Other Types of Permits

Loading Dock Permits

For purposes of loading and unloading, operators of vehicles properly registered and have a current YSU permit must obtain a special short-term loading permit at no charge from the Parking Services Office. The loading permit is good for 20 minutes, and the vehicle must be parked in a loading zone or other approved parking area with its four-way flashers operating. Loading dock permits do not authorize the holder to park where parking is specifically prohibited or in special-use areas.


Motorcycle Parking Permit

Persons wishing to park motorcycles and other motorized two- or three-wheeled vehicles on campus must register the vehicle with the Parking Services Office. A current valid parking permit and the motorcycle registration must be presented when the vehicle is registered. Only registered vehicles may park in the specifically designated MC parking areas on campus. Such vehicles may not be operated on campus grounds or walkways, and bicycle racks are never to be used for parking these vehicles.

Designated motorcycle parking areas on campus have a solid concrete surface to prevent the tipping of motorcycles. Please be aware that if you choose to park in a disability area that is asphalt, you run the risk of the vehicle falling over. The University assumes no liability.

The following stipulations apply to parking motorcycles in disability parking spaces:

  1. The motorcycle must display a current disability parking permit.
  2. The motorcycle may not be parked in the decks for safety reasons.
  3. The motorcycle must be registered with the Parking Services Department.
  4. The requestor must have a current YSU parking permit.


Multiple Day Permit

Multiple-day permits may be purchased through the Parking Services Office at a rate of $5.00 per day.


One Day Permit

One-day parking permits are available for those who drive infrequently to campus. They are available for a $5.00 charge at the following locations: M-30 Parking Deck, M-60 Parking Deck, Arlington entrance only; M-70 parking lot Grant Street entrance only; Monday through Friday, from 7:00 am and on Saturdays, at the M-60 deck and M-30 deck, from 7:00 am. Space permitting, these passes are valid in any M lot or deck and, after 4:30 pm, any F or V lot. Multiple-day permits may be purchased through the Parking Services Office at a rate of $5.00 per day.


Special Permit

Many lots include several parking spaces restricted for special permit parking only. Vehicles using these spaces must display a permit authorized for a specific reason by the Parking Services Office. Student and faculty/staff permits are not valid in these spaces.


Weekly Permit

Weekly permits are available for purchase ($18.00/week) at the Parking Services' Office. The requested time period must fit within the 15 week semester dates.

These permits are eligible for purchase to:

  • Registered Students
  • Unregistered students working on campus during the Summer Semester
  • 60+ Program
  • Police Academy