Disability Parking

Students with state disability plates or hangtags must obtain an accessibility sticker to affix to your current University permit by presenting the official handicap registration form at the Office of Parking Services. If you do not have your original registration form, you may obtain a duplicate for a fee at any Bureau of Motor Vehicles Office. Persons with temporary mobility impairments may be eligible for special parking privileges. A physician's statement of need describing the nature and duration of the disability must be presented to the Parking Services Office. These permits are limited with restrictions and will be issued only to holders of current YSU parking permits.


Access Card

An access card is issued to everyone who purchases a semester or yearly parking permit. This card is used for access to designated automated lots and decks, and does not substitute for a parking permit. Replacement charge for a lost card is $5.00.

Parking permits and access cards are not transferable from one person to another. Permits must be displayed beginning the first day of each semester.



Application for student permits should be done online through My Portal. Instructions are listed on the first page of this site. You must register online!

Students shall apply each semester and order a permit prior to the beginning of each academic session. The transportation fee for Fall and Spring semester is $155 per semester and entitles you to receive a parking permit at no additional charge upon request. The transportation fee for Summer semester is $78 and entitles you to a parking permit at no additional charge upon request. If you are taking less than 6 credit hours you may opt into the transportation fee at the same rate.

Student hangtags without current validation stickers are not acceptable. If you have a state handicap placard, you must also register that with the Parking Services Office, and you will receive a sticker to display on your YSU hangtag.


Daily Parking Permits

 Daily permits are available for a $5.00 charge at the following locations: M-30 Parking Deck, M-60 Parking Deck, Arlington entrance only; M-70 parking lot Grant Street entrance only; Monday through Friday, 7:00 am-10 pm; and on Saturdays, at the M-60 deck and M-30 deck from 7:00 am.


Graduate Assistants

Graduate assistants may also order student parking permits as they are not eligible to purchase a faculty/staff permit.


Lost or Stolen Permits

Lost or stolen parking permits shall be reported immediately to the Parking Services Office. Information on fees for replacement is available by calling the office.


Motorcycle Parking

Persons wishing to park motorcycles and other motorized two- or three-wheeled vehicles on campus must register the vehicle with the Parking Services Office.

A current valid parking permit and the motorcycle registration must be presented when the vehicle is registered. Only registered vehicles may park in the specifically designated MC parking areas on campus. Such vehicles may not be operated on campus grounds or walkways, and bicycle racks are never to be used for parking these vehicles.



Northeast Ohio University College of Medicine students may obtain a permit at no charge for YSU by applying at the Parking Services Office. Make sure you bring your NEOUCOM identification to our office when applying.


Overnight Parking

Any person wishing to park a vehicle overnight or over weekends or holidays must first secure permission from the Parking Services Office.


Resident Students

Resident students must display a current YSU Resident Parking Permit.