ritchie
Dr. & Mrs. James M. Ritter
Mr. William F. Rizer
Mr. Dean E. Robb
Mr. Lawrence E. Roberts
Mrs. Judith A. Robinson
Ms. Edith E. Rodenhausen
Mr. Duane O. Rodgers
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy G. Rodgers
Rev. William L. Roemer
Mr & Mrs. Jeffiey B. Rogner
Christine & R. Keller Rohde
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick J. Romeo, Jr.
Mrs. Kathleen S. Roof
Mrs. Regina A. Root
Mr. & Mrs. David E. Roseman
Mr. Denis A. Ross
Ms. Diane A. Ross
Mr. Joseph L. Ross
Mrs. Luann J. Rossi
Dr. Duane F. Rost
Dr. & Mrs. William R. Rousseau
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony R. Rozzo
Mr. Donald S. Rudolph, II
Mr. Chester E. Ru&
Ms. Nancy E. Ruggieri
Mr. Angelo M. Ruscitti
Mrs. Sandra M. Russell
Dr. John B. Russo
Ms. Susan C. Russo
Mr. & Mrs. John H. Ryan
Ms. Karen A. Ryan
Mr. Kevin T. Ryan
Mr. David M. Sabatino
Mr. Michael J. Sabol
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Sacchini
Ms. Carmel J. Sacco
Ms. Jessica Sacco
Mr. Allan E. Saline
Mr. & Mrs. Dominic J. Salomone
Mr. Jeffiey A. Saltsman
Ms. Catherine A. Saluga
Dr. Charles P. Sarnmarone, Jr.
Dr. Irene W. Sample
Dr. & Mrs. Gerald C. Sandy
Mr. Ronald J. Santangelo
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene F. Santoro
Mrs. Catherine A. Santucci

Mrs. Anne D. Sarosy
Ms. Mary J. Sartori
Dr. & Mrs. Lowell J. Satre
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence D. Schaaf
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Scharville
Mr. & Mrs. Howard E. Scheetz
Joanne M. & Dennis Schell
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Schiffer
Mr. & Mrs. C. Reid Schmutz
Ms. Janice W. Schnall
Mr. & Mrs. John R. Schnell
Mr. Lester E. Schott
Drs. James Schramer & Julia Gergits
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Scott
Ms. Linda A. Scott
Ms. Phyllis E. Scoville
Dr. Denise A. Seachrist
Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Seely
Mr. & Mrs. Jan J. Seidler
Ms. Brittany N. Senn
Mr. William A. Serjak
Mr. Paul R. Sevenich
Mr. Henry C. Sforza, CPA
Mr. Lawrence H. Shaffer
Dr. Raymond & Christine Shaffer
Ms. Lorilyn Shandor
Ms. Katherine C. Sheridan
Mr. Don R. Sherwood
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel E. Shields
Ms. Lucile E. Shields
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Shirilla
Mr. & Mrs. David R. Shoff
Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Shriver
Ms. Betty Jane Shultz
Mrs. Kathleen Shutrump
Dr. & Mrs. William F. Sibley
Mr. & Mrs. Peter D. Sicahse
Dr. Thelma Silver & Mr. David Nittskoff
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph G. Simko
Mr. David B. Simons
Mr. Stephen J. Simunich
Mr. Jeffrey R. Singler
Mr. Anthony T. Sinopoli
Mr. Richard F. Sitler
Mr. Gregory J. Skala
Atty. Beth A. Slagle
Mr. Bruce R. Slater
Mrs. Emily Slaven

Alyce & Ray Slivochka
Ms. Angela Small
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond M. Smesko
Mr. Bruce A. Smith
Mr. Dan A. Smith
Ms. Julie M. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Smith
Mrs. Patricia A. Smith
Ms. Peggy I. Smith
Mr. Wade W. Smith
Snell & Wilmer, LLP
Dr. & Mrs. Stephen L. Sniderman
Mr. Philip & Dr. Dolores Snyder
Ms. Charlene K. Sokal
Mr. Joseph J. Solomon
Ms. Nancy L. Solomon
Ms. Dolores J. Sonoga
Mr. & Mrs. John T. Sontich
Mr. & Mrs. Randall C. Spak
Mrs. Lisa R. Spalding
SPCS Investment Group
John & Susan Spencer
Mr. & Mrs. Rocco L. Sperati
Ms. Kathryn M. Spillman
Ms. Amy R. Sposato
Mr. Michael J. Sprague
Dr. Patrick O. Spurgeon
Mr. Richard H. Srolovitz
St. Charles Home & School Association
Mr. Charles E. St. John
Staley Mechanical Consulting, Inc.
Ms. Marian L. Stalker
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald P. Stas
Mr. Robert E. Steele
Ms. Norma J. Stefanik
Ms. Janice M. Steffanina
Mr. Jack Stein
Mr. & Mrs. William D. Stephens
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Stephenson
Ms. Betty Jo Stevens
Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Stevens
Ms. Janet E. Stoops
Mrs. Mary L. Storey
Anita & Norman Stothard
Mr. George R. Stowe
Mr. George N. Stroia
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald A. Strollo
Mr. Lester R. Styers

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Sullivan
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Summers
Dr. Michael T. Sunday
Mr. & Mrs. Donald P. Sunderlin
Mr. Richard T. Susany
Ms. Kirsten Swanson
Dr. & Mrs. David C. Sweet
Dr. David Sweetkind
Ms. Heidi C. Swift
Ms. Jean M. Sylak
Ms. Pauline F. Szary
Mr. & Mrs. Tommy R. Tabor
Mr. Timothy M. Taggart
Ms. Nancy M. Tamburro
Ms. Lois M. Tamplin
Dr. Frank J. Tarantine
Mr. George M. Tataseo
Ms. Linda M. Taylor
Patricia & Randolph Taylor
The Gold Exchange
Mr. Edward D. Thomas
Hannelore & John Thomas
Mrs. Mary P. Thomas
Mr. Michael J. Thomas, Jr.
Mr. Robert E. Thomas
Ms. Cindy Thompson
Mr. Jack F. Thompson, I1
Mr. & Mrs. Mark W. Thomson
ThyssenKrupp Waupaca, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne A. Tiedeman
Mr. James L. Tirnlin
Mr. Gary A. Tincu
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur F. Tisone
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel M. Todd
Mr. Bradley L. Todora
Ms. Carolyne M. Toth
Mr. J. Robert Toth
Mr. James A. Toti, Sr.
Hon. Joseph W. Toti
Mr. Ronald J. Totten
Mr. & Mrs. Pat M. Trell
Mr. & Mrs. James Tressel
Tri-County Hadassah
Mr. & Mrs. David Truog
Dr. Elizabeth P. Tucker
Mr. & Mrs. James Turnbull
Mr. William J. Turocy
Mr. & Mrs. William F. Tyger

Mr. Daniel J. Uhlar
Ms. Mandy L. Ulicney
Mr. & Mrs. Guy Utterback
LCDR Russell D. Van Tassel USN Ret.
Mr. David C. Vanaman
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald J. Vanatsky
Mr. Thomas G. VanWert
Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Vargo
Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Varley
Mr. & Mrs. Marc H. Vegh
Mr. & Mrs. Guy J. Vendemia
Mr. Anthony R. Verostko
Atty. & Mrs. Frank G. Verterano
Mr. Ronald J. Vesely
Ms. Cynthia L. Vigliotti
Mr. Michael C. Villano
Mr. John J. Vinski, 111
Mr. Ralph C. Vitale
Ms. Elaine L. Volarich
Mr. & Mrs. James P. Voye
Mr. Andrew Voytik
Ms. Jean E. Vrancich
Mrs. Frances M. Wagner
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Wagner, Jr.
Dr. David & Mrs. Judith Waldman
Mr. Louis M. Waleff
Mr. Samuel E. Walker, Jr.
Dr. Bruce N. Waller
Ms. Marilyn K. Ward
Mr. & Mrs. Steven H. Warden
Mr. Kenneth L. Wareham
Mr. Eric J. Waser
Ms. Alice L. Washington
Mr. Kevin G. Watson
Mr. James P. Wayne
Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Webber
Wesley & Annette Weimer
Mr. & Mrs. John C. Wendle
Mrs. Marcia A. Werning
Ms. Ellen L. Wieckowski
Ms. Catherine C. Wigley
Ms. Barbara A. Williams
Ms. Beverly J. Williams
Ms. Marcy A. Williams
Richard & Gayle Williams
Mr. Richard D. Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Alan C. Wilson
Ms. Marlene K. Wilson

Mrs. Shirley A. Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. Russel M. Windler
Mr. James L. Winger
Mr. & Mrs. Edward F. Winsen
Ms. Jennie M. Wood
Ms. Eleanor K. Woodford
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond C. Wright
Dr. Paul E. Yarab
Mr. Thomas A. Yazvac
Ms. Beth A. Yeatts
Mr. Rami Yehudai
Mr. Anthony Yeropoli
Ms. Jennifer L. Young
Dr. & Mrs. Bernard J. Yozwiak
Mr. & Mrs. John B. Yozwiak
YSU Geography Faculty

YSU Physical Therapy Department
Florence & William Yuhas
Mr. John E. Yuhaschek
Mr. John R. Zahner
Mr. Robert W. Zajack
Mr. Val A. Zampedro
Ms. Catherine M. Zapka
Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Zastany
Ms. Marian E. Zickefoose
Dr. & Mrs. Gary A. Zipay
Dr. & Mrs. Philip J. Zitello
Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Zitto
Mr. Joseph Zoccali
Ms. Stella A. Zone
Dr. & Mrs. Jared C. Zwick

Total Cash Contributions:





Ms. Kelly A. Bancrofl
Brady's Leap
Ms. Anna M. Keck
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth K. Keller
Ms. Brenda J. Lawrence
Leo's Ristorante
Ms. Robyn E. Maas
Montgomery Wellness, Inc.
Ms. Marcie A. Roepke-Applegate
Snelson & Snelson, DDS
Mr. Peter C. Syak
Ms. Shannon M. Tesone
Ms. Alexis C. Wokocha



SMARTS -Framed Photos and Jewelry
SMARTS - Brady's Leap CD
SMARTS - Sterling Silver Bracelets
SMARTS - 4 Wine Tiles
SMARTS - 5 hand knitted scarves
Alberini Scholarship - Basket & Gift Cert.
SMARTS - Focal Points Bead Jewelry
Alberini Scholarship - Vitamin Package
SMARTS -Flybird Designs Jewelry
Alberini Scholarship - Bleaching Kit
SMARTS - Artifacts by Design Pottery
SMARTS - Shannon Tesone Prints
SMARTS - Beaded Bracelets


Total Non-Cash Contributions:  $2,139.15






$1,000.00 - $9,999.99
Dr. & Mrs. James H. Andrews
Mrs. Nancy W. Beeghly

Ms. Catherine A. Mehalco

$500.00 - $999.99
Mrs. Jo Ann Beh
Ms. Cynthia Klingemier
Mr. & Mrs. Howard D. Mettee

Atty. & Mrs. Charles Y. Mansell
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Rose
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur D. Wolfcale

Below $500.00
Ms. Faye E. Abbondanza
Ms. Jeannette Abi-Nader
Mrs. Vivian Abram
Attys. Richard & Karen Abrarns
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Adams
Mr. Jefiey M. Adams
Ms. Anna Aey
Mr. & Mrs. Greg Aker
Ms. Kathy Akpom
Mr. & Mrs. Steven A. Albani
Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Albert
Mrs. Hilda Albini
Ms. Julie Alden
Ms. Deborah Alexander
Mrs. Diane Alexander
Ms. Tanya Alsberg
Mrs. Leigh Altier
Mr. & Mrs. Neil Altrnan
Mr. & Mrs. Jaryl Altomare
Mr. William J. Ambert
Ms. Lois b e n t
Mr. Richard Ames
Ms. Anna P. Ampy
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Amundsen
Mr. & Mrs. David R. Anderson
Ms. Lynn Anderson
Dr. Corey Andrews
Mrs. Betty Antenucci
Ms. Linda J. Anthony
Ms. Suzanne Anzellotti
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Arduin
Ms. Sophia Armstead
Ms. Felicia Armstrong
Ms. Gail A. Arneson

Mr. Joseph Arrowsmith
Mrs. Nancy L. Ault
Mr. Jack Auman
Mr. Rich Austin
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas M. Babyak
Dr. Chris M. Bache
Mr. Ralph E. Bacon
Mrs. Marilyn J. Badger
Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Badolato
Ms. Sandra Bailey
Mr. Stephen Bailey
Ms. Patsy Ballantine
Ms. Margaret Bancroft
Mrs. Virginia L. Bandy
Mrs. Ellen W. Banks
Mrs. Elizabeth J. Bannon
Mrs. Cynthia Baringer
Dr. Diane & Mr. Ben Barnes
Ms. Rebecca Barnhouse
Ms. Kate Barrette
Ms. Nancy Barta-Smith
Mr. Henry Barton
Mr. John P. Bassetti
Mr. & Mrs. James D. Battafarano
Ms. Alda L. Battista
Mr. & Mrs. John Battisti
Ms. Roberta Bauman
Ms. Janet M. Baumann
Ms. Patricia A. Baumgarner
Ms. Joanne E. Beard
Mr. & Mrs. Servio Becerra
Dr. & Mrs. Jack Becker
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Bedenis
Ms. Janice Beebe

Dr. & Mrs. Robert J. Beebe
Mrs. Susan Beil
Mr. John Beniston
Mr. Charles Bennehoof
Mr. Leonard Berenholz
Dr. & Mrs. Martin Berger
Rabbi Joel Berman & Ms. Chaia Beckennan
Mr. Jeff Bersett
Mrs. Jacqueline M. Bibo
Ms. Margaret F. Bidinotto
Ms. Chris Bilski
Dr. & Mrs. Bill C. Binning
Mr. Kenneth Birath
Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Black
Mr. Ed Black
Mr. Josh Blackann
Ms. Bernice Blair
Ms. Mary Jo Blanchard
Mr. John Blystone
Ms. Jean A. Bolinger
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph H. Bolotin
Mr. Richard Bonner
Father Bob Bonnot
Mrs. Martha Bossick-Campbell
Ms. Chrisanne Bowden
Dr. Bege K. Bowers
Mr. Bret Bowers
Ms. Helene Bowie
Dr. Joan Boyd
Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Boye
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Boykin
Mr. Samuel Brandt
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Bresnahan
Ms. Carol F. Bretz
Ms. Carol Brewster
Mr. Joseph Briehl
Mr. Eric Brill
Ms. Ruth E. Broad
Dr. Barbara Brothers
Mr. Eric Broviak
Dr. & Mrs. Dean R. Brown
Mr. John R. Brown, Jr.
Ms. Mary Brown
Ms. Laurie M. Brown-Croyts
Ms. Nancy Brundage
Mr. William J. Buckner
Ms. Amy Bufano
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Bumbaugh
Ms. Margie Burnett

Mrs. Holly Burnett-Hanley
Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Bursey
Ms. Joan Bushey
Mrs. Margaret Byce
Mr. & Mrs. David Byer
Ms. Janet Cadman
Mr. Alex Calder
Dr. Javier E. Calderon
Mrs. Gabriele Calior
Ms. Catherine Calko
Mr. John Callahan
Atty. & Mrs. Jim Callen
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Campbell
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Cantanzriti
Ms. Sally L. Carangi
Ms. Mellie G. Cardoza
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Carey, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph V. Carfora
Mrs. Norma Jean Carney
Mr. William J. Carney
Mrs. Catherine C. Carroll
Ms. Gertrude Carson
Mrs. Lorene Carvin
Mrs. Laura Casey
Dr. Frank Castronovo
Ms. Julia Catchpole
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Catullo
Ms. Maryann E. Centofanti
Dr. & Mrs. John N. Cernica
Mr. Daniel Cerroni
Mr. & Mrs. Michael S. Cervone
Mrs. Dorothy Cheal
Dr. & Mrs. Harold Chevlen
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin H. Childs
Mr. Robert Chiles
Mrs. Maria E. Chimbidis
Ms. Fanchon Chronister
Mr. Neil Ciminero
Mr. Sam Ciminero
Ms. Jacquelyne Clark
Mr. Jim Clark
Mr. Dave Clementson
Mrs. Ann L. Cliness
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis A. Clouse
Ms. Mary Cochran
Ms. Laura McDevitt Codopony
Mr. Jay Cohen
Mrs. Andrea V. Colaiaco
Mr. Ronald Cole

Ms. Debra Collier
Mr. & Mrs. Jim F. Collier
Mr. Richard Colonna, Jr.
Ms. Sharyn Common
Dr. Eleanor Congdon
Ms. Margaret Conlan
Ms. Rita Converse
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Conway
Ms. Martha Cook
Dr. Chet Cooper
Ms. Linda G. Cope
Dr. Thomas A. Copeland
Mr. & Mrs. William Copich
Dr. & Mrs. Heme' M. Corbe'
Mr. & Mrs. George Corfias
Ms. Marilyn Corrado
Ms. Susan Cosgrove
Dr. Adam E. & Dr. Christina E. Costarella
Mr. & Mrs. Randall Coudriet
Ms. Cheryl Couts
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Cowart
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Craciun
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Crafton
Mrs. Devon Cretella
Mr. Josh Cretella
Mr. Karel Cubick
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Cuff
Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Curnmings, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Bernie Cummins
Mr. & Mrs. Richard K. Cunningham
Ms. Kim Curry
Dr. & Mrs. David L. D'Atnore
Mrs. Lisa S. DIArnore
Dr. Rosemary A. D'Apolito
Mr. John Dalbec
Dr. & Mrs. Paul Dalbec
Ms. Juanita Daniel-Morgan
Mr. Andrew F. Danus
Mr. Charles W. Darling
Mr. Scott Davidson
Mr. & Mrs. Edward R. Daytner
Mr. Ray DeCarlo
Mr. Nick DelSignore
Dr. Rose Quinones Delvalle
Ms. Mary Ann Demidovich
Mr. Jim F. Dempsey
Ms. Veda C. DePaepe
Ms. Diana DeVito
Ms. Pat Diamond

Ms. Denise Dick
Mr. Samuel W. Dickey
Ms. Sara L. Dickson
Ms. Lark R. Dickstein
Ms. Geraldine D. Dicola
Mr. William Diehrn
Mr. James M. DiMey
Mr. & Mrs. Richard DiGregorio
Ms. Valerie Dill
Father Giles Dimock
Ms. Claudia Dirienzo
Mr. Gerald Dixey & Ms. Mary Ann Karas
Mr. Doug Dohallow
Mr. & Mrs. John S. Dolan
Mr. Robert Domin
Ms. Jan & Mr. Gene Douglass
Mr. Michael P. Doyle
Ms. Diane L. Drapcho
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Dreyfbs
Ms. Cynthia J. Droba
Ms. Maureen Drummond
Mr. David D. Dull
Ms. Bobbie A. Dunn
Ms. Mary Kay Earnhart
Mr. & Dr. John Eaton
Ms. Geraldine Eckert
Dr. Gunapala Edirisooriya
Ms. Mary Lou Eicher
Ms. Joanne Eiselstein
Ms. Nydah Ellet
Ms. Anne Kerpsack Ellis
Ms. Ginny Elser
Ms. Jeanette S. Engle
Mr. & Mrs. Hany Engster
Mr. & Mrs. Louis R. Epstein
Ms. June A. Evans
Ms. Kathryn Ewald
Mr. John L. Eynon
Mr. David & Ms. Olivia Factor
Mr. John Falibota
Mr. Ray Fallen
Mr. & Mrs. William E. Farragher
Ms. Sara Faudree
Mrs. Lori A. Faust
Ms. Nancy Fehrenbaugh
Mrs. Elizabeth M. Fekete
Ms. Nancy Felton
Ms. Kelsey Fischer
Mr. Mark A. Fisher

Mr. Ryan Fisher
Mr. & Mrs. Rick J. Fitch
Mr. & Mrs. David Fithian
Mrs. Eva Fitzgerald
Ms. Christine Flak
Ms. Janice Flaws
Mr. & Mrs. Alfred J. Fleming
Mr. Richard G. Fogo
Ms. Sheryl Foltz
Mrs. Margaret J. Ford
Mr. & Mrs. Brian A. Fountaine
Mr. Aaron Fox
Ms. Evelyn RoAnna Frabutt
Mr. & Mrs. Martin A. Francis
Mr. David Frank
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Frankenburg
Mr. Frank Frankovich
Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray
Ms. Catherine M. Fredericks
Mrs. Elizabeth Frivaldi
Mr. David Fruehstorfer
Mr. Richard Fruit
Ms. Karen A. Fry & Mr. James Hardy
Ms. Julia Fuhnnan Davis
Ms. Kathryn Fulford
Ms. Rosemary Fuller
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Furillo
Ms. Carolyn Furnish
Atty. & Mrs. Michael Gallo
Mr. Paul Gambrel
Ms. Christina Gant
Ms. Renee Garchar
Mr. Terry Gardlock
Mrs. Anne T. Gardner
Mr. & Mrs. Roman Garrison
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Garvey
Mr. & Mrs. Mark E. Gasser
Ms. Susan Gauntner
Mrs. Sondra Gaylord
Mr. Jerome H. Geier
Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Gelfand
Mr. & Mrs. David George
Mrs. Renee Gerasirnek
Mr. Norton German
Mr. Hunter Gervelis
Ms. Pam Gianoglio
Ms. Beverly Gibson
Ms. Georgette Gillen
Dr. Alan & Dr. Margaret Gittis

Mrs. Lucinda Glass
Ms. Rosemary Glod
Ms. Marjorie Goldstone
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Gonano
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce P. Gordon
Mr. & Mrs. William P. Gorman
Dr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Gould
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Grafton
Mr. Thomas Graney
Ms. Judith Graziano
Mr. Jon Greene
Mrs. Lynn Greene
Dr. William & Dr. Betty Greenway
Dr. Jennifer Griffin
Judge & Mrs. Lynn B. Griffith, Jr.
Mr. Andreas Grotewold
Ms. Linda Grotzinger
Mr. Eugene Grupp
Mr. Charles Gryn
Mrs. Christine J. Guesman
Dr. & Mrs. Robert G. Gurdak
Mr. Richard J. Gurska
Dr. & Mrs. Stanley D. Guzell
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Gyomber
Ms. Elaine Habeger
Ms. Susan Haddox
State Rep. & Mrs. Robert Hagan
Ms. Talia Hagler
Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Hahn
Ms. Marjorie Haidet
Mr. Edward Hallahan
Mr. Mark Hamilton
Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Hamilton
Ms. Sally Hammel
Mr. Timothy Hancher
Mr. & Mrs. Edward D. Handel
Mrs. Gail Hanes
Mr. Roger Hanns
Mr. & Mrs. Don E. Harper, Jr.
Ms. Cassandra Harrington
Professor C. E. Harris
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Harris
Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Hanison
Mr. & Mrs. William Harry
Dr. George R. Hart
Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Hassay
Ms. Susan Hayek
Mr. Coryn Hayes
Mrs. Diana Hayes

Mrs. Janet M. Hazlette
Mr. & Mrs. John M. Hazy
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Hecking
Mrs. Roberta J. Heiens
Dr. Rebecca J. Heikkinen
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald T. Heiman
Ms. Nancy Heiser
Ms. Annette Helm
Dr. Lyn Hernrninger
Ms. Sarah Hennessey
Mr. Francis J. Hensler
Mr. Keith Henson
Mr. Gregory F. Herbert
Mr. & Mrs. Don Hernan
Mrs. Ruth G. Hersh
Ms. Lauren Hess
Ms. Rosalie Hewitt
Mr. Marius Hicks
Ms. Diva S. Higby
Ms. Carol E. Higgins
Mrs. Kathy Higgins
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Hines
Dr. & Mrs. Glenn Hink
Mr. Matthew L. Hlebak
Mr. & Mrs. M. Thomas Hobson
Mr. Bob Hockenberry
Ms. Elizabeth Hodos
Mrs. Karen L. Holby
Ms. Richard Hollander
Mr. Keith Hongisto
Ms. Susan Hoover
Ms. Anna Mary Hoovler
Mr. & Mrs. Fredrick D. Horn
Mr. Daniel & Ms. Mary Home
Sister Yvonne Horning
Ms. Karen Horrell
Mr. Edwin Huffinan
Mrs. Harlene E. Huffstetler
Mr. Joseph H. Hume
Mr. Keith Hunt
Mr. Vern Huraj t
Dr. & Mrs. Sadiq Husain
Mr. & Mrs. Alan P. Hutchison
Mr. Robert Hybert
Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Hyde
Mr. Rick Hyde
Mrs. Ellen M. Hyland
Mr. Michael Iberis
Mr. & Mrs. Luther Ihle

Mr. Anthony R. Infante
Mrs. Lydia Infante
Mr. Norman Into
Rev. Ross B. Jackson
Mr. C. Gilbert James, Jr.
Mr. Carl G. James
Ms. Mary C. James
Mr. Rajah James
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas James
Mr. & Mrs. Allen I. Janis
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Jeffi-ies
Ms. Janie S. Jenkins
Mr. & Mrs. Warren D. Jensen
Mr. Jose Jimenez
Ms. Denise H. Johnson
Ms. Holly Johnson
Mr. John M. Johnson
Ms. Roberta A. Johnson
Ms. Connie L. Jones
Mr. Dan Jones
Mrs. Hazel Jones
Ms. Helen A. Jones
Ms. June F. Jones
Mr. Mark Jones
Ms. Mary B. Jones
Dr. & Mrs. Richard Jones
Mr. Rudolph Jones
Mr. & Mrs. William Jones
JP Morgan Chase Foundation
Mr. Joseph Kane
Ms. Paula Kane
Mr. & Mrs. James Kapusta
Mr. Robert J. Karl
Ms. Martha H. Katz
Mr. Maurice Keaveny
Mr. Glenn H. Kell
Ms. Chantel Kelly
Dr. Patricia R. Kelvin
Ms. Dorothy M. Kennedy
Dr. Jane Kestner
Mrs. Kadey Kimpel
Mrs. Uta King
Ms. Donna M. King-Orlandi
Mr. Kelley Kinney
Mr. James L. Kish
Ms. Marsha Klasovsky
Mrs. Diane Kleeh
Ms. Mary L. Klein
Mrs. Jane Knuppel

Mr. & Mrs. William R. Koch
Ms. Kathleen Kocjan
Dr. & Mrs. Friedrich W. Koknat
Ms. Vilma Kolacz-Belanger
Mr. John Kolar
Mrs. Joan D. Komp
Dr. Kathleen M. Kougl
Ms. Mary Anne Kowardy
Ms. Cindy & Mr. Jim Kravec
Ms. Anne Kravitz
Mrs. Ida L. Krcelic
Dr. & Mrs. James J. Krumpak
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Krygowski
Mr. Robert Kubiak
Ms. Valerie Kuehn & Mr. Tom Engstrom
Ms. Sylvia Kuna
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Kunkel
Mr. William Kurta
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew A. Kuthy
Mr. Dan Kuzrna
Mr. & Mrs. John Kwiat
Ms. Amy Jo Labi-Carando
Ms. Myra Lacusky
Mr. Daniel W. Laginya
Mr. Rodney J. Lamberson
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Lancy
Dr. & Mrs. Edward D. Lancy, Jr.
Mr. Brian Lannon
Mr. & Mrs. James W. Lanz
Mr. John B. Laplante
Mr. & Mrs. John Lapsa
Mr. Stephen Lardis
Dr. Humberto Latorre
Mrs. Niki Latsko
Mr. H. William Lawson
Mr. Jay Layshock
Ms. Jean F. Lebby
Dr. & Mrs. Hae-Jong Lee
Mr. & Mrs. James Lee
Mr. Gordon M. Leece
Mr. Arnold Lees
Ms. Colleen Leftheris
Mr. & Mrs. Elliot Legow
Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Lekon
Mr. Milton J. Lenhart
Mrs. Michele Lepore-Hagan
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Leskanic
Mr. & Mrs. Howard Lewis
Mr. Scott Lewis

Mr. Stephen Ley
Mr. & Mrs. John T. Leyde
Dr. Betty J. Licata
Mrs. Sara Lightner
Mrs. Kathryn L. & Mr. John Lima
Mrs. Maryann Limmer
Dr. Sherry Linkon
Ms. Jane Lippincott
Dr. Loretta M. Liptak
Mr. Jim Liszweski
Mr. & Mrs. George F. Livingston
Mr. Bill Livosky
Dr. John R. Loch
Dr. Heather E. Lorimer
Ms. Sarah V. Lown
Mr. Steve Lowry
Ms. Rebecca Lubold & Mr. Ron Donlan
Mr. Jefiey I. Lucas
Atty. Margaret T. Lucas
Mrs. Ingrid A. Lundquist
Mr. Robert L. Macomber
Mr. & Mrs. John T. Madden
Mr. Frank M. Magyar
Ms. Kathleen Mahoney
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Malloy
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Malmer
Mr. Donald Mancini
Mr. Harry Manganaro
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Manhollan
Ms. Mary Grace Manning
Ms. Amy Mansfield
Ms. Kate M. Marado
Dr. Carol A. Marino
Mr. Edward Marino
Dr. Hank Markowitz
Dr. & Mrs. Sanford Marovitz
Mr. J.R. Martin & Ms. Linda Hoefert
Dr. Agnes Martinko
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Marx
Ms. Kimberly Mascarella
Ms. Jill Materna
Dr. & Mrs. Donald H. Mathews
Dr. Michael K. Matthews, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Matune
Dr. Gus Mavrigian
Mr. & Mrs. John M. Maxwell
Ms. Carolyn J. May
Ms. Marcellene Hawk Mayhall
Ms. Patricia McAnlis

Mr. & Mrs. Steve McCallum
Mr. Gene McCarragher
Mrs. Maggie McCloud
Mr. Terry McCluskey
Mrs. Deborah McCullough
Rev. & Mrs. James A. McDorrnan
Ms. Shirley McElhaney
Ms. Colleen McGarry
Ms. Brenda L. McIntyre
Dr. Victor J. McKee
Mrs. Sallie T. McKelvey
Ms. Tara L. McKibben
Ms. Catherine McLaughlin
Ms. Jeannie McLeod
Dr. Anne M. McMahon
Mr. & Mrs. James L. McNeal
Ms. Della McPherson
Ms. Carol McQueen
Dr. Carol R. Mehler
Dr. & Mrs. Isadore Mendel
Ms. Jill Merolla
Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Michaels
Ms. Wendy Middlemiss
Mr. Nathan Mikita
Ms. Bernadette Mikota
Ms. Lorraine V. Mikota
Atty. Thomas & Atty. Angela Mikulka
Mr. Donald K. Miller
Mrs. Laura L. Miller
Mr. Ronald Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Milligan
Mr. & Mrs. Roy A. Mimna
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Miranda
Mr. Shahroukh Mistry
Ms. Patricia Mitcham
Ms. Susan Mocker
Ms. Linda Mohn
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher H. Moinet
Ms. Lea Mollman
Ms. Bonnie Molnar
Mr. James Mondok
Mr. Thomas S. Mong
Dr. Thomas Montgomery
Mr. Thomas Montgomery
Ms. Diana Runciman Moore
Ms. Laurie Moore
Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Moore
Mr. Samuel R. Moore, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Dwayne S. Morehouse

Mr. & Mrs. Ray Morelli
Mr. John A. Moretti
Ms. Carol Morris
Ms. Nancy K. Morris & Mr. Bill Scragg
Ms. Marianne Monvay
Dr. Joseph Mosca
Ms. Heather Moser
Ms. Hanna Moses
Ms. Jessica Moses
Dr. & Mrs. Allan R. Mosher
Mrs. Sue A. Motzer
Mr. Don Mumford
Dr. Philip C. Munro
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Munroe
Ms. Pat Murphy
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Murphy
Mr. Diana Myers
Mr. Paul M. Nachim
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Nackino
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Nader
Mr. Ray Nakley, Jr.
Mr. Phil Nash
Mrs. Celia Neimark
Mr. Michael K. Nelson
Mr. John E. Neville
Mr. Robert Newton
Dr. S. Thomas Niccolls
Mr. E. Lynn Nichols
Mr. Dan Nietzel
Ms. Linda Nitch
Mr. Gordon Noakes
Ms. Alice Noga
Ms. Marilyn Norconk
Ms. Susan Norton
Ms. Mary E. Nourse
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond J. Novotny
Mr. David Nuss
Ms. Lorraine Nuzzi
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas H. Nybill
Ms. Carol O'Brien
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Occhiogrosso
Mr. George F. O'Hare
Ms. Kathleen Oh1
Mrs. Karen O'Malia-Zauderer
Ms. Monica F. Ondrusko
Ms. Rosanna M. O'Neil
Ms. Carolyn ORouake
Ms. Michelene Orteza
Mr. Jefiey A. Ostheimer

Ms. Helen Oyen
Ms. Anne Pachos
Mr. & Mrs. Tony Paglia
Mr. Edward Palguta
Ms. Faith Palmer
Dr. Gabriel F. Palmer-Fernandez
Mr. William Palomaki
Ms. Ursula Panasiuk
Mrs. Rubena Papakirk
Ms. Susan Parkins
Mr. & Mrs. E. Mack Parrott
Ms. Stephanie Parrott
Mr. James Parson
Mr. & Mrs. Rob Pasha
Mr. & Mrs. Roy A. Passarelli
Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Patnode
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Patrick
Mr. & Mrs. Jody E. Patrick
Mr. Richard G. Patterson
Mr. Frank Patton
Mrs. Madeline P. Patton-Shivers
Mr. Gary Paul1
Atty. & Mrs. James L. Pazol
Mr. & Mrs. Harold W. Pearce
Mr. M. Perello
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Perkins
Dr. & Mrs. Tedrow L. Perkins
Ms. Andrea M. Pernotto
Mr. & Mrs. Francis Petrini, Sr.
Mr. James R. Petuch
Ms. Beatrice Petzinger
Mr. George J. Peya
Mr. Thomas Piccione
Dr. & Mrs. C. Allen Pierce
Mr. Phil Pillin
Mr. Richard Pirko
Mr. Michael Pistolesi
Ms. Kathleen Platenak
Ms. Diana Plecker
Ms. Barbara Plummer
Atty. & Mrs. John L. Pogue
Ms. Donna Polak
Mr. John Polanski
Dr. & Mrs. David H. Pollack
Ms. Victoria Pompura
Ms. Nancy Porreca
Mr. & Mrs. James Potjunas
Mr. & Mrs. Chinna Babu Potluri
Mr. Ron Powell

Ms. Catherine W. Powers
Mrs. Emily M. Powers
Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Prest
Ms. Merial H. Price
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffiey L. Proch
Ms. Carol Prosser
Ms. Candy Przicina
Mr. Steve Puhalla
Mr. Dennis G. Puko
Dr. Morris W. Pulliam
Mr. Matt Pusateri
Ms. Mary Louise Quisenberry
Mrs. Elaine B. Raffety
Mr. Kanapathy Ramalingam
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Ramos
Mrs. Lorraine Ranchod
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Raught
Ms. Connie Raupach
Rev. James E. Ray
Mr. Michael Ray
Redtail Sign & Graphics
Mrs. Patricia S. Reeder
Mrs. Janice C. Reichenfeld
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Reid
Mr. & Mrs. Keith P. Reid
Ms. Cathy Reinard
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Reinhard
Mr. & Mrs. Martin R. Repasky
Mr. James R. Repucci
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Resinger
Ms. Regina Reynolds
Mr. Michael Remor
Mr. & Mrs. John Rhinerson
Mr. Jim Rice
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Richards
Ms. Winified G. Richards
Ms. Kathleen Richter
Ms. Margaret Ridge
Atty. James Ries
Dr. & Mrs. Steven Riggall
Mr. Nathaniel Riggle
Dr. Teresa Riley
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald E. Rishel
Ms. Jackie Robles
Mr. David Rockyvich
Mr. Paul Rohrbaugh, Jr.
Ms. Donna Romack
Mrs. Kim Romeo
Dr. Nina Ronshausen

Mrs. Rosann Rookey
Mr. Robert Ross
Rev. & Mrs. Martin M. Roth
Mrs. Jane Rowlands
Mr. Ray Rubrake
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen P. Ruby, III
Father Joseph S. Rudjak
Ms. Suzanne Rudnytsky
Mr. & Mrs. Jason Rupe
Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Rusnak
Ms. Julie Russell
Mr. Willard D. Russell
Ms. Susan Russo
Chris Rutushin
Dr. & Mrs. Robert H. Sacherman
Mr. & Mrs. Liviu M. Sacui
Ms. Jo Sagebeer
Mr. & Mrs. Carl E. Sager
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Sakas, Jr.
Ms. Karen Saker
Mr. Roberto Salcedo
Dr. & Mrs. Gary M. Salvner
Mr. Robert Sanders
Ms. Mae Sands
Ms. Margaret A. Sandy
Mr. Larry Sapir
Dr. Patricia Sarro
Mrs. Dorothy Sarver
Mr. Stephen Sass
Dr. & Mrs. Lowell J. Satre
Mrs. Jeanne M. Sauline
Ms. Jain A. Savage
Mrs. Mary Saxon
Mrs. Jeanette A. Sberna
Mr. James Scanga, Jr.
Mr. Richard S. Scarsella
Ms. Emily W. Schaff
Rev. & Mrs. Theodore R. Schaffer
Mr. Eric Schaffert
Mr. & Mrs. Shawn D. Scharf
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard D. Schiavone
Mr. William R. Schilling
Mrs. Janice W. Schnall
Sister Susan Schorsten
Mr. James J. Schrarner
Mr. Jeff Schreiber
Dr. Lauren Schroeder
Ms. Nancy Schulz
Mr. Lee S. Schwebel

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Scudier
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Seckler
Ms. Janis K. Seidler
Ms. Karen Seidler
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Seman
Ms. Marion Seman
Mr. Tim Seman
Mr. George Semer
Mr. Steven Senich
Mrs. Laura S. Sevenich-Hancock
Mr. & Mrs. Gary A. Sexton
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Shafer
Dr. & Mrs. James H. Shaffer
Mr. Albert Shakley
Dr. Rick Shale
Mr. Michael Shane
Ms. Sharon Shanks
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Shantz
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Shape
Mrs. Julie Sharrow
Ms. Margaret Shartle
Mrs. Anita J. Shaw
Mr. Terry L. Sheban
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth E. Shellito
Mr. & Mrs. David A. Shepherd
Ms. Jackie Shepherd
Mr. Michael A. Shepherd
Mr. Larry C. Sherer
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce E. Sherman
Mrs. Barbara Sherwood
Mr. & Mrs. Albert A. Shiderly
Dr. Thomas Shipka
Ms. Elaine M. Shively
Ms. Gwen E. Shriver
Mr. William Shutes
Mr. Tad Siembida
Msgr. Robert Siffrin
Ms. Christine Silvestri
Ms. Kristy Simcox
Mr. Jeff Simon
Mr. Stephen J. Simunich
Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Singler
Ms. Arlo Sirochman
Ms. Barbara Sitko
Ms. Mary Jo Repasky Skea
Mr. James Slantiz
Ms. Karen Sloan
Ms. Judy A. Sluss
Mr. & Mrs. James Small

Mrs. Noralee Smiley
Mrs. Darlene Smith
Mr. Eric Smith
Ms. Erica Smith
Ms. Lori Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Mark C. Smith
Ms. Mary Helen Smith
Dr. Melissa T. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Philip Smith
Mr. Richard E. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Tim Smith
Mrs. Veronica Smith
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas D. Smotzer
Mr. & Mrs. David J. Smyntek
Ms. Kathleen Sobash
Ms. Marilouise Sole
Mrs. Patricia Soller
Ms. Irene Songer
Ms. Norma J. Sonny
Dr. Angela Spalsbury
Ms. Susan Spencer
Dr. Leonard B. Spiegel
Ms. Tani Spielberg
Mr. Robert Sposito
Ms. Jennifer J. Staaf
Ms. Marjorie B. Stadtmiller
Mr. Mike Stambolia
Ms. Cecella A. Stanko
St. Anthony's Church
Mr. & Mrs. Frank B. Stearns
Ms. Carolyn S. Steglich
Dr. Sandra W. Stephan
Mr. Jerome K. Stephens
Ms. Rose Stetz
Mr. George Stevens
Mrs. Ethel Stiver
Ms. Evelyn St. Julien
Dr. & Mrs. Anthony H. Stocks
Mr. & Mrs. David Stoner
Mr. Edward R. Stride
Mr. & Mrs. Allan Strouss
Ms. Dawn Sturdevant
Ms. Patricia Sturgeon
Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Summers
Mr. Sri Chandra Swami
Mrs. Barbara Swanson
Mr. Dave Sweeney
Dr. & Mrs. David Sweet

Ms. Florence K. Swierz
Ms. Kim Szabo
Mrs. Esther M. Szakach
Mr. Paul Tanona
Mr. Chip Taylor
Mrs. Patricia D. Taylor
Ms. Roberta M. Taylor
Ms. Velina Taylor
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Tesner
Dr. Linda J. Tessier
Ms. Dorothy Tharper
Mr. Michael Thealll
Dr. Julie E. Thomas
Mrs. Mary P. Thomas
Mrs. Joann Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Thorndike
Mr. James Thornton
Ms. Janet Thornton
Mr. George Ticoras
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel R. Tidrick
Ms. Maureen Tighe-Brown
Dr. Stephanie A. Tingley
Mr. & Mrs. Ross F. Tittle
Mr. & Mrs. David Tobin
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Toot
Mr. & Mrs. John Tosi
Ms. Elissa Toto
Mr. John Tottenham
Dr. & Mrs. William M. Trachtman
Mr. George Trefethern
Fr. Fred E. Trucksis
Mrs. Klara Trusova
Mr. Tim Tryon
Mr. & Mrs. Ernmet Tyrrell
Ms. Melissa Urban
Ms. Barbara Valiensi
Ms. Marilyn Valiga
Ms. Mary VanBuren
Mr. Richard Vanderveen
Mr. Thomas G. VanWert
Mr. Ron Vass
Mr. Allan Vaughan
Ms. Jan Vaughn
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Veith
Mrs. Gloria Veri
Ms. Anne Vermeire
Vital Record Storage
Ms. Catherine S. Vodrey
Ms. Alena Vollrner

Ms. Barbara VonThaer
Mr. David L. Vosburgh
Mr. James Vosmik
Mr. Gordon D. Vujevic
Mr. Elias Vujovich
Mr. Barry S. Wagner
Ms. Dianne Wagstrum
Mrs. Gloria Waldeck
Dr. & Mrs. David S. Waldman
Mr. Charles Walker
Dr. Gary R. Walker
Mrs. Barbara Walko
Ms. Kelly D. Waller
Ms. Monica A. Walls
Mrs. Donna & Mr. George Walsh
Mr. Jack Walsh
Dr. Frank B. Wanat
Mr. & Mrs. R. David Wardale
Ms. Janet W. Warner
Mrs. Sieglinde U. Warren
Ms. Anne Waters
Ms. Carol Weber
Dr. Kurt J. & Dr. Margot Wegner
Mr. Eric Weigand
Mrs. Jeanne Wellman
Mr. & Mrs. John C. Wendle
Dr. & Mrs. Gordon G. Wepfer
Mrs. Peg Wessell
Ms. Jane F. Westenfeld
Ms. Karen Westerfield
Mr. David Whaling
Ms. Janet White
Dr. John R. White
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel H. White
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas White
Ms. Lori Whitemen
Ms. Clara K. Wick
Mr. Thomas Wick
Mr, & Mrs. Joseph P. Wiercinski
Mr. Gordon Wilber

Ms. Patricia Wilder
Ms. Katherine Wiley
Ms. Diana Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence A. Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. Norman L. Wilson, Jr.
Mr. Robert Wilson
Ms. Paula Wilt
Dr. Sonya M. Wilt
Dr. & Mrs. Eric J. Wingler
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Wininsky
Mr. Larry Wire
Mr. Joe Wojtowicz
Dr. & Mrs. Bruce Wolff
Mr. & Mrs. Doug Woodring
Mr. John Worthington
Mr. Robert Wushinske
Mrs. H. Yauger
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Yeager
Ms. Mary Yee
Mrs. Gretchen Yeo
Mr. Joseph Yobe
Mr. Frank & Ms. Denean Yoder
Mr. & Mrs. David J. Young
Mr. & Mrs. Ken Young
Dr. & Mrs. Warren M. Young
Mr. & Mrs. William F. Young
Dr. & Mrs. Bernard Yozwiak
Dr. Misook Yun
Mr. Neil Yutkin
Ms. Elizabeth Zagorski
Mr. & Mrs. Terry Zahniser
Mr. & Mrs. Greg J. Zaitzew
Ms. Marian Zeigler
Dr. Matthias Zeller
Mr. Richard Zitto
Judge & Mrs. Julius A. Zlotnick
Dr. & Mrs. Louis Zona
Mr. James Zupanic .
Ms. Dorothy Zwick

Total Cash Contributions



Summary of Bulk-Rate Mandatory Costs to Attend'
(See Schedules 2,3 and 4 for detail)

Schedule 1



N 2009

N 2008



(per semester)
















Non-resident :











N 2009

N 2008



(per semester)
















Non-resident :









1. Rates for specialized programs not included in this presentation.
2. Although the graduate bulk-rate band is from 12-16 hours, graduate students are considered I11-time for
academic purposes at 9 credit hours and above.

Agenda Item E.3.a.
Exhibit B