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In order to provide new and improved services, a few changes will need to be made during the e-mail migration.

Your current e-mail address will not change.

    E-mail Migration Update

  The webmail client,, will be replaced by
                  the MyYSU Portal 

              If you use a desktop e-mail client (Outlook, Thunderbird,
                             Eudora, Netscape, etc.) you will need to: 


               *  Purge and compact all folders

               *  Obtain appropriate documentation to update the incoming 

                     and outgoing server names.  Documentation is available

                     from the TechDesk  (YSU e-mail)

               *  Obtain instructions to update LDAP address book if desired

               *  Re-establish any filters


        Important:   If you do not purge and compact messages, they will

                               re-appear in your inbox.



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